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Nikos Konstantopoulos (Attorney/Greek Leftist Leader/Brutal Wife Beater)

I actually once stumbled upon a live rally hosting the charlatan ,pictured below, whilst walking around Paleo Demarcheo Square (this later became the site of a brutal rape of a Greek woman by illegal North African immigrants) just prior to the March 2004 elections in Greece.

The ubiquitous Nikos Konstantopoulos (pictured below) , was keynote speaker for Synaspismos party, an acronym for the full name of his party, standing for Coalition of the Left, of Movements and Ecology (Greek: Συνασπισμός της Αριστεράς, των Κινημάτων, και της Οικολογίας). This political party , or gathering of assorted political opportunists, Western-oriented enivronmentalists, feminists, homosexuals and a myriad of Marxist factions was led by Nikos Konstantopoulos after its original inception by Greece's official Communist Party, it can safetly be assumed that Synaspismos is a subcontractor to the official Communist Party due to the fact that the vast majority of its officials and activists are either former officials and activists of the Communist Party or are still loosely associated with the Communist Party or with its youth organization. Synaspismos has managed to bring together the various groups of Self-Hating-Greek Western idolaters yearning to introduce feminism(lesbianism) and the homosxual movement ( which the official Communist Party still regards as a bourgeois decadence) as well as the Western environmentalist movement ( which in Greece is strikingly absurd since Greece never experienced an industrial revolution and has yet to become an industrialized country)

Nikos Konstantopoulos (Attorney/Greek Leftist Leader/Brutal Wife Beater)

Synaspismos (Coalition of Self-Hating Greek Homosexuals/Lesbians/Western Sycophants)

What struck me about Nikos Konstantopoulos , was his trademark look of talking out of the corner of his mouth and his tight upper lip --the mark of a poor liar. Not to mention the fact that I caught a panel discussion on Greek educational reform hosting Nikos Konstantopoulos where he was posed the pertinent question of why he shows concern for ordinary working class Greeks in Greece's degenerate and corrupt educational system when his own kids attend prestigious and expensive private educational institutions abroad, Konstanopoulos quickly changed the subject.

Like his one time mentor and later political nemesis --Andreas Papandreous-Nikos Konstantopoulos belonged to a anti-nationalist Marxist factions in his youth and like Papandreous ( who was arrested by the Metaxas regime in 1937 for belonging to a Trotskyist group) Nikos Konstantopoulos was arrested by the Hellenic Nationalist Papadopoulos regime for his anti-Nationalist subversion. According to the Athens News Agency (ANA) , "...During the dictatorship he became involved in the resistance movement with the Democratic Defence organization and was arrested and jailed from 1969 until 1973." He later went on to become founding member of PASOK, the PASOK party ,under Andreas Papandreous in the 1980s, was responsible for introducing and passing radically decadent legislation effectively legalizing adultery, abortion and homosexuality in Greece.

In recent days scandal has finally struck Nikos Konstantopoulos, this man who is a spokesperson for "women's rights" and founded a party advocating "feminism", has been exposed as a vicious wife abuser by his own spouse! Can we expect the spiral of media fanfare that surrounded the Leftist-dominated media's obsession with so-called scandals in the Church of Greece? Don't hold your breath...

In retrospect it is tragic that our great Nationalist leaders , Ioannis Metaxas and Georgios Papadopoulos, did not deal with political counter-revolutionaries in the same manner which Marxist leaders , such as Josef Stalin or Akis Velouchiotis, had dealt with their political antipodes.

The Greek Racial Calculator

Currently in beta version, the Greek racial calculator computes your similarity to several Greek (and a few non-Greek) groups... --Link--

Prof. Arthur Butz On "A New Religion" And Mention Of A Forgotten Holocaust Of Greeks

'Take a bit of Talmud, add a spice of social psychology and a generous helping of a mass communications medium more powerful than anything hitherto imaginable, and what do you have?"...A New "Religion"...

Also mentioned in this article (see highlighted section) is the Jewish revolt of 200AD , that is said to have killed over 200,000 Greeks in Cyprus, taking into account the much smaller demographics of the time, this would mean that the Jews perpetrated an almost thorough Holocaust of Greeks and (considering the late date) , moreover, of Greek Orthodox Christians in Cyprus.
A New Religion
by Prof. Arthur Butz

From Arthur R. Butz: The Hoax of the Twentieth Century ,1976, pp. 245-247.

