Sunday, November 28, 2004

Hellenic Nationalist Perspective On Greek Historiography

Hellenic Nationalist Perspective has published two new articles that expose the Greek political establishment's efforts to falsify the Greek historical record.

President Stefanopoulos Wants to "Clean" Our History exposes the nefarious intentions of longtime PASOK Socialist operative, and Western political puppet, Kostis Stefanopoulos's stated intents to delete and omit a key part of the Greek Nation's most glorious chapter in history during the age of Byzantium, so as not to offend a neighboring nation that has repeatedly invaded , killed ,enslaved and maimed countless Greeks through the ages and under various political systems.

Greek Protests: Demonstrations In Apathy remarks on two major issues of historical interpretations and misinterpretations, one mythical the other artificial, by the political establishment and the masses who follow them.

Nationalist or Globalist? Confusion Reigns Over The Ukraine

There have been many cliches by the Western press in recent years that Putin's regime in Russia is somehow swerving toward a Nationalist stance, even though Putin has done nothing to reverse the self-destructive neo-liberal global economic reforms of the Yeltsin cabal and has not even hinted that he would revert to Russia's old glory days as a quasi-theocratic Orthodox Christian world power.

The American-led international community seems concerned over the recent electoral victory of so-called anti-Western candidate and member of the old guard Victor Yanukovych over so-called pro-Western candidate, also named Victor and also having a last name beginning with Y, Viktor Yushchenko.

Meanwhile CNN and the rest of the globalist media cabal have run the so-called anti-Western electoral victor through the mud and have earned the derision of the Russian state and press

Paradoxically, the so-called pro-Western candidate who lost the recent election also seems to have the backing of the feverishly pro-Zionist George W. Bush administration, yet Western NGO's ( Non Governmental Organizations) such as British Human Rights Group shriek that this very so-called pro-Western candidate is an anti-Semite.

If you are not already thoroughly confused as to who is the real Nationalist or Globalist, or both somehow, I have also pasted commentary sent to me from Israel Shamir that includes an altogether befuddling analysis of the situation.


The developments in Ukraine are very troublesome -they remind us the scenes from Tbilisi and Belgrade. The statement of Powell is even more troublesome - just recently the US went through the elections which appeared extremely flawed, and already the US administration dares to find flaws in the elections in Ukraine. The Bankers Union of Ukraine also supports the opposition man who lost but won't admit it. Mercedeces and Cadillacs, status symbols for Ukraine, are serving the rebels; over a million of dead Ukrainians somehow managed to vote for the opposition. The president-elect is offering a reasonable solution to some of Ukraine problems, inclusing that of Russian language recognition - over a half of Ukrainians speak Russian, but the language is not recognised yet. Still, the situation is not too simple. Our friend Ihor Slissarenko wrote the following text stressing the complexity of the picture.

Due the often heavily used in the mainstream media primitive cliche, Viktor Yanukovych is the pro-Russian candidate, while Viktor Yushchenko is his pro-Western rival.

Indeed, Mr. Yanukovych found a powerful promoter in Russian president Vladimir Putin, who came to the capital, Kiev, for an open endorsement praising Yanukovych's governance and offering the dual citizenship. An ordinary Russian could be shocked with the only fact that his leader with KGB background openly associated with a person with a criminal record, who spent two terms in jail for robbery and hooliganism!

As to the US stance, it seems it had put eggs in different baskets a long before the elections. Until last days before the run-off on November 21, US ambassador to Ukraine often stated that the US 'would accept any choice made by the Ukrainian people'. Despite the recent vocal criticism from the US about the dirty campaign, many in Ukraine consider the US administration tolerates president Kuchma and his clan due the over 1,700 Ukrainian soldiers stationed in Iraq, although the overwhelming majority of the population is against that. And Mr. Yushenko already promised the withdrawal after his victory, as he signed an agreement with the leader of the popular Socialist party Mr. Oleksandr Moroz in exchange for the socialists' support.

On the other hand, Mr.Yanukovych's envoy currently orchestrating $1 mln PR-campaign in the US, came to Washington with the assurances that the Ukrainian soldiers would not leave Iraq if his boss wins.

Many in Ukraine were confused with ex-congressman Bob Carr recruited by the Mr.Yanukovych's staff as a head of ex-congressmen mission to Ukraine's election, who after the voting day delivered the statement that his mission had not seen anything wrong while 3 mln Ukrainians had not been able to have voted as their names had been absent or misspelled in the voters' list. Or should we forget the attacks of alleged recruited criminals, even security service agents in plain at some polling stations, burning of ballot-papers,and death threats to the heads of local electoral commissions if they failedto ensure the positive results for 'the candidate of power'?

President Kuchma's son-in-law billionaire Victor Pinchuk has enjoyed the company of George H.W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, Richard Holbrook, Wesley Clark, who visited Kiev in last three months as 'personal guests of Mr. Pinchuk'. Mr.Pinchuk's media (three nation-wide television channels, the published in large tabloid, number of FM radio stations) are the part of the current brutal smear campaign launched against Mr.Yushchenko, and naturally, the loyal partner to Mr.Yanukovych.

Another propagandist engine against Mr.Yushchenko "1+1" nation-wide television channel being often suited for libel, is owned by former US ambassador Ronald Lauder. Mr.Yushchenko knows for sure that being known either 'pro-Western' or 'pro-Russian' is not favored by the Ukrainian voters. Thus, he has often claimed being a 'pro-Ukrainian'. In his television ads, he appealed "not to rely on Europe, America, or Russia".

All Hail The New Western Import: Bestiality: Sex With Animals

Since practically anything deviant coming from the Western world --tolerance for homosexuality,abortion, mass produced pornography, Satanism, Multiculuralism--finds an almost instant acceptance by the Greek masses, than it ought not suprise us if the latest Western practice finds its way into our homes...BESTIALITY

I came across the following commentary and collection of online news broadcasts thanks to an informative Third Positionist issue of:

The Final Conflict Email Newsletter


Hi ,
Note that Peter Singer.. is "THE" "inventor" of Animal Rights" with his 1975 book "animal liberation" And a (maybe even THE) PRE-EMINENT "so called" "bio-ethicist" So all TPTB quote the opinions of this depraved individual.. as almost "SACRED" (or whatever the equivalent is in a Satanic sense)..
Subsequently found that UNICEF was "caught out" a couple years ago.. already putting Singers ideas into practice, in brainwashing all the litle kiddies.

You will ask: "This is a joke right?"
The answer is NO.. it's not a joke..
Welcome to the "Secular" hell. Just got to get rid of that those pesky mono-theistic religions.. as per Singer..

It's Official: 'Diversity' Includes Sex With Children and Sex With Animals
Sex With Animals
The Ira W. DeCamp professor at Princeton's "Center for Human Values," Peter Singer, is telling the nation that sex with animals is fine as long as it does not hurt the animal. He says that the only reason we have a taboo against this is because of the "Judeo-Christian tradition." If we can get rid of that nonsense, the taboo would fall, he believes.
It's interesting to note that he agrees with Dr. Koop and Dr. Schaeffer that only Judeo-Christian values stop us from embracing his vision. He blames our problems on that tradition that he says teaches, "Humans alone are made in the image of God." He writes that under this tradition, "Only human beings have an immortal soul. In Genesis, God gives humans dominion over the
animals. In the Renaissance idea of the Great Chain of Being, humans are halfway between the beasts and the angels. We are spiritual beings as well as physical beings." He believes that all of those teachings are wrong

Hitler is vanquished, freedom is here, hallelujah
The United Nations promote training manual for 10 year old to have sex with animals to prevent teen pregnancy

Controversy Continues Over Latin American Sex Education Manual
A controversial U.N.-financed sex education manual that critics say "promotes abortion, homosexuality and even sex with animals" is still in circulation in some Latin American counties, according to representatives from several nations, the Washington Times reports. The manual, which was produced by the Mexican Federal Department of Integral Development for Family in 1999 with some financial support from UNICEF, is still in use in Mexico, Leonora Valdes, an ex-official with the DIF, said. And a "very similar" book sponsored by the from U.N. Population Fund is being used in Nicaragua, according to Elida Solorzano, an adviser to that country's minister of families. Solorzano added that she had been told by an official from Honduras that the book was also in use there and that USAID had funded distribution of the book in El Salvador.

