Friday, September 30, 2005

Turkey's Best Friend: The Greek Political Establishment

The front page of ekathimerini tells us that the Greek foreign policy remains to push for Turkey as an EU member , the Greek Government remains,at the midnight hour, more fanatically pro-Turk than any other EU member , except for ,perhaps, the exception of Jew-run England.

Scratch the surface behind any major event regarding Turkey and you will find a Jew. It's well known throughout the Levant that Jews have also held Turkey in high regard for many centuries and have always proven to be Turkey's great defender in the West and Greece's stalwart enemy--think Kissinger and Cyprus , or even Disraeli and Cyprus, or Don Pacifico and the English blocade, or Simitis (i.e. Semite) and current "Greek" foreign policy.

As our Arab friend Rami had said, "Whoever has understood the Jewish problem has understood all. Whoever hasn't understood it has understood nothing."

People's Holocausts such as the Pontic one, one of many perpetrated against Hellenes,today goes unnoticed by "our" Government. True, the Government recognizes this within our borders. BUT, is it given the same time as "the Holocaust" of the Jews? Is it as serious as the Jews' Hollow-Cause. The perpetrator of our Holocaust is our "friend". A Genocide Day was shot down by the Semitic,ahem, Simitis government that now brings Turkey into our homes, into our Fatherland.

Understand the problem. Know your enemy. See through the smokescreen. See the Jews in your midst.


“Quite simply, if the Zionists have established a JEWISH state (in occupied Palestine), what right have they to deny us a Christian state in Europe or an Islamic state in the Muslim world?”


“Whoever has understood the Jewish problem has understood all. Whoever hasn’t understood it has understood nothing. Adolf Hitler understood this problem perfectly. For us Muslims, the Second World War was not a conflict between good and evil, but a war against Jewish occupation, the German people’s Intifada. A war between Hitler and the racists who were colonising us, or aspiring to colonise us. If there is an absolute evil in the world it is indeed the Jewish racist colonial project. In any event, good was not represented at that time by the Jewish colonialist occupying forces or the Jewish colonialist ideology that Hitler fought! The enemies of the Jews are not necessarily our enemies. On the contrary…”

--Ahmed Rami's speech in the Trieste conference


ST. JUSTIN, martyr stated in 116 A. D.

"The Jews were behind all the persecutions of the Christians. They wandered through the country everywhere hating and undermining the Christian faith."

Trying To Disprove The Protocols

The Jewish-American press is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the printing of the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" ( full English and Greek translations are linked to on the this blog BTW)

It's funny that Jewish media are trying so hard to disprove this illuminating collection of documents,unearthed by the long defunct Czarist police, on Zionist world domination and the means to go about conquering and enslaving all of humanity.

Why are these Jews so afraid of a moldy document like that? One hundred years ago they tried to disprove it and they're still trying:

NY Sun, Sept. 28, 2005
This month marks the 100th anniversary of the first printing of the infamous anti-Semitic forgery, "Protocols of the Elders of Zion." The anniversary will be commemorated throughout the world including a two-day conference at Boston University's Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic

Tonight (Sept. 28) in New York, HBO Films will premiere the documentary "Protocols of Zion" by Marc Levin's Blowback Productions. The documentary will be screened later in the month in selected theaters throughout America. "The Protocols" are frequently referred to in the Arab and Iranian press connecting Jewish conspiracies to, among other things: assassinations of Arab leaders; the war in Iraq; control of Hollywood, the press, economics, and world resources; and an alleged war on Islam. As Mr. Levin's film illustrates, the most popular conspiracies are related to Jewish involvement in the attacks of September 11, 2001. (Link)

Yet another sketchy 'documentary' for propeller-heads, and this time by propeller-heads. Check out all the names on the production roster:

Protocols of Zion
PRODUCED BY Marc Levin, Steve Kalafer
CO-PRODUCER Jennifer Tuft
EDITED BY Ken Eluto, A.C.E.
MUSIC BY John Zorn

Thursday, September 29, 2005

German-African Newspaper Calls Wiesenthal "Big Monster"

This news flash comes to us from Libertarian Socialist News, hence it must be taken with a grain of salt:

Windhoek, Namibia -- Namibia Plus, a German-English bilingual newspaper published in Namibia, has denounced famous Jewish conman Simon Weisenthal as a "big monster" and a fraud, leading to condemnations from Jewish-funded organizations within the African country.