An interesting objection is the claim that nobody would dare invent such a tale as the six million legend; nobody has the extraordinary imagination required and, even if he did, the obvious risk in telling such gigantic lies should dissuade him. The argument amounts to the claim that the mere existence of the legend implies the truth of its essentials, so I suppose that we can classify it as the hoaxers' ontological argument.

What is interesting about this objection is its superficially logical quality. Indeed I imagine that this calculation accounts in good measure for the widespread acceptance of the legend; people assume that nobody would be so brazen as to invent such lies. Nevertheless the logic is not sound, for history affords us numerous examples of popular acceptance of gigantic lies, and in this connection we can again cite witchcraft hysteria as precedent for the psychological essential of the six million hoax.

It is ironic that Hitler anticipated the psychology of the "big lie" in his remarks on the subject in Chapter X of Mein Kampf. It is also ironic that the most mind-boggling accounts of exterminations appear in the Jewish Talmudic literature in connection with the last two of the three great Jewish revolts against Rome, the Diaspora revolt of 115-117 AD and the Palestine revolt of 132-135 AD. In connection with the Palestine revolt of 66-70 AD the Talmudic writings do nothing more than bewail the loss of the temple in Jerusalem and discuss implications of the loss for Jewish law. A good discussion of the three reports is given in Michael Grant's The Jews in the Roman World.

According to the ancient accounts (mainly Cassius Dio, who wrote around 200 AD, and Eusebius, the early fourth century Bishop of Caesarea) the Diaspora revolt started in Cyrenaica (northeast Libya) at a time when the Emperor Trajan had, for the purposes of annexing Parthia and its valuable Mesopotamian territory, constituted a huge eastern army at the price of withdrawing many small contingents which had served to keep order in various parts of the Empire. The Jews attacked the Greek and Roman civilian population and it is said that they killed 220,000 in Cyrenaica, amusing themselves in various gruesome ways. The revolt then spread to Egypt where the Jews killed an unknown number, and to Cyprus, where they are said to have killed 240,000. In Alexandria, however, the predominantly Greek population gained control of events and are said to have massacred that city. Recent archeological evidence indicates that the ancient accounts are not exaggerated.

The Talmud says almost nothing about this revolt, except to give the number of Jews killed in Alexandria as "sixty myriads on sixty myriads, twice as many as went forth from Egypt", i.e. 1,200,000 on the assumption that addition and not multiplication is intended. The killings are blamed on "the Emperor Hadrian," which may be due to the fact that the Hadrian was at the time the commander of Trajan's eastern army and succeeded Trajan as Emperor when Trajan died in 117, possibly before the final suppression of the revolt.

The figure given for the number of Jewish victims is obviously exaggerated for, while it is usually difficult to be more than approximately correct in estimating the population of ancient cities, Alexandria of the period had a population of 500,000 or more, with an upper bound of one million a reasonableone to assume because that was the approximate population of the city of Rome, a figure concerning which there is also some uncertainty, but if Rome ever attained a population significantly greater than one million, it never got neartwo million. The 1,200,000 martyred Jews may seem a brazen invention but you haven't seen anything yet.

The next great revolt was in Palestine in 132-135 and was a serious attempt by its leader, Bar-Kokhba, to set up a Jewish state with himself as king, although he eventually claimed to be the Messiah. During the revolt he made laws, issued money, and performed the other regular functions of government.

Bar-Kokhba's end came in 135. Jerusalem not being suitable to withstand a siege, he led the remnants of his army to Bathar (the present Bittir), which is located on high ground about ten miles southwest of Jerusalem, 25 miles from the Dead Sea and 35 miles from the Mediterranean. The dimensions of the ancient town were roughly rectangular, with a north-south length of about 600 meters and an east-west width of about 200 metres. The south half of the town was fortified. These dimensions plus the fact of the estimates for the Jewish population of Palestine of the time ranged from a low of 500,000 to a high of 2.5 million make it unlikely that Bar-Kokhba's Bethar army numbered as many as 50,000 men.