Something Terribly Wrong in the U.N.
More than 180 countries met for the conference, with hopes of adopting a document titled "A World Fit for Children," which purports to establish worldwide standards for promoting kids' health, education, and protection from abuse and HIV and AIDS. But as is so often the case, "the children" are merely a prop to disguise the conference's real agenda, which has more to do with legitimizing abortion, homosexual rights and bestiality than it has with protecting kids. If we lived in a harmonious world without conflicts and wars, it would be understandable that the U.N. would use American and other donors' money for the promotion of U.N. officials' peculiar sexual ideas. Our world is very far from any kind of harmony, however,and it looks as if the U.N. should be solely occupied with fulfilling its missions under the charter.


The warped "American Dream" threatens Latin America

In 1995, the Catholic Women's League of the Philippines won a court order halting a UNICEF anti-tetanus program because the vaccine had been laced with B-hCG, a hormone that sterilizes and causes miscarriages in its recipients. The Supreme Court of the Philippines found the surreptitious sterilization program had already vaccinated three million women, aged 12 to 45. B-hCG-laced vaccine was also found in at least four other developing countries.
Last May at the UN Child Summit in New York, Washington Times writer George Archibald confronted Bellamy with a UNICEF sex education manual distributed in Latin America. That manual endorses abortion, homosexuality and sex with inanimate objects and animals, seriously offending the region's majority-Catholic values. The manual counsels: "Here we should insist that there is no ideal or perfect relationship between two or several people; (just) the one that gives us the most satisfaction." Bellamy admitted UNICEF had produced the sex manual, but said it had subsequently been withdrawn from circulation. She was then flatly contradicted by the former chief health officers of both Mexico and Nicaragua, Archibald said, charging that
UNICEF still distributes the manual through the region "UNICEF was simply dishonest in denying they were still involved," said Archibald from his office at the Washington Times. "They were simply dissembling about what they were doing, encouraging children to become sexually active at a very young age despite all the statistical evidence of the health risks that involves."
Yet, UNICEF and UNFPA have done "untold damage" by pushing so-called "safe sex," she said. "Planned Parenthood itself says the failure rate for condoms is 25.8 per cent. So by telling the Africans that condoms will protect them, they're helping to kill off the African people."

Sex with Animals and Lesbianism Approved by UNICEF Book

The Sex Peddlers: IPPF's Work Among the Youth
But if you have not been deeply disturbed by now, read what comes next. 5. Both sex "education" programs tell kids about sex with animals and other sexual aberrations! For example, the author of Boys and Sex, which is one of the most common sex "education" books used by public schools in the United States today,26 says the following: "I have known cases of farm boys who have had a loving sexual relationship with an animal and who felt good about their behavior until they got to college, where they learned for the first time that what they
had done was 'abnormal'. Then they were upset... Any of the farm animals may become a sexual object --ponies, calves, sheep, pigs, even chicken or ducks. Dogs are commonly used, but cats rarely'."27 Likewise, the book Conciencia CrΓ­tica ("Critical Conscience"), also from the Colombian program, talks about bestiality and sexual sadomasochism without condemning them either.28 Referring to sadomasochism, it proclaims: "In general, these painful stimulations are of a mild character and damages are infrequent".29 It also claims that in the past these practices were called "aberrations because of a manichean, pre-scientific mentality about what is good and bad".30

UNICEF Sex Book Remains In Print
May 11, 2002
NEW YORK — A U.N.-financed sex-education manual for teens that
promotes abortion, homosexuality and even sex with animals has not been withdrawn in
Latin American nations as UNICEF says it has, current and former government officials from Mexico and Nicaragua said yesterday.
The UNICEF-funded manual from Mexico, whose title translated into English is "Theoretic Elements for Working With Mothers and Pregnant Teens," suggests: "Situations in which you can obtain sexual pleasure:
1. Masturbation.
2. Sexual relations with a partner — whether heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual.
3. A sexual response that is directed toward inanimate objects, animals, minors, non-consenting persons."

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Newsweek: Greece -- How the Colonels Run the Country

The following comes from a Hellenic Nationalist comrade.

I recently procured an old issue of Newsweek magazine, dated 19 January 1970, with a cover story concerning the 21 of April Regime.On the cover, the regime's symbol (a phoenix with a soldier carryinga bayonet) is shown on the background with a picture of Papadopoulos on the foreground. The text reads: "GREECE: How the Colonels Run the Country."

Although the majority -- the VAST majority -- of the cover story onthe Colonels is negative and based on a democratic and liberal perspective, there were several points which I thought I'd share as they refute modern claims by Leftists concerning how the U.S. brought the Colonels to power, how torture was used against civilians, and how everyone was against the Colonels. Considering that this Newsweek article is biased against the Colonels' regime, no one can claim that the following excerpts are "American propaganda." Rather,they are a testament that the Colonels' coup not only was NOT supported by the U.S., but actually resulted in the U.S. placing an arms embargo on the country; that the allegations of torture used against Greek prisoners was only a myth as the Red Cross discovered no complaints of torture from inmates they interviewed plus the fact that Papadopoulos himself publically condemned torture; and, finally, that the majority of Greek citizens were NOT against the Colonels' regime.

Here are the excerpts:

"It was, after all, American aid that helped to defeat the Communistsin Greece's devastating civil war twenty years ago. And when the colonels seized power in April of 1967 -- under pretext of preventing a Communist take-over -- many Greeks automatically assumed, without a shred of evidence, that the coup had been spawned by patrons in Washington and nursed by the CIA. In fact, the U.S. has all along been ambivalent about the new regime in Athens. It slapped the junta's wrists with an arms embargo (later downgraded to a "selective" ban), but despite considerable pressure, has consistently declined to push to colonels any further."

"Although no one outside the junta can say for certain, the weight of evidence indicates that such methods as the falanga -- beating the soles of the feet with an iron rod or wooden stick -- is no longer a widespread practice in Greece. Whether or not out of concern for his regime's image, Prime Minister George Papadopoulos has repeatedly given stern orders against the use of torture. And, coincidentally or not, there have been no published complaints of torture from prisoners or their families since last November, when a Red Cross inspection team with a Greek-speaking Swiss interpreter was given limited access to Greek prisons and detention camps."

"The demonstration -- the only one of its kind since the colonels took over -- does not prove, however, that a majority of Greeks oppose the regime. In fact, the junta has assiduously courted public approval -- and there is every reason to believe that its efforts have met with some success. Shortly after they seized power, the colonels canceled $250 million worth of debts owed by Greece's farmers, a move that won them instant applause in a country in which 60 per cent of the population lives on the land. What's more, the junta's highly publicized public-works programs and its nationalistic stance have convinced a number of conservative Greeks that the military has the country's best interests at heart."

A supplementary article titled "The Exiles: A Clutch of FeverishFactions . . . And a Cooly Neutral Monarch" has the following excerpt of interest:

"So far, the Greek emigres have been able to do little more than wish, for despite their feverish plotting, they have scant influence with either their own countrymen or with foreign governments.Although, there are over 1 million Greeks living overseas, but the great majority of these left home for better-paying jobs in Europe and North America. (Many of the Greeks living in the U.S. are fervent anti-Communists and thus supporters of the colonels in Athens.) True political exiles -- those who fled Greece because of conviction or political necessity -- number probably more than 5,000. And among the political emigres, there are only a few hundred activists who devote most of their time and effort to undermining the junta."