The famous "Nazi hunter" Simon Wiesenthal, who also has a major Jewish lobby named after him, died quite recently. For many years , the IHR, has labeled him fraudulent.

Evidence has even been unearthed in official documentary archives revealing Wiesenthal's employment with the Soviet Union, over the past few decades this "Big Monster" became a major moving force behind the International Holocaust Industry. Now he's dead, but "the Holocaust" , to the dismay of people around the world who suffer from it everyday, first and foremost being the Palestinians, is still kicking.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What The Jewish "Holocaust" Is All About

Money! Money! Money! That's what it's all about.

Today, AP news agency reports that a couple of Jewish "survivors" got another check for a whopping 25 million for some valuables lost on a train during the Second World War.

Shouldn't this be a legal precedent for all the valuables lost due to US military involvement with Arabs, Latin Americans, Greeks and Serbians in history? How about all the non-Jewish survivors of just the Second World War, will they ever get checks?

We all know the answer. The only people in all of human history who have gotten billions,BILLIONS of dollars from a Holocaust story, real or imagined, are the propeller-heads.

New 'Documentary' on German WWII Invasion of Crete

I was informed of this 'documentary' when it was in its production stage, and noted then that it had a lot of superfluous anti-Fascist propaganda, for the record, the "documentarian" is an amateur film-maker with no background in history and a non-existent knowledge of neither Greek nor German, that says a lot about any so-called research he may have conducted. Naturally, Jewish-Zionist dominated newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune have reviewed "The 11th Day":

In the stirring new documentary film "The 11th Day," an old woman in black talks about the pretty colors falling from the sky on a day in May. Then, she was a young girl hiding in an olive grove, when the bombing of the Greek Island of Crete finally stopped. Villages and cities had been ruined. Survivors were trembling and afraid. Suddenly, the sky cleared. The silence was audible. She looked up. "I was only 15," says Kaliopi Kapetanakis, remembering sitting in the olive tree while talking to a friend. "Oh, I said, `Look. The whole sky is full of umbrellas.'" They weren't umbrellas. They were parachutes, carrying more than 8,000 of Adolf Hitler's elite paratroops, the Fallschirmjager, the Sky Hunters. They were the tip of the German spear.

From my own perspective I have known people who spoke to Greek veterans of this event in Second World War history, and most all the Greeks who encountered and/or worked with the Germans admired and respected their rigor, discipline and bravery. Many Greeks in Crete , who are not Communists, also know the cruelty visited upon the people by the English so-called "liberators" of Crete. For an overall assessment of the many myths and misnomers regarding the Greek view of Second World War-era Germans in uniform, Hellenian's comments on this very blog are well worth consulting.

The Institute of Historical Review's mailing list , that actually informed me of this article, passed along this very thoughtful note from world famous Holocaust Revisionist Professor Arthur R. Butz:

"I visited Crete in 1977 and spoke to Cretans (they hate that word!) who were aware of my "Hoax" book. I don't recall their telling me any stories of mass slaughter by the Germans. However I do recall one story that was evidently widely believed there, namely, that the Germans took the Jews away in a ship and then sank the ship. I haven't heard that story since then, and it's not in this column. It has stuck in my mind as an example of one of the propaganda concoctions that was dropped, together with the electrocution baths and others. Too many extermination methods spoil the broth!"

Basically, "The 11th Day" isn't so much about real Greek history, as it is history for Jews , or as my friend hilariously calls them, propeller-heads.

