Sunday, August 14, 2005

Old Latsis: "Greek Fascist"

I was google searching "Greek Fascist" and then stumbled onto this gossipy site, that passed on this unconfirmed ,yet interesting information:

But the family’s history of questionable dealings stretches farther back than that, we hear. It’s long been rumored that the clan’s late patriarch, John “Yanni” Latsis, aided his storied climb from deckhand to shipping tycoon by profiteering on the black market during WWII. In 1967, Yanni drew additional scrutiny when he loaned his shipping fleet to the Egyptians during the Six Day War with Israel and threw his financial support behind Greek fascist dictator Colonel George Papadopoulos. (The title of Latsis’ unauthorized bio translates to “Gangster” in English.)


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