If anyone is interested I could transcribe the rest, but having read it, I can honestly say they there is nothing else worthwhile in the articles to be read.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Postmodern Alexander The Great

Postmodernism is a rigorous reinterpretation of all art and culture made by "dead white men." The classics are rewritten to fit the mold set by Judeocentric feminists ,pederasts and philomarxists dominating the academy, institutional art, mass media and virtually all other mediums that create and design America's culture for the masses.

Usually these reinterpretations must be made to order so as to better serve Master Zion appetite for world hegemony. Thus his recent and more traditional enemies must all be portrayed in ways so as to confuse the empty headed hamburger eating ,t.v. drones that constitute white America, an ugly mass of empty heads and docile work hands.

More recent and immediate ethnic enemies of the Judeocentric ruling caste have long become targets of the postmodernist art world and mass media, films abound degrading Islamic culture and more than a few depict Muslims as women-hating homosexuals.

Traditional enemies, such as the Hellenes, and their legacy, must also be subject to reinterpretations.

Western "scholars" have long had a tendency to pick and chose convenient eras of our Hellenic history and mold our history into their rootless situations as cultural non-entities.

As notes: " some western scholars have presented Alexander as a visionary who believed in the peaceful co-existence of different nations and races within his empire. They refer - for example - to mass-weddings ordered by Alexander to reconciliate Greeks and Persians. In the Middle Ages his figure had evolved into a legendary hero, the quintessential example of chivalry and worldly power. In our present time, as he had a lifelong relationship with his comrade Hephaistion, he has been portrayed as a "gay hero"...."

America's corporate culture has long been promoting the acceptability of homosexuality, mostly because it promotes a consumer culture and thus builds up Big Capital. Social relationships between a father and his children and between a man and his wife are replaced by homosexual relationships based on deviant sex, meaning if you want something you just take it, making the new "homosexual movement" with its Judeocentric transnational Big Capital backing an eventual mass culture off itself , with its own bastard postmodern reinterpretations of history or of Alexander The Great.

That same site however also makes a point that:"... In modern Iran he is still known as an evil king - a personification of the devil if you like - who did his very best to destroy the respectable old Persian culture and religion."

This is true. I recall watching Iranian Television several years ago, and they played what looked like a government sponsored educational program that featured Alexander The Great and he was portrayed as a rampaging rapist and drunkard , that invaded Iran with his troops "drunk with wine".

I prefer the Iranian interpretation. As far as the foreign obsession with the Classics, I can at least respect an Iranian interpretation, since that society once truly encountered Alexander and is a friend of Hellenes ,unlike America.

Besides that I was personally never so awestruck over Alexander,and pre-Christian times in general, although Alexander is rumored to have introduced the eggplant to Greece.

In any case here is the well circulated news article that sparked this entry.



New 'Alexander' Movie Under Fire for Sexual Portrait

Fri Nov 19, 6:06 PM ET

By Arthur Spiegelman

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Oliver Stone's new film about Alexander the Great depicts the king as bisexual, fueling outrage from Greeks and prompting Hollywood to ask if a world conqueror with dyed blond hair and waxed legs will be able to attract box office hordes.

Do these queers look Greek?

One newspaper calls it a case of "Queer Eye for the Macedonian Guy." Others have speculated that Stone, always a controversial filmmaker, is taking a big risk with a $160 million epic by including scenes of passionate embrace between Alexander and his best friend Hephaestion.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) says the film breaks new ground for a big budget epic because it shows Hephaestion "as the true love of Alexander's life."

A line from the film says: "Alexander was defeated only once -- by Hephaestion's thighs."

Last summer's blockbuster film "Troy," which could have portrayed Achilles and Patroclus as lovers, brushed aside any homoerotic elements to concentrate on Achilles desire for a Trojan princess.

Everyone associated with "Alexander," from Stone to star Colin Farrell, insist the film, which opens on Wednesday, is historically accurate and reflects the pagan mores of around 330 BC when the Macedonian king captured the world's mightiest empire, Persia, and pressed on to the ends of the Earth.

Farrell, in a recent interview with Reuters, said he had no problem with the role because "Oliver made the film as historically accurate as possible and ambivalent sexuality was something of the times and part of the character."

Stone said he kept the movie accurate and had an historian on the set. He added there was no question that Alexander had "a polymorphous sensuality and was an explorer in the deepest sense of the world."

British scholar Robin Lane (news) Fox, author of a biography of Alexander and historical advisor to the film, said homosexuality and bisexuality were not "issues in ancient times" and that Alexander had extensive relations with women.

But a group of angry Greek lawyers say Stone and the film's distributor Warner Bros., a unit of Time Warner Inc. , should be sued for twisting history. The lawyers said they have asked Stone and Warner Bros. to include a reference in the title credits saying the film is fictional. Spokesmen for Warner Bros. and Stone did not have any immediate comment.

"We are not saying that we are against gays, but we are saying that the production company should make it clear to the audience that this film is pure fiction and not a true depiction of the life of Alexander," Yannis Varnakos, who is spearheading the legal campaign, told Reuters in Athens.

Two years ago, hundreds of Greeks from Alexander's home turf Macedonia, stormed an archeological symposium after one speaker presented a paper on the homosexuality of Alexander.

Stone's film, which he had been trying to get on the screen for 15 years, was filmed mainly in Morocco and Thailand. The Athens News Agency said no scenes were shot in Greece because of government opposition to Stone's portrayal of the Greek hero.

Asked if he toned down scenes, Stone maintained he shot the film the way he wanted. The only overtly sexual scene in the movie is a wedding night love scene between Alexander and his wife Roxanne that starts with her putting a knife to his throat after she catches him accepting a ring from Hephaestion, who is played by Jared Leto wearing eyeliner.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Let's Play TURKMAN

Flawed Hellenic Genocide Website

The Hellenic Genocide Information Centre,according to its mission statement,"...was founded on the 15th June 2004 in memory of the victims and their families of the systematic torture, massacre and ethnic cleansing of millions of Hellenes. The purpose of this website is to inform and educate others about the Hellenic Genocide perpetrated by Turkey. " This ambitious site has numerous photo galleries and reprints of various documents exposing the victimisation of Greeks throughout their seven century historical encounters with Turkey, including the Chios Massacres, and more recent Turkish-sponsored Holocausts in Smyrna and Cyprus.

The essay titled 1453, Barbaric Turkish Invasion of Constantinople has some noteworthy value , especially since it mentions the specific frankish betrayal by the heretical Catholic coward Giustiniani at a crucial moment of defense from the infidels, that led to our downfall...

"It was almost day now, the first light, before sunrise, when a shot fired from a calverin hit Giustiniani. The shot pierced his breastplate and he fell on the ground. Shaken by his wound and physically exhausted, his fighting spirit collapsed. Despite the pleas of the Emperor, who was fighting nearby, not to leave his post, the Genoese commander ordered his men to take him out of the battle-field. A Gate in the inner wall was opened for the group of Genoese soldiers, who were carrying their wounded commander, to come into the city. The soldiers who were fighting near the area saw the Gate open, their comrades carrying their leader crossing into the city, and they thought that the defense line had been broken. They all rushed through the Gate leaving the Emperor and the Greek fighters alone between the two walls. This sudden movement did not escape the attention of the Ottoman commanders. Frantic orders were issued to the troops to concentrate their attack on the weakened position. Thousands rushed to the area. The stockade was broken. The Greeks were now squeezed by crowds of Janissaries between the stockade and the wall. More Janissaries came in and many reached the inner wall.