A 'documentary' for propeller-heads. Nothing new here.

Monday, September 26, 2005


"historical narratives are verbal fictions, the contents of which are more invented than found...truth and reality are primarily authoritarian weapons of our times."

--Postmodernist Hayden White of The Frankfurt School

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Message From +Bishop Christodoulos; Tuesday is a Great Holy Day

Tuesday is among the Holiest of Days for Greek Orthodox Christians. It is the day we Venerate the Holy and Life Creating Cross of Jesus Christ.

Sermon on The Elevation of the Precious and Life-Creating Cross of the Lord

The Elevation of the Precious and Life-Creating Cross of the Lord

By Archpriest Leonid Kolchev

For a long time the Cross served as the instrument of a shameful punishment, exciting fear and disgust among people, but from the time that Christ sanctified it by His Blood, it became an object of pious respect and veneration for all Christians. However, this did not become universal at once. The very life-bearing Tree on which the Lord was crucified laid in the ground for many years until it was revealed to the world in a miraculous manner.

Whenever the waves of persecutions directed against Christians died down and they emerged, tormented and bloodied, from the catacombs and caves into God's light, signing themselves with an extensive sign of the cross, then it was that Konstantine the Great, who more than once had felt the power of the Cross, decided to find the same Tree to which the Body of Christ had been nailed. His eighty-year old holy mother Helen took upon herself this sacred task. Arriving in Jerusalem she spent much time and means to discover exactly where the Cross of the Lord was hidden. She managed to establish the fact that soon after the Resurrection of Christ the Jews had deeply filled up the crag of the Lord's tomb, since it was a living monument of their rejection of the Lord. There, covered by rocks and all sorts of refuse, was discovered the life-giving Tree of Christ with the crosses of the thieves. In order to weaken the respect of the early Christians towards the holy places, in later times the heathen had placed idols upon Golgotha, had built a temple in honor of the shameless goddess Venus. Later it was found that a certain old Jew, Judas by name, on the basis of written family traditions, knew exactly where the Cross of Christ was hidden. For a long time he did not agree to reveal his secret and only forced by hunger and poverty did he lead the Empress Helen and Patriarch Macarius to Golgotha. Pointing to the exact spot, he said : "Here you will find the Cross of your Christ."

With piety, burning with impatience, the people started to work, animated by the sweet-odour emerging from the earth at that spot. Sure enough, soon there were found three well-preserved crosses which were exactly alike by their exterior shape. It was therefore impossible to ascertain which of them was the Cross of Christ, since the board with the inscription J.N.KJ. was lying separately. The perplexity was dispersed by Patriarch Macarius who said: "If Providence did not favor the leaving of the Lord's Cross in the ground, will it allow it to remain unknown now? Will it allow us to give honor to a robber's cross in place of the Lord's Cross? God Himself will show us the Cross of Our Saviour." With these words he commanded that the crosses he taken to the home of a grievously-ill woman. Here, after fervent prayer, he placed on her the crosses, one after another. The first two did not show any effect on the sick woman, but as soon as he placed on her the third cross”the ill woman immediately felt herself healed and arose from her bed. Giving praise to God, everyone unanimously recognized this wonder-working cross as the Lord's. It was pleasing to the Providence of God to reveal new glory for the life-bearing Tree. Just at that time a dead man was being carried to burial past the house of the woman who had been healed. Filled with faith, the Patriarch, in the presence of the Empress and a great multitude of people, stopped the sorrowful procession and began to lay the crosses upon the dead man. And the same one of them which gave health to the sick woman, resurrected the dead man. to the indescribable joy of the surrounding populace. All those present could not be controlled in their desire to venerate the precious Cross and kiss it. Since this was impossible because of the tremendous gathering of people, Patriarch Macarius stood upon an elevated place, and with help raised the Cross high in the air several times so that it could, at least, be seen by all. Bowing down to the ground with piety, the people cried out : Lord, have mercy! It is from this festive act of the raising or elevation of the life-giving Cross of the Lord that today's feast received its name. In this glorification of Christ's Cross, His very enemies were forced to give it veneration. Judas, with whose help the Lord's Cross was found, received Holy Baptism with the name Cyriacus and, little by little, being elevated in the degrees of the Priesthood, later occupied the place of Patriarch of Jerusalem, and later still was made worthy of a martyr's crown.