The Romans laid siege to Bethar in the summer of 135 and Bar-Kokhba's resistance collapsed in August. The Romans broke into the fortress andBar-Kokhba was killed in that final battle.

For general reasons it seems unlikely that the Romans carried out a massacre of the Jewish population of Bethar. The only "evidence" for a general massacre occurs in the Talmudic literature (including in this context the Midrash Rabbah) which for reasons unknown comments extensively on the siege of Bethar and its supposed aftermath. Except where noted, the Talmudic passages are reproduced in the Appendix to the book Bar-Kokhba by the archaeologist Yigael Yadin.

The size of Bar-Kokhba's Bethar army is given as 200,000 men. Bar-Kakhba is said to have been so tough that, when the Romans catapulted missiles into his fort, he would intercept the missiles with his knee with such force that he would knock them back into the faces of the astonished Romans, killing many. The Talmud goes on to claim that the number of Jews killed by the Romans after the fortress fell was 4 billion "or as some say" 40 million, while the Midrash Rabbah reports 800 million martyred Jews. In order to reassure us that these figures are given in earnest, the necessarily accompanying events are set forth.

The blood of the slain Jews reached to the nostrils of the Romans' horses and then, like a tidal wave, plunged a distance of one mile or four miles to the sea, carrying large boulders along with it, and staining the sea a distance of four miles out.

The Jewish school children of Bethar, according to the Talmudic literature, were of course not spared by the Romans, who are said to have wrapped each of them in his scroll, and then burned all of them, the number of these school children having been 64 million or at least 150,000 (the approximate present public school population of Washington, D.C.).

The Romans matched the Germans in efficiency, for the bodies of the slain Jews were used to build a fence around Hadrian's vineyard, which is said to have been eighteen miles square, and blood saved over from the tidal wave was used to fertilize Roman vineyards for seven years. Shades of soap, glue and fertilizer factories!

It is also claimed that Bar-Kokhba (usually referred to in the Talmudic literature as Bar-Koziba ( it is still not clear what his real name was) was killed by rabbis for falsely claiming to be the Messiah.

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Giant swastika carved near Berlin airport

Tuesday March 08, 2005
By Reuters

BERLIN - Passengers on planes descending into Berlin's Tegel airport were greeted by the sight of a huge swastika scraped out of snow on a frozen lake a few kilometers from the runway, police said on Tuesday.

The Nazi symbol,(pictured below) which is banned in Germany, was visible from planes arriving from all over Europe for most of Monday morning before water police, having tested the ice thickness, could venture out to erase it.

Alerted after a pilot told the airport control tower, police in a squad car sent to the lake failed to see anything from the shore. A police helicopter later spotted the 8-by-5 meter swastika and sent the water police team.

The suspected neo-Nazi stunt recalls an affair five years ago when a 60-by-60 meter swastika, visible only from the air, was discovered in a forest 100 kilometers north of Berlin. (see first picture above)

A devoted Hitler follower had planted russet-colored larch trees in 1938 which formed a swastika for a few weeks each autumn and spring as the leaves changed color.

Interesting web page:

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Oldest Greek Scriptural Manuscipt To Appear In Digital Form

March 10
(RIA Novosti’s Alexander Smotrov)

The Codex Sinaiticus-the oldest of the full extant manuscript Bibles-will eventually appear in a digital form on an unprecedented venture.

Representatives of the four academic institutions that are preserving Codex fragments have signed a contract in London to digitize this precious religious and literary monument.

Made in Greek on parchment in the 4th century A.D., the Codex Sinaiticus contained the canonical Old and New Testament books and two apocryphal, the Gospel of Barnabas and the Shepherd of Hermas.The manuscript was preserved for many centuries at the Greek Orthodox monastery of St. Catherine in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. Certain fragments were gone with the time. No older Scriptural manuscripts have ever been found.

In several following expeditions, sponsored by Emperor Alexander II of Russia, von Tischendorf acquired what was left of the manuscript, and passed it to the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg.