Meanwhile more were pouring in through the Kerkoporta, where the defenders had not been able to eliminate the first intruders. Soon the first enemy flags were seen on the

A pertinent detail left out of this essay is the intervention by Jewish leadership that opened the Kerkoporta, the first actual penetration point of entry for the infidels.

Byzantine scholar Sir Steven Runciman has an even more explicit account of the pivotal role of heretical Catholic coward Giustiniani and his frankish ways:

"It was just before sunrise that a shot fired at close range from a culverin struck Giustiniani and pierced his breastplate. Bleeding copiously and obviously in great pain, he begged his men to take him off the battle-field. One of them went to the Emperor who was fighting near by to ask for the key of a little gate that led through the inner wall. Constantine hurried to his side to plead with him not to desert his post. But Giustiniani's nerve was broken; he insisted on flight. The gate was opened, and his bodyguard carried him into the city, through the streets down to the harbour where they placed him on a Genoese ship. His troops noticed his going. Some of them may have thought that he had retreated to defend the inner wall; but most of them concluded that the battle was lost. Someone shouted out in terror that the Turks had crossed the wall. Before the little gate could be shut again the Genoese streamed headlong through it. The Emperor and his Greeks were left on the field alone."

"The Genoese galley to which the wounded Giustiniani had been borne was one of those that managed to escape from the Golden Horn. He was landed at Chios, and there he died a day or two later. To his own followers he remained a hero; but the Greeks and Venetians, greatly though they had admired his energy, his gallantry and his leadership throughout the siege, considered that in the end he had proved himself a deserter. He should have had the courage to face pain and death rather than risk the whole collapse of the defense by his flight. Many even of the Genoese felt shame for him. Archbishop Leonard blamed him bitterly for his untimely terror."
(Excerpts from pages 138 and 150 of Sir Steven Runciman's "The Fall of Constantinople 1453".)

The lesson that can be learned from this, is that we cannot put our faith in the hands of the Papal abomination and weak-kneed Christian heretics hailing from the anti-Christian West. Our ancestors were taught this painful lesson the hard way, our present condition, and occupation by political puppets, tying us to the Frankishness of the European Union, will subdue us and hand us over, bound and gagged on a platter to the Turks, just as it had throughout too many numerous encounters. Once a barbarian, always a barbarian.

The site seems to be based in England and also has concerns for some foreign groups such as Armenians and Kurds who were massacred by Turks, and takes care to republish a paper complied by Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes documenting the Orthodox Christian Holocaust by not only Turkey but also by revolutionary Marxism.

Hopefully, more emphasis on the vast crimes against Greek humanity by Marxists and Westerners will be included in this site, although its mission statement intends on concentrating on Turkish crimes exclusively.

Sadly, this site does have a chronological index, I suspect originating from a leftist or Marxist site, of American crimes that claims that in " 1947 Greece: The USA intervenes in the civil war in Greece supporting the neo-fascist side against the Greek resistance to the Nazis." Although America proves itself as a great enemy of Greece through its multiculturalising, neo-liberal globalizing ways I strongly object to this site's use of specific party affiliations in a site on Hellenic Genocide. To classify the Greek communists as "resistance" is a historical canard in itself.Greek communists ,and communism overall , maimed and killed countless Greeks and set out on a mission to wipe the Greek Nation off the face of the earth by attacking its religion and National unity. The communist hatred of Greece is something which the current cast of political puppets ruling Greece have inherited from their Marxist forebearers. May I also remind the site owner that General Grivas, the true resistance fighter who dared to challenge the "mighty" British Empire as the EOKA National resistance leader,who has also been denounced as a "neo-Nazi" by the Greek left, in fact, also fought a National resistance on mainland Greece against the so-called leftist "resistance"

This transgression by the site,its promotion of Marxist cliches about Communist "resistance", has convinced me to not include the site amongst my links, I hope that the site does not further degrade its noble mission, by for instance also trying to promote absurd Judeocentric cliches about what constitutes a Holocaust on top of the cited leftist cliches which it recently published.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Mr. Moliviatis Calls His Boss's New Helper


Athens, 18 November 2004 (16:58 UTC+2)

ExampleGreek Foreign Minister Petros Moliviatis had a telephone communication with Condoleezza Rice, who will be the US Secretary of State in the new Bush administration.
ExampleMr. Moliviatis congratulated her for her appointment to the crucial and very important post and wished her success to her work.

The talk was held in a very friendly atmosphere and Mrs. Rice agreed with the Greek Foreign Minister that their cooperation will continue and be further strengthened in the same good climate, a fact expected to be confirmed during Mr. Moliviatis' visit to Washington early next year, possibly in January.

© 1994-2004 Macedonian Press Agency

Iraqi Resistance Reports

The Free Arab Voice is a rather original english language news site on Middle Eastern affairs, the editor of this site, Arab revisionist scholar Dr. Ibrahim Alloush , has compiled an interesting array of position papers and exposes that have earned him great derision from the Western world and even from his own Jordanian government.

The section of this Free Arab Voice website titled Iraqi Resistance Reports has timely reports from the ground describing underreported developments on the battlefields and english translations from the Arab press.

Considering the overall media blackout of American and Israeli atrocities around the world to an ever expanding diversity of people, this website tends to stand virtually alone in the english speaking world in regards to Middle Eastern affairs as reported on the web and beyond.

Spaniards Against Israeli Holocaust Practices

Spanish City Sponsors Anti-Israel Campaign
The city of Oleiros in southern Spain is conducting a campaign against Israel and against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The campaign includes a city-sponsored electronic billboard calling Sharon a "beast" and Israelis "the new Nazis", as well as the sale of t-shirts with messages "against the genocidal policy of Ariel Sharon and... in support of the Palestinian people

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Annual Polytechnic Greek Leftist Festival Takes Off

The myth of alleged killings by Greek security forces upon liberating the Polytechnic University in downtown Athens, has been used by the prevailing Greek political establishment to provide a smokescreen to explain their post-Greek Aprilist Revolution rule and thereby attempt to justify their incompetent and corrupt subservience to America and Europe , as the proverbial "lesser of two evils" in comparison to the "evil" Leadership of the Greek Revolution of April 21, 1967.

Since that date, the Greek political establishment has made November 17 , an annual affair.

The Communists and Anarchists will be "burning down the house".

Rumble in the Bronx? No, its just Greek youth having a good time in Thessaloniki.

The proverbial "cherry on the sundae", wrapping things up by tossing a flaming bottle of gasoline at the street outside the U.S. Embassy.

Let's all meet here again next year.

Research Shows Romans Loved White Faces

Ancient Roman Skin Cream Gave Women Beautiful Complexion

Ancient Roman women had beautiful skin, apparently, they had a foundation skin cream which until recently, no one knew how to reproduce. Researchers at the University of Bristol, UK, have recreated the 2000 year old cosmetic skin cream.

They managed to do this because an original was discovered in perfect condition during an archaeological excavation in London. During the Roman Empire, Roman women in London used to use this foundation cream. The cream is made of refined animal fat, starch and tin.
When you apply it to your face you have a smooth, white powdery texture - probably due to the starch, say the researchers.

Romans loved white faces. Tin, say the researchers, was a better option than lead, because tin is not toxic. Lead had been a popular ingredient for cosmetics throughout history.

The original cream was found in its metal container in perfect condition.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Belgian Nationalist Party Resurfaces and Renames Itself After Government Crackdown


Monday November 15, 1:35 AM
Belgian far-right reborn after court slap


Belgium's far-right Vlaams Blok formally dissolved itself and relaunched under a new name, after a court ruling banning the party, one of the most successful anti-immigrant forces in Europe.

The party, which wants independence for Belgium's northern region of Flanders, announced the creation of Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest), which will not be bound by legal decisions against the Blok.