What is the later history of the Cross of Christ and where is it now found?
In the year 614 the Persian King (Shah) Khosroes captured Jerusalem and along with other treasures abducted the Tree of the Cross. After 15 years when the Persians were defeated, the Cross was returned.Β At the triumphant meeting of the returned Cross the Emperor Heraclius, himself decided to bear this treasure from the Mount of Olives to the Church of the Resurrection. At the gates of Golgotha, however, some invisible force stopped him and the more he tried the stronger was the power that held him back. Then it was revealed to the Patriarch in a vision that it was not right for the Emperor to go in such majesty and brilliance where the Saviour Himself, carrying His own Cross, went in such poverty and humiliation. The next day. having divested himself of his footwear and extravagant raiment, dressed in simple clothing, the Emperor took the Cross upon his own back and without any hindrance carried it to the Church. This was 14 September of the year 629. Later this Cross was taken apart in particles by the Faithful and today there is not, it would seem, any country where particles of this most precious sacred object is not preserved in churches and even by individuals.

And Christians of the whole world piously honor this life-bearing Tree.

"It is worthy and right to venerate Christ's Cross," says Saint Demetrius, the Metropolitan of Rostov. for through this blessed Tree was death slain and life granted.This sign. teaches another prelate, John Chrysostom, "both in former and present times opened closed doors, removed the power of ill-bearing substances, made poison ineffective, and healed the mortal bites of beasts."

Come, faithful, let us bow to the Cross of the Lord lying before us and, following the example of the ancient Christians, let us say with compunction : Lord, have mercy! Through the might of the precious and life-creating Cross, save us sinners. Amen. *

*Β A sermon by Archpriest Leonid Kolchev. Translated by D.F.A.

Jewish Lobby Plan To Outlaw Christianity

This federal legislation, orchestrated by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith will lead to the creation of a vast anti-hate bureaucracy similar to that of Canada. In Canada, it is a crime to publicly criticize homosexuals or Jews or evangelize or proselytize in public in some areas.

1. It breaks down all barriers between federal and states' rights in law enforcement. Federal "thought police" can meddle in states' enforcement of civil rights laws.

2. It requires all states to pass and enforce ADL-style anti-hate laws.

3. It enforces nationwide the ADL definition of "hate" as "bias" against federally protected groups such as homosexuals.
This makes the Bible "hate literature" and preaching from it becomes "hate speech." Bible-believing Christians become hate criminals. (Link)

A Greek Orthodox Monastery In America I Would Like To Visit

I have not had the good fortune to personally visit St. Anthony's Greek Orthodox Monastery in Arizona, founded by Father Ephraim of Mount Athos. A taped vespers I saw looked very beautiful. This slideshow of photos, gives a glimpse of the first Greek Orthodox Christian Monastery in America directly linked to the Holy Mountain in Greece.


I got this message/warning from a guy in church named Dimitrios:

Subject: WARNING

Police officers working with the DARE program has issued this warning:

If you are driving after dark and see an on-coming car with no headlights on, DO NOT FLASH YOUR LIGHTS AT THEM! This is a common Bloods gang member initiation game that goes like this:

The new gang member under initiation drives along with no headlights, and the first car to flash their headlights at him is now his "target".
He is now required to turn around and chase that car, then shoot and kill every individual in the vehicle in order to complete his initiation requirements.

Police Depts. across the nation are being warned that September 23rd and 24th is the "blood" initiation weekend.