The monastery received 9,000 rubles in compensation-an exorbitant sum at that time. The Greek Orthodox Church, however, doubts to this day that the Codex Sinaiticus was removed from St. Catherine’s monastery on legal grounds, and refers to a scarcity of documentary proof of the contrary to press its point.

After the Soviet government sold the manuscript to the British Museum, in 1935, six fragments stayed in St. Petersburg, the Shepherd of Hermas among them.

Another twelve fragments were found at the Monastery of St. Catherine, 1975.

The London contract offers a unique chance to re-create the entire Codex Sinaiticus, in a virtual version, by bringing together all its parts. A manuscript sixteen centuries old will reappear as one whole in a latter-day digital form, say spokesmen of the Library of the British Museum.

More On Hitler's Audience In Turkey

Los Angeles Times
March 16, 2005

Hitler Finds an Audience in Turkey
Speculation about why his 'Mein Kampf' is on bestseller lists includes anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism or maybe just the piddling price.

By Amberin Zaman, Special to The Times

At the Ada bookshop in a popular Ankara shopping strip, "Mein Kampf," or "Kavgam" (pictured below) as it is called in Turkish, has sold out.

Some analysts say the appeal of "Mein Kampf" probably has to do with the rising anti Americanism here, a result of the U.S.-led invasion of neighboring Iraq. Among the work's chief rivals on the bestseller lists is "Metal Storm," a gory thriller that depicts a U.S. invasion of Turkey. The hero, a Turkish spy whose training includes shooting his puppy, avenges his homeland by leveling Washington with a nuclear device.

In a country where conspiracy theories are commonly used to explain international politics, "it is accepted wisdom in some circles that Israel dictates U.S. policy," said Dogu Ergil, a Middle East expert at Ankara University. Thus, his theory goes, anti-Americanism morphs into a hybrid strain of anti-Semitism that in turn arouses curiosity about Hitler. --Link--

Young Turks Discover A Sudden Interest In Mein Kampf

AZG Armenian Daily
March 16 1004

Mein Kampf is becoming the book of the month at the D&R bookshop at the Migros shopping center in downtown Ankara. Adolf Hitler's infamous work is selling so fast it has entered the bestseller lists. Rukan Binerbay, store manager, says he has sold at least 1,000 copies in the past few weeks. --Link--

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Byzantine Greek Speaks Of The West (Latins)

" Between us and them (the Latins) is set the widest gulf. We are poles apart . We have not a single thought in common. They are stiff-necked, with a proud affectation of an upright carriage and love to sneer at the modesty and smoothness of our manners. But we look upon their arrogance and boasting and pride as a flux of the snivel which keeps their noses in the air and we tread them down by the might of Christ, who giveth unto us the power to trample upon the adder and the scorpion" -- NIKETAS CHONIATES

SOURCE: "O City Of Byzantium--Annals of Niketas Choniates" translated by H.J. Magoulias , Detroit , 1984.

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The Fourth Crusade : A Western Crime Against Humanity

The Fourth Crusade and Venice's role...
I think of this as a Western crime against the Byzantines/Greeks, although the Western mainstream tendency is to purport Catholic vs. Orthodox


Presented by
Bill 'Mastermind' Fitzgerald®

#7 -The Fourth Crusade 1202-1204

(...) Those Venetians drove a hard bargain.

They had made great profits from their trade with the Muslims in Egypt and the Holy Land. But they were always open to better offers. They secretly assured the Sultan of Egypt that they had no intention of leading the Crusaders through his country. I wonder if the Sultan believed them?

When the Crusaders eventually arrived in Venice for their trip to the Holy Land they were short of the specified amount of cash demanded by the Venetians. So instead of going directly to the Holy Land via Egypt as they had expected to do (and as the Venetians had assured the Sultan of Egypt they would not do) the Venetians changed the plans.

They refused to transport the Crusaders to Egypt because of the shortfall in the money demanded of them. However, being good businessmen they had a negotiating point; they would relent on one condition. The Venetian Doge, Dandolo, ninety-five years old and totally blind, but he still drove a hard bargain, demanding that the Crusaders make up the deficit by helping him to seize the Adriatic coastal city of Zara from Hungary. When the Pope heard of this corrupt bargain he was furious. He threatened to excommunicate the Crusaders if they agreed to it.