"The Vlaams Blok has always been the best -- if not the only -- defender of Flemish interests. In this sense the choice of name is obvious," said the party on its newly-created website.

The decision was taken at a party congress in Antwerp, five days after Belgium's supreme court upheld a lower tribunal's ruling that the group was guilty of "permanent incitement to segregation and racism".

As a result the Blok -- which has surged to record levels in opinion polls -- said it would lose 250,000 euros (325,000 dollars) in annual public funding, while any activities were liable to prosecution under anti-racism laws.

The change of new name to Vlaams Belang -- which has already been that of the party's magazine -- was widely anticipated ahead of Sunday's meeting in the northern port city and capital of Flanders.

The party's basic demands will not change: it wants richer, Dutch-speaking Flanders to secede from Belgium, whose other main community is French-speaking. The two populations co-exist in an uneasy federal partnership.

But party officials denied the widespread view that the change is purely cosmetic.

"The founding of a new nationalist Flemish party is not a cosmetic operation but a manicure: we are cutting our nails and polishing our teeth to come out of the corner more effectively," said key party figure Filip Dewinter.

"Under our new name Vlaams Belang will be even more motivated in our democratic struggle for an independent Flanders," added a statement on the party's website.

In national elections in May last year, the Vlaams Blok posted the best performance in its 26-year history by gaining three more seats in Belgium's 150-seat parliament to take its tally to 18.

Two opinion polls last month placed the Vlaams Blok as the most popular party in the region, ahead of the Christian Democrats, after it came second in June regional elections.

Dewinter used the Antwerp party congress to renew attacks on the court ruling -- using the recent killing of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh as a sharp rhetorical reference.

"While in the Netherlands they kill freedom of expression with bullets, in Belgium they do it with court rulings," he said, according to the Belga news agency. Flanders borders on the Netherlands and they share the same language.

The Flemish party has led a resurgence of the extreme right across Europe including the Austrian Freedom Party of Joerg Haider, Jean-Marie Le Pen's National Front in France and murdered Dutch firebrand Pim Fortuyn.

Pushing Us Off The Deep End

Once again we see that the Israeli-dominated government of the USA is working up its war options. One suspects, given the manifest uselessness of the American armed forces in Iraq, that any attack on Iran is likely to be through air power since it is the coward's method of attacking those on the block who are weaker. Nevertheless, it is becoming plainly evident that America is going to have a tougher and rougher time if they go ahead with their lunacy. This is a time for speaking out and reaching out to those who share this one belief: that the world will only be a safer place when America and Israel have been broken on the refusal of the world to accept their dictatorship. Just how many Serbs, Greeks, Arabs, Latin Americans and Japanese have to die to keep the world safe for this dictatorship? Much of that answer lies in our collective hands!

Is an Attack on Iran 'Inconceivable'?

A senior U.S. diplomat – who spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity – said that even if the IAEA Board balks, the United States will still seek a referral to the Security Council based on Iran's "past record of deception on its nuclear activities," and the matter could be referred to the Council "in different ways." by Gordon Prather,

Cultural Giant Dies: Who Needs Wagner Or Beethoven When America Can Offer Us:


Rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard Dies

Published: November 14, 2004

Filed at 1:45 p.m. ET

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard, whose criminal lifestyle and strange behavior overshadowed his work as one of the founding members of rap collective Wu-Tang Clan, collapsed and died in New York Saturday, his record label said.

The artist, whose real name was Russell Jones, was found in a recording studio complaining of chest pains, a source told Reuters. Paramedics were called but were unable to save him. A label spokeswoman said the cause of death was unknown.

Jones, 35, had a history of drug abuse. But a spokesman said he was clean at the time of his death and had been taking court-mandated drug tests.

``Russell inspired all of us with his spirit, wit, and tremendous heart,'' said a statement from Roc-A-Fella Records, the label founded by rapper Jay-Z. ``The world has lost a great talent, but we mourn the loss of our friend.''

In the hip-hop genre, where many performers attract the attention of the law and most spare no expense flaunting their extravagant lifestyles, Jones was in a class of his own.

Jones fathered 13 children, according to Blender magazine. His other stage names included Dirt McGirt and Big Baby Jesus, the latter moniker inspired by his belief that ``I always been Jesus.''

He was released from a New York state prison in early 2003 after serving almost three years for drug offenses and probation violation, and subsequently received treatment at a mental hospital.


His life on parole was filmed for a documentary broadcast by music cable channel VH1.


Following a 1999 arrest for possession of crack cocaine, he reportedly asked the police to ``make the rocks disappear'' because it would hurt his standing as a role model. During one of his many court appearances, he called a female prosecutor a ``sperm donor.''

His rap sheet also included arrests for making terrorist threats, wearing a bulletproof vest, and involvement in a shootout with police.

In 1998, he stormed the stage during the live telecast of the Grammy Awards to complain that Wu-Tang Clan should have won a prize in part because he went to the trouble of buying an expensive new outfit.

Jones, who was born in the New York borough of Brooklyn, co-founded Wu-Tang Clan with cousins Gary Grice (aka GZA) and Robert Diggs (aka RZA) in 1992.

With the personnel clocking in at nine members, the group released its debut album, ``Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers),'' the following year and it peaked at No. 41 on the U.S. pop album charts. Its 1997 follow-up, ``Wu-Tang Forever,'' boasting some bizarre ranting by Jones, debuted at No. 1.

Members of the loosely knit group engaged in solo projects, with Jones' first effort, ``Return to the 36 Chambers,'' peaking at No. 7 in early 1995. In 1999, ``Nigga Please'' peaked at No. 10.

A spokesman said Jones had almost completed a new album.

In addition to his children, Jones is survived by his mother, Cherry Jones, who said in a statement that her son was the ``kindest, most generous soul on Earth.''

Monday, November 15, 2004

The Macedonian Issue: Sample Letter To Be Used For Your Communications To George W. Bush

The following is a sample letter than can be used by Greeks and philhellenes that hold American citizenship to communicate the Macedonian issue to George W. Bush, courtesy of Hellenic News of America




BY FAX: 1-202-456-2461
The Honorable
President George W. Bush
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. President:

We are appalled that the first action by our government after the November elections and shortly before the plebiscite in FYROM, was to recognize FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) as the "Republic of Macedonia". The tactic and the timing leave us with similar feelings as the Bin Laden tapes three days before our November elections.

We urge you, Mr. President, in the best interests of the United States to: (i) reconsider this misinformed and ill-advised policy; (ii) instruct the State Department to withdraw recognition of FYROM as Macedonia and, (iii) encourage FYROM to continue its diplomatic dialogue with Greece on the name issue in line with UN and EU policy.

This action sends the wrong signal to the world, especially in the present era of global terrorism. We consider it to be a blatant stab in the back of our faithful and trusted ally, Greece, one of only a handful such nations that, over the years, have stood shoulder to shoulder with the US fighting to preserve shared values of freedom, democracy, the dignity of human life and peace.

Further, it is an un-American epilogue to President Truman's efforts to save Greek Macedonia from the communist menace of the time, only to have the present US government recognize as legitimate FYROM's stolen identity (i.e., the name Macedonia and Macedonian heritage that goes with it) that is not ours to grant nor is it FYROM's to have. In addition it sends the wrong message to Greece that will most certainly be construed as dismissive of her sensitivities and concerns in the region.

In announcing the recognition of FYROM as "Macedonia", your administration is thumbing its nose at Greece and the Greek American community. The administration is in effect disregarding the approximately 1,500,000 Americans of Hellenic descent as a non-entity in the formulation of U.S. policy since we are not consulted on decisions that impact Greece and our Hellenic Macedonian heritage.