Their intent is to have all the new bloods nationwide drive around on Friday and Saturday nights with their headlights off. In order to be accepted into the gang, they have to shoot and kill all individuals in the first auto that does a courtesy flash to warn them that their lights are off. Make sure you share this information with all the drivers in your family!

Please Forward this message to all your friends and family members to inform them about this initiation ritual. You can save someone's life if you heed to this warning.

Friday, September 23, 2005

The Issue Is Greek Women; We Need More Greek Babies , Not More Foreign Migrants

Today's ekathimerini echoed the sentiments of Greece's faraway Judeocentric masters:

International think tank OECD recently described Greece's pension system as being the most generous among all the countries it reviews.

Migrants have provided the economy with a much-needed boost over recent years but the apparent negative attitude some Greeks have toward them could result in a cutback in the numbers coming to Greece and, therefore, maximizing the negative impact arising from an aging population, the report said.

The most glaring inaccuracy in this report is the clever mis-representation of what OECD really represents, which is not surprising , a mainstream Greek newspaper such as ekathimerini would never dare to reveal the fact , as blatantly shown on OECD's very own website, that OECD was founded to administer American aid under the Marshall plan following the defeat of Axis Fascist and National Socialist powers in Europe. In effect, OECD and its predecessor OEEC is an agency that is American-inspired and is , for lack of a better word, the overseer, of America's occupation of Greece and various other countries conquered and occupied by America during the Second World War.

Considering current trends of declining birth rates , it is not far fetched that Greece is on its way to becoming a nursing home with Albanian and Filipino wet nurses amongst many other "colorful" characters already lurking in the background. The major reason why Greece has an "aging" population is because , to be brutally honest, Greek women have become satanic sluts. Greece, gentlemen, leads the world in per capita abortions. Ever since the overturning of the Aprilist Revolution in the mid-1970s and accelerating in the past two decades, hundreds of thousands of Greek babies, every year, end up butchered by the cold sharp instruments of Greek abortionists. Greece's future generations are murdered by the conscious decisions of Greek whores who murder their very own children.

Instead of suggesting a radical departure from these relatively recent trends , the Greek establishment, and even the major Nationalist movements have been deafeningly silent, afraid to take back their country and their people, and the first step would be to put the women in line and to punish the wrongdoers.

The establishment takes the path of ,again and again, following their masters, suggesting more migrants and thus laying back in lethargic corruption , we all sink deeper into the pit of national self-annihilation.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

David Irving To Speak In Greece

(Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)

ATHENS (GREECE) -- Publisher IOLKOS announces that Mr. David Irving, the renowned British historian, author and expert in World War II affairs, has been invited to Athens to present the Greek edition of his book The War between the Generals, published in Greek by IOLKOS Editions.

The main presentation will be held on Tuesday, October 25, 2005, at the Hall of the Editors Association (20, Akadimias Street), at 7.00 p.m.

At the same event, the author will deliver a speech on "The Role of Greece in WWII". (Free admission). (Link)

Top Jewish "Holocaust" Lawyer Connected To Child Prostitution

A HIGH-profile US lawyer who forced European governments and companies to pay compensation to slave labourers from the Second World War, says he is being deliberately smeared by an investigation into whether he had sex with under-age prostitutes in Austria.

Ed Fagan (pictured, above), who has brought class-action suits over the treatment of Holocaust-era slave labourers and over a train fire in the Austrian ski-resort of Kaprun, is among several men who have been connected with an exclusive call-girl ring involving underage girls from eastern Europe.
(Full Story)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Song Titled "Hellenic Genocide"

Although I certainly despise "hip-hop" and most all Western "popular music" , I will,however, pass this email along for informational purposes. The album cover linked to below also has pornographic imagery, so you have all been forewarned.

The following is the email from Roberto Lopes of Brazil:

Geia sas,

I thought you would like to know that there's a song titled "Hellenic Genocide", composed, produced and performed by the Hellenic Canadian musician BZ Jam.?