The lure of booty, however, was apparently too strong to resist. The Crusaders ignored the Pope’s threat and joined the Venetians in taking Zara from the Hungarians. Only then did the Crusaders reply to the Pope, asking for his forgiveness! He agreed but only if they returned their booty. They accepted his forgiveness and kept the booty!

The Ventians had a second part to their plan, unbeknownst to the Crusaders, of course. This was even more audacious and unscrupulous. They intended to capture the very heart of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople itself! This would at least see them honoring one pledge, not to bring the Crusaders through Egypt! (...)

The Sack of Constantinople
The Conquest of Constantinople by the Crusaders in AD 1203/1204
Outlined as:
Background of the Fourth Crusade
The Crusade falls into Debt
The Assault on the City of Zara
The Plan to attack Constantinople is hatched
The Crusade arrives off Constantinople
The Capture of the Tower of Galata
The first Assault
Restoration of Isaac II
The Coronation of Alexius IV
The second Great Fire of Constantinople
The Night of the four Emperors
Alexius V takes Control
The second Assault
The final Assault
The Sack of Constantinople
The Triumph of Venice

Eye-witness account - Choniates.
http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/source/choniates1.html (From the Medieval Source Book)

. . . How shall I begin to tell of the deeds wrought by these nefarious men! Alas, the images, which ought to have been adored, were trodden under foot! Alas, the relics of the holy martyrs were thrown into unclean places! Then was se en what one shudders to hear, namely, the divine body and blood of Christ was spilled upon the ground or thrown about. They snatched the precious reliquaries, thrust into their bosoms the ornaments which these contained, and used the broken remnants for pans and drinking cups,-precursors of Anti-Christ, authors and heralds of his nefarious deeds which we momentarily expect. Manifestly, indeed, by that race then, just as formerly, Christ was robbed and insulted and His garments were divided by lot; only one thing was lacking, that His side, pierced bv a spear, should pour rivers of divine blood on the ground.

Nor can the violation of the Great Church [note: Hagia Sophia] be listened to with equanimity. For the sacred altar, formed of all kinds of precious materials and admired by the whole world, was broken into bits and distributed among the soldiers, as was all the other sacred wealth of so great and infinite splendor.

When the sacred vases and utensils of unsurpassable art and grace and rare material, and the fine silver, wrought with gold, which encircled the screen of the tribunal and the ambo, of admirable workmanship, and the door and many other ornaments, were to be borne away as booty, mules and saddled horses were led to the very sanctuary of the temple. Some of these which were unable to keep their footing on the splendid and slippery pavement, were stabbed when they fell, so that the sacred pavement was polluted with blood and filth.

Nay more, a certain harlot, a sharer in their guilt, a minister of the furies, a servant of the demons, a worker of incantations and poisonings, insulting Christ, sat in the patriarch's seat, singing an obscene song and dancing frequently. Nor, indeed, were these crimes committed and others left undone, on the ground that these were of lesser guilt, the others of greater. But with one consent all the most heinous sins and crimes were committed by all with equal zeal. Could those, who showed so great madness against God Himself, have spared the honorable matrons and maidens or the virgins consecrated to God?

Nothing was more difficult and laborious than to soften by prayers, to render benevolent, these wrathful barbarians, vomiting forth bile at every unpleasing word, so that nothing failed to inflame their fury. Whoever attempted it was derided as insane and a man of intemperate language. Often they drew their daggers against any one ivho opposed them at all or hindered their demands.

No one was without a share in the grief. In the alleys, in the streets, in the temples, complaints, weeping, lamentations, grief, the groaning of men, the shrieks of women, wounds, rape, captivity, the separation of those most closely united. Nobles wandered about ignominiously, those of venerable age in tears, the rich in poverty. Thus it was in the streets, on the corners, in the temple, in the dens, for no place remained unassailed or defended the suppliants. All places everywhere were filled full of all kinds of crime. Oh, immortal God, how great the afflictions of the men, bow great the distress!