We urge you to reverse this contemptible policy and refrain from similar double standard policies that have raised anti-Americanism to unprecedented levels and have multiplied the number of fanatics who seek to harm Americans and destroy our sacred way of life.


BY FAX: 1-202-456-2461-White House Fax to Bush

Cc: Vice President Richard B. Cheney Fax: 202-456-2461
Secretary of State Colin L. Powell Fax: 202-261-8577
Congressman Marc Souder Fax: Fax: (260) 424-4042
Chairman of Intelligence Foreign Committee Fax: 202-224-4774, Tel:
Senator Richard Lugar Fax: 202-2280360, Tel: 202-224-4814
Secretary of the Treasury John W. Snow Fax: (202) 622-6415
Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld 703-697-9080
Deputy Secretary of State Richard Lee Armitage (202) 647-6047
Chief of Staff Andrew Card Fax: 202-456-2461
National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice Fax: 202-456-2461
Senior Advisor to the President Karl Rove 202-456-2461
Under Secretary of State Marc Grossman 202-647-4780

E-mail to a friend

Reliable Israeli Movers Go On Trial For Extortion and Theft


Monday, November 15, 2004

Movers go on trial for alleged extortion

By Peter Lewis
Seattle Times consumer-affairs reporter

FOUR people go on trial in federal court in Tacoma today on charges they extorted customers in a household-moving scam by luring them with low prices, then jacking up costs and holding their goods hostage until they paid.

Erik Deri is one of four people
going on trial in the alleged scam.

Now defunct, Woodinville-based Nationwide Moving Systems harmed more than 50 people, the government alleges. Actual and intended losses -- including the amount the defendants tried to defraud customers out of -- exceeded $1 million, prosecutors contend.

According to the government, the defendants would delay notifying customers of the inflated prices until after their goods were loaded. This had the effect of squeezing customers, the prosecutors say.

Some customers, for example, faced penalties from airlines if they canceled previously scheduled travel arrangements; some were under pressure because they had to relocate for a new job. Others were stuck because their leases had expired or their homes had been sold and so they had nowhere to stay, the government alleges.

Of seven people originally charged, three -- Martin Kirk II, 25, and Michael Airgood and Kristen Klein, both 24 -- have pleaded guilty and have agreed to testify against the remaining defendants.

They are: Erik Deri, 33; Yosef Nahum, 55; and Yuval Derei, 30, all of whom are Israeli nationals facing deportation if convicted. Yuval Derei is Erik Deri's brother. The fourth defendant, American-born Tanya Deri, 29, is Deri's wife.

According to charging papers, the investigation was sparked after a March 2003 Seattle Times article described customer experiences with Nationwide.

Each of the defendants is charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and interfere with commerce by extortion, which carries up to five years' imprisonment and a $250,000 fine. In addition, they face multiple counts of fraud and attempted extortion, each of which carries up to 20 years and a $250,000 fine. Some of the defendants face additional charges.
Nationwide used the Web and the Yellow Pages to advertise, and it sometimes purchased moving jobs from other moving companies. It falsely represented itself as a reputable, insured and licensed moving company, the prosecutors alleged. The scam started in May 2002 and ended in July 2003, the government said.

The trial has been delayed several times, most recently in August as a result of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that cast doubt on the constitutionality of federal sentencing guidelines. The so-called "Blakely" ruling, which grew out of a Washington state case, established the principle that jurors, not judges, must decide the facts that determine a criminal sentence.

As a result, U.S. District Judge Franklin Burgess of Tacoma recently ordered the Nationwide case split into two parts. If jurors convict, they would then reconvene to consider additional evidence, such as the vulnerability and number of victims and amount of financial loss, that could lead to stiffer punishment.

The trial is expected to last about a month. The government plans to introduce roughly 400 exhibits and call nearly 100 witnesses, records show.

Among the victims on the government's witness list is John Jennings, a former Issaquah resident, who told The Times his move to Florida in September 2002 was spoiled by Nationwide.

He said the company had revised the price upward from $3,000 to $16,000 -- and then refused his request to unload his possessions after he objected. Ultimately, the total cost of his move, after hiring a different company to retrieve, move and re-store his possessions, exceeded $11,000.

Another victim scheduled to testify is Sarah DeLassus, who hired Nationwide to move from Seattle to Antioch, Ill., in February 2003. She said her belongings arrived two weeks later than promised. Virtually everything she owned was broken, shredded, soiled, splintered or otherwise mutilated, she and her mother said.

DeLassus estimated the loss at between $4,000 and $5,000. In addition, several boxes of her belongings never arrived, she said.

DeLassus said the government's Seattle-based witness/victim coordinator told her earlier this year that "she had never worked on a case where people were so eager to participate" as opposed to feeling annoyed about having to testify.

The defendants' attorneys have been mum about their trial strategy. But a criminal-defense attorney familiar with the case said he expects the defense will focus on the forms customers signed when they agreed to hire Nationwide, specifically regarding permission to charge more if customers underestimated how much stuff they had.

Lawyers for Tanya Deri and Yuval Derei have minimized their clients' roles. At a hearing last year, for example, Jim Frush, representing Tanya Deri, described her as "tangentially involved," a characterization disputed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Kathryn Warma.

Deri's lawyer, Peter Camiel, said his client responded to his older brother's (Erik Deri's) invitation to join the business, but didn't start working for Nationwide until March 2003. Derei worked primarily as a dispatcher and had "very limited contact" with customers, Camiel contended.

A development that could be useful for the defense was the firing earlier this year of the government's case agent: Melanie Jaimerson, a Seattle-based special agent with the Department of Transportation's Office of the Inspector General.

Defense attorneys were eager to learn whether her dismissal was related to the Nationwide case. But after her personnel file was submitted to the court under seal, Burgess said it was not.
Still, the defense has copies of the interviews Jaimerson conducted with witnesses. If the witnesses tell a different story under oath than they told her, the defense could use the transcripts to impeach their credibility. And because the government has scratched Jaimerson from its witness list, she would not be available to assist in countering such attacks.

If history is any measure, the defendants face an uphill battle.

The Seattle prosecution is similar to other recent federal extortion cases that implicated Israeli-run moving companies around the country, including California, New York and Florida. In virtually every instance, the defendants pleaded guilty or were convicted by jurors, officials said.

In the Nationwide case, prosecutors plan to present a household-goods moving-industry expert to testify about standard practices adopted to avoid customer fraud, obtain accurate moving estimates and resolve consumer complaints.

By contrast, Nationwide customers will testify that their goods were damaged and/or stolen, and that their efforts to file claims with the company were typically "rebuffed, ignored, or evaded," the government said in court papers. And in some cases, the defendants stole household goods entrusted to Nationwide's care, the government contends.

Peter Lewis: phone 206-464-2217

Copyright © 2004 The Seattle Times Company

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Best of Marijuana in Europe 2002, 2003

Rick Steves, a bestselling American travel writer notorious for advancing anti-Hellenic racist animus, has an interesting collection of commentary on the Best of Marijuana in Europe 2002, 2003

While the majority of the comments concern where one can score legal marijuana in Holland.I only caught one comment on Greece--"Greece is most draconian, mere possession can get you 7 years in jail. A Greek jail"

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Chinese Holocaust Writer Found Dead

Anyone who spends any amount of time focusing on Hellenic National issues is bound to fall on periods of pessimism and ,at times, even serious levels of despondency. After all, the Fatherland is tied and bound by a political establishment hell-bent on diminishing any sense of unity amongst the people and does all it can to detriment Greece's national identity,sense of purpose and historical memory --drip by drip, through government decree and by extension of its strangle hold on mass media and public institutions.