- The song titled "Hellenic Genocide"

"Hellenic Genocide" is a beautiful and strong hip-hop song that refers properly to the Hellenic Genocide. It has been played daily by at least one Hellenic radio; .

"Hellenic Genocide" by BZ Jam: MP3 file with the song

"Hellenic Genocide" by BZ Jam: Lyrics

- The Hellenes are finally FEELING the Hellenic Genocide

I recommend that you listen to the song and keep it on your own computers. In a way, it's a historical document. It can be seen as a mark. It took some years to see the Hellenes THINKING about the Hellenic Genocide. Now the Hellenes might have finally crossed the line between thinking about the Hellenic Genocide and FEELING it.

It's NOT anymore some unexplainable "catastrophe", with no purpose, no plans, no authors. It's NOT anymore something that was restricted to Asia Minor, as Eastern Thrace and Macedonia are NOT in Asia Minor. It's NOT something restricted to Pontos, as the Hellenes of the entire Asia Minor AND OTHER PLACES were equally exterminated.


"Many places, One Genocide, The Hellenic Genocide"

- We need to raise awareness even more

Art is a very powerful tool to raise awareness and music is one of the strongest, as people can listen to music nearly everywhere. I suppose many young Hellenes are learning PROPERLY for the very first time about the Hellenic Genocide through listening to that song.

It would be good if you asked other radios to play the song and if were encouraged to continue to play it. It would be excellent if TV programs promoted somehow the song, maybe with an interview with its author or maybe with a report on the song. It's certainly worth taking A FEW MINUTES to do it. shows many media companies.
The list is divided by types of media, on the left.

- It's VERY important that a VIDEO CLIP of the song is created.

Please, contact EVERYONE who might have connections with the video industry in Hellas, Cyprus, Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia and

It's not so expensive to have a video created and it will make a HUGE difference, as it can be broadcast in every country of the world and WILL AWAKE MANY MORE PERSONS AND FASTER.

Please, ask everyone who might be able to help to contact BZ Jam at

Feel free to ask people to contact me directly, if they wish, and I will contact the musician;

- Imagine if the Hellenic government simply did its part...

Imagine if we found on DETAILED information on the Hellenic Genocide... Imagine what wonderful victories we would achieve... Imagine what kind of support you Hellenes would have from conscious citizens of ALL countries...??

Imagine if all the MANY documents that PROVE the Hellenic Genocide were published where EVERY honest journalist and every honest History and International Relations professor will start looking for them, that is,

I hope you Hellenes will DECIDE TO make that happen.

- More information on the song "Hellenic Genocide"

Please, see:

There you can find these related news:

"Big shout! to LOUD fm (Greece) for playing BZ JAM's 'Hellenic Genocide' daily! Support them by checking their website!? "

[ I believe that radio station should be praised. It's contact
information is found at ]

"I know you've all been waiting for this ... the THIRD album from BZ JAM! Download this new track and pass it around. Hellenic Genocide.
"FREEDOM OR DEATH!" (4.5MB - right click to download)"

"Integrity Records is proud to announce BZ JAM's first single 'Hellenic Genocide' off the new and upcoming LP 'My Big Phat Greek...' will be available for free on this site on March 25th, 2005 (Greek Independence Day). Stay tuned for more information on the pending release of the new CD."

Please, see also:

"BZ JAM the recipient of the 2002 Greek-Canadian Award for BEST URBAN/HIPHOP ARTIST has been called a "Legend" and a "Pioneer" in the Vancouver hip hop community."


Thank you for your attention.

Please, share this message with everyone who might be interested in learning more about the greatest crime ever perpetrated against the Hellenes, which created the basis for all subsequent??????? crimes.

Roberto Lopes.
So Paulo, Brazil - - ICQ UIN: 829188

You can make things change.

Dates Set For Zundel Holocaust Trial

Political kidnap victim, Ernst Zündel, will get another Holocaust trial, this time in his native Germany.

Golden Dawn or ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ is also working on setting up a Zundel dossier or