Catholic perspective - good reading!
Reflections on the Sack of Constantinople in 1204 and Lesser-Known Byzantine Atrocities


Not only do you find the accounts of the victims -

Eastern Christendom has never forgotten those three appalling days of pillage . . . What shocked the Greeks more than anything was the wanton and systematic sacrilege of the Crusaders. How could men who had specially dedicated themselves to God's service treat the things of God in such a way? As the Byzantines watched the Crusaders tear to pieces the altar and icon screen in the Church of the Holy Wisdom, and set prostitutes on the Patriarch's throne, they must have felt that those who did such things were not Christians in the same sense as themselves . . .

Can we wonder if the Greeks after 1204 also looked on the Latins as profani? Christians in the west still do not realize how deep is the disgust and how lasting the horror with which Orthodox regard actions such as the sack of Constantinople by the Crusaders.

{Ware, The Orthodox Church, NY: Penguin Books, revised 1980 edition, p. 69}

The sack that followed was one of the worst in all of history . . . No man, woman or child was safe from the ravagers. Robbery and rape were almost universal, mindless destruction widespread. Westerners . . . killed indiscriminately, without mercy or restraint . . . For this to have been done by crusaders - men actually wearing the Cross of Christ - was an ineffaceable disgrace . . . The Greeks never forgot the sack of Constantinople in 1204; its memory, more than anything else, has prevented the healing of the Greek schism from that day to this, despite several major efforts at reunion.

{The Glory of Christendom, Front Royal, VA: Christendom Press, 1993, p. 157-158}

These "soldiers of Christ" who should have turned their swords against the infidel have steeped them in Christian blood, sparing neither religion, nor age, nor sex . . . They stripped the altars of silver, violated the sanctuaries, robbed icons and crosses and relics . . . The Latins have given example only of perversity and works of darkness. No wonder the Greeks call them dogs!"

{cited in Carroll, ibid., p. 158; from Mann, Popes of the Middle Ages, vol. 12, pp. 266-267}

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Jew Rabbi Blames Jesus For "the Holocaust"!

Now that Greece has jumped onto the American-led Western bandwagon of holier-than-thou heretical reverance for " the Holocaust" , and begins to heed Catholic and Protestant and Ecumenical Patriarchate -led calls for "Jewish-Christian dialogue" it will only be a moment of time before the average Greek in Greece begins to to blame our Church for "the Holocaust" ...Monkey see, Monkey do....

Interesting, that this Jew Rabbi propagates that "ISRAEL should be a moderate religious state based on authentic Jewish rather than borrowed western values"....and that "Separation of church and state is a Western concept based on the assumption that Judaism that Judaism is a religion," ..yet I'm sure would be quick to point out a percieved need for separation of Church and State in ,perhaps, Greece. Isn't it not too suprising that Greek mass media outlets mimic this Rabbi's commands?

From: Final Conflict <finalconflict@dial.pipex.com>

Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Hayman

"CHRISTIANS have to make a choice - "either retain their present belief system and be antisemitic or form a partnership with the Jewish people."

This is the view of Bar-Ilan University's Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Hayman, who is active in Jewish-Christian dialogue and in encouraging modern Christianity to return to its Jewish roots by observing the Seven Noahide Laws.

"As long as Christians keep Jesus as God, they will be antisemitic because that belief must lead them to believe that those who reject Jesus reject God," he told the Australian Jewish News.

"That's how the process of satanising the Jews began. That belief is the root cause of 1500 years of the Christian idolatrous antisemitism which led to the Holocaust."

Proficient in New Testament Studies and Classical Greek, Dr. Hayman noted that at least five American churches have given up belief in Jesus.

Friday, July 26, 1996
Melbourne Edition (Vol. 62, no. 43, p. 9)
Courtesy of the National Library of Austalia
Israel as a Jewish state

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Israeli Bad Boy And Former Minister Admits He Smuggled 32,000 Ecstasy Pills

Segev(pictured below), who served as energy minister from 1995-1996, was convicted of attempting to smuggle dangerous drugs (in boxes of M&M candy, among other things),possession of dangerous drugs, and attempting to receive benefits fraudulently. [Full Story]

Keeping an entire people in semi-darkness

Google, Yahoo, etc., agree to Germany's Web Censorship -- will secretly program their German engines to ignore certain websites....who's next in "enlightened" Europe???