Greece has chosen to become a Soviet-like satellite state beholden to the whims and fancies of the Western world, currently led by America. Thus American interpretations ,sooner or later, become the "official" interpretations of the Greek establishment and are eventually filtered down to the Greek masses by means of vigorous parliamentary procedures becoming laws and norms that translate a specific world-view for mass consumption in Greece. In recent years, the Greek government has chosen to build and commemorate monuments and has sought to introduce a "National" ( when in fact globalist) day of Memory for one, just one foreign ethnic group, that wants the entire world to "never forget" that some members of this one, just one, ethnic group, suffered during the Second World War. To be blunt, I will refer to a relatively well-known response to such repellent chauvinism, in the words of one patriot who confronted such impudence: " While a memorial exists in Thessaloniki for the "65,000" Helladic Jews that died during the war, where is the memorial for the 600,000 Christian Orthodox Hellenes who died at the hands of the Italians, Germans, and Bulgarians? Where is the memorial for the hundreds of thousands of Pontian Hellenes (in a city largely populated by their descendents) that died at the hands of the Turks?"

Sadly, we may be invisible in regards to suffering death and deprivation during the Second World war. Yet we are not alone in invisibility to the currently popular history of the Second World War. As American historian Mark Weber remarked in a scholarly debate on one ethnicity's legendary and privileged qualifications to memory:

While we are endlessly told that the Germans murdered six million European Jews during the Second World War, said Weber, the public is kept largely ignorant of the conflict's non-Jewish victims. Weber continued:

If you ask an average, reasonably educated American: "How many European Jews were killed by the Nazis during World War II?," the almost automatic answer is, of course, six million. But if you ask that same person: How many Americans lost their lives in the Second World War, or, for that matter, how many British, or Chinese, or Germans, died, the response is usually an admission of ignorance.

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Weber noted, some 20 million Chinese civilian perished in World War II, while according to the Chinese government, 35 million Chinese lost their lives as a result of Japanese aggression. "How many Americans know or care about these Asian victims of the Second World War?," Weber asked.

Or as a high profile member of the Chinese Holocaust Musuem somberly reminds the world: "Not only did the Sino-Chinese War constitute an integral part of World War II, the study of which has been included in the modern world history; the Chinese Holocaust created by the Japanese during the war is so unprecedented in history that it was more horrific and devastating than the Jewish Holocaust. Whereas the Jewish Holocaust has been integrated into history and social science courses taught in most high schools in the United States, the Chinese Holocaust is relatively unknown"

If this Chinese Holocaust writer did decide to end her life, I can only say that I feel very sorry for her and empathise with her personal plight as an underprivileged scholar. If she, on the other hand, has become a victim of terrorism, then I can only pray that this unjust world we are living in , in some way changes, and that somehow the terrorists who cause such grief and chose to be the sworn enemies of truth and memory are brought to justice.


'Rape of Nanking' Author Iris Chang Found Dead
'Acclaimed Chinese-American historical author Iris Chang has been found dead in her car, apparently after shooting herself, police sources said.


'The 36-year-old writer and journalist, who chronicled the rape and massacre of thousands of Chinese civilians at the hands of Japanese troops before World War II, was found in her car on Tuesday near the town of Los Gatos, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of San Francisco.' (China Daily News article).

Friday, November 12, 2004

Democracy in The European Union, Belgian government outlaws Vlaams Blok, Belgium's most popular party

Vlaams Blok Banned!

In the wake of Vlaams Blok's overwhelming popular support in elections, the Belgian government has outlawed it.

TODAY, November 9th, 2004, our party, the Vlaams Blok, has been condemned to death. This afternoon, the Belgian Supreme Court upheld the verdict, issued by the Court of Appeal in Ghent on 21 April, which declared the Vlaams Blok a criminal organisation. In order to preserve our party members from prosecution, we are now forced to disband. What happened in Brussels today is unique in the Western world: never has a so-called democratic regime outlawed the country's largest political party.

The Vlaams Blok was supported by almost 1 million voters in last June's elections. We got 24.1% of the vote in Flanders, where sixty percent of the Belgian population lives. Voting is compulsory in Belgium and no other party was supported by more people. Our party has grown continuously for two decades. Since 1987, it has won twelve consecutive elections in a row. Belgium, established in 1830 by French revolutionaries, is an artificial construct dominated by the Socialist Francophone minority in Wallonia. Our party's main objective is the secession of Flanders from Belgium. Flanders is the free-market oriented Dutch-speaking and politically minorised northern part of the country.

We are the democratic voice of an ever growing number of Flemings who, in an entirely non-violent way, want to put an end to Belgium. Our electoral strength is causing panic amongst the Belgian establishment. A recent opinion poll of the Brussels newspaper Le Soir and the Francophone state television RTBF (24 October) indicates that the Vlaams Blok currently stands at 26.9% of the Flemish vote.

Despite the fact that a political party should be fought in the voting booth, the Belgian regime has been harassing the Vlaams Blok with criminal prosecutions for over a decade. The Belgian Parliament, where Francophones are overrepresented, changed the Constitution in 1999 in order to limit freedom of expression. It also voted a series of new laws with the sole purpose of criminalising and defunding our party, including an Anti-Racism Act and an Anti-Discrimination Act which define "discrimination" so broadly that every individual can be prosecuted on the basis of them. (The text of these infamous bills can be found on our website

Moreover, according to Belgium's draconian new laws, every member and collaborator of an organisation that propagates "discrimination," can be punished with fines or imprisonment. Furthermore, the onus of proof has been reversed, so that the complainant does not need to prove that the accused "discriminates" or propagates "discrimination," but the latter has to prove that he does not.
[Full Story]

Marc Grossman: The Man Who Made "Republic of Macedonia" Kosher For America

The American Hellenic Institute,a Washington DC-based lobby headed by a man who lost his ancestral estate in the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus, reveals the face behind the State Department's recent decision to accept Titoist historical realities.

Marc Grossman was appointed to his first State Department high post as U.S. Ambassador to Turkey by none other than Madeleine Albright, who chose what this one literati magazine named as her ethnic "dream team", after she suddenly "discovered" her own ever elusive roots late into her middle age.

The Israeli lobby hails the power wielded by Marc Grossman and fellow ardent Zionists that include Deputy Secretary of State Paul Wolfowitz, in its efforts to promote its only Muslim military ally, Turkey.

This is not the only time that Grossman has made up his mind on what your typical media brainwashed American regards as Kosher. Upping the ante, has even made Holocaust Denial on the floor of America's congress, a Kosher American activity if it involves people of little ethnic importance.

Moments later Grossman makes a speech at a museum built for a legendary historical chapter that is Kosher.

We may never get an altogether complete answer on why Grossman pushed for this monumental name change.

The force behind this decision, is one which few in power would ever dare to call by its real name. After all, it has destroyed much greater men than Karamanlis and Molyviotis, so we cannot expect them to ever actually name the culprit.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Abortion: The Greek Mass Murderer

It has been reported that Greece suffers an annual abortion rate of some 250,000 souls.

Thus far,the Greek Nationalist parties , the Greek establishment and by extension the mass media and even the church leadership have been largely silent on this act of mass murder and grave mortal sin committed by hundreds of thousands of selfish Greek women.

In the poignant words of one analyst: " This means that for every Greek child born, approximately 3 of his brothers and sisters, who would have gone on to live full and natural lives if they had not been deprived of the unalienable right to be born, are aborted! In stark countrast, highly liberal countries like the United States, with a population of 265 million, have approximately 32,000 abortions per 100,000 births. "

Today, I came across an eloquent essay ,passed on to me from an American discussion list, on a tragedy that in Greece , is of little importance to your average Greek household that would get hysterical about their son ,perhaps, smoking a hashish cigarette while their whore daughter is silently encouraged to murder her own child.

I have pasted the essay in full.


October 5 Today my life began. My parents do not know it yet. I am as small as the seed of an apple, but it is I already. And I am to be a girl. I shall have blonde hair and azure eyes. Just about everything is settled though. Even the fact that I shall love flowers.

October 19 I have grown a little, but I am still too small to do anything by myself. My mother does just about everything for me. And what is odd - she still doesn't know that she is carrying me under her heart, and that she is helping me already, that she is even feeding me with her own blood. She is so good.

They say that I am not a real person yet, that only my mother exists. But I am a real person, just as a small crumb of bread is truly bread. She is so good.

October 23 My mouth is just beginning to open now. Just think, in a year or so I shall be laughing, and later talking. I know that my first word will be - mummy!

October 25 My heart began to beat today all by itself. From now on it shall gently beat for the rest of my life, without ever stopping to rest. And after many years it will tire. It will stop, and I shall die.

November 2 I am growing a bit every day. My arms and legs are beginning to take shape. But I have to wait a long time yet before those little legs raise me to my mother's reaching arms, before those little arms will be able to gather flowers and hug my daddy.

November 12 Tiny fingers are beginning to form on my hands. Funny how small they are. I shall be able to stroke my mummy's hair with them. And I shall take her hair to my mouth and she will probably say, 'oh, nasty!'.

November 20 It wasn't until today that doctor told mum that I am living here under her heart. Oh, how happy she must be! Are you happy, mummy?

November 25 My mummy and daddy are probably thinking about a name for me. But they don't even know that I am a little girl. They are probably saying Andy. But I want to be called Cathy. I am getting so big already.

December 10 My hair is growing. It is smooth and bright and shiny. I wonder what kind of hair mummy has?

December 13 I am just about able to see. It is dark around me. When mummy brings me into the world, it will be full of sunshine and flowers. I have never seen a flower, you know. But what I want more than anything to see is my mum. How do you look mum? I love you so much.

December 24 I wonder if mum hears the whispering beat of my living heart? Some children come into the world a little sick. And then the delicate hands of the doctor perform miracles to bring them back to health. But my heart is strong and healthy. It beats so evenly; tup-tup, tup-tup, tup-tup. You'll have a healthy little daughter, mummy.

December 28 Today my mummy killed me!

by Michael Walsh who opposes abortion

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Israeli Bad Boy Arrested With Bags of "X"


TEL AVIV, Israel - Police arrested a reputed Israeli underworld figure Monday on an international warrant for smuggling drugs from the European Union to the United States, authorities said.

Ze'ev Rosenstein (pictured, pants wetted) was arrested after an investigation that spanned three years and several countries. He is believed to be a dominant force on the world Ecstasy market, said David Tzur the Tel Aviv police commander.
[Full Story]

Survey Says Majority Of Cypriots Against Turkey in EU

ATHENS, November 8 (RIA Novosti, Alexey Bogdanovski) - According to the representational survey recently published by the Cypriot newspaper Politis, the majority of the Greek population of Cyprus believes that the Republic of Cyprus must veto the negotiations on the accession of Turkey to the EU.
[Full Story]

Greek Establishment Does Not Want Popular Protests Against America

Despite the American insolence and intent to harm our entire National essence by its acceptance of the Titoist concept, the Greek establishment calls for the people to stay home, so that the charlatans with manicured hands can have time to respond by bureaucratic means to the world's sole superpower.

Macedonian Press Agency reports that "...The Greek government and PASOK are against protest mobilizations. Governing party of New Democracy central committee secretary Vangelis Meimarakis stressed that foreign policy is not exercised with emotion but with planning and program."

This is creating a vacuum on which the Nationalist movement can resource itself on and build on the people's general disillusionment with the Greek establishment and the general incompetence of the entire political system since the Aprilist Greek Revolution.

On Saturday November 6th, democratic Nationalist parties such as Hellenic Front and L.A.O.S., along with several Nationalist factions and their cadres did protest outside the U.S. consular post in Thessaloniki and rallied against the United States around the great statue of Alexander the Great. According to various reports, the protest numbered a few thousand people.

Hopefully, the Nationalist cause in Greece will begin to mobilize bigger and better protests against American insolence and hostility to Greece and feed off the ranks of the disillusioned masses who have either left politics or have joined tired unoriginal radical movements such as the Communists, without even understanding any of the basic anti-National tenets of Marxist-Leninism. Much like the more professional Nationalist movements of France and Belgium, and the historical precedents of Nationalist Revolution in the first half of the Twentieth Century,this could be a golden opportunity for the Nationalists to convert the Red belts in and around urban areas and to show themselves as the one time tested and original Greek force that could challenge Americanism and all its various machinations.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Is this man Kosher?

US Ambassador to Greece Thomas Miller

"Ambassador to Greece, Thomas Miller, who was, until recently, the United States ambassador to Bosnia, is rumored to have conspired [in 2000] with Milorad Dodik, then prime minister of the Bosnian-Serb Republic, to divert $500,000 of an American aid package to the Gore/Lieberman campaign. This claim, made privately by a former minister in Dodik's government, has been confirmed by another highly placed source in Banja Luka, the capital of the Republika Srpska (RS).

The alleged deal was simple: in July [2000], Ambassador Miller is said to have arranged a multimillion-dollar ASAID grant for the RS budget. Once the money arrived in Banja Luka, half a million was allocated to the prime minister's "discretionary fund" -- over which he had exclusive control -- and promptly sent back to the United States as his contribution to the Gore/Lieberman campaign. This was not the only payment to a Western political figure from the fund (the existence of which Dodik admitted in a television interview last November), but it was the largest single disbursement....The partial disclosure of the Gore deal [was] published by the Banja Luka magazine Extra in February of 2000, [and] it looked like the cat was out of the bag. Interestingly, there has been no follow-up. Source. Chronicles. Aug.2001. p.6"
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Turkish Press Ecstatic Over American Acceptance of Titoist-conceived-"nation" and Wants The Same for Puppet Occupation Regime In Cyprus

The Southern Cyprus Alithia newspaper has written that, after US recognition of the Macedonian Republic, they are now prepared to remove the embargo on the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) by starting flights to Ercan and Gecitkale airports.

Under the headline, "It is time for Timbu (Ercan) after Skopje (Macedonia) - US prepared for flights to 'occupied' regions", the newspaper announced that there was information saying that Ercan Airport would be a connection point between American Airlines and Turkish Airlines and a convention about making New York-Ankara or New York-Istanbul flights. "The US has found a way to get over the legal difficulties by proposing the 'Open Skies Convention' between American Airlines and Turkish Airlines," wrote the newspaper
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Sunday, November 07, 2004


The telling letter below from Bolshevik revolutionary Stalin, who was one of the major perpetrators of the Orthodox Christian Holocaust ,was swiped off of the informative website of the Pan-Macedonian Association USA


Otecestven Vestnik (Sofia daily), 19 June 1991

STALIN TO BULGARIAN DELEGATION (G. Dimitrov, V. Kolarov, T. Kostov)
The Kremlin, 7 June 1946

Cultural autonomy must be granted to Pirin Macedonia within the framework of Bulgaria. Tito has shown himself more flexible than you - possibly because he lives in a multiethnic state and has had to give equal rights to the various peoples. Autonomy will be the first step towards the unification of Macedonia, but in view of the present situation there should be no hurry on this matter. Otherwise, in the eyes of the Macedonian people the whole mission of achieving Macedonian autonomy will remain with Tito and you will get the criticism. You seem to be afraid of Kimon Georgiev, you have involved yourselves too much with him and do not want to give autonomy to Pirin Macedonia. That a Macedonian consciousness has not yet developed among the population is of no account. No such consciousness existed in Belarus either when we proclaimed it a Soviet Republic.
However, later it was shown that Belarusian people did in fact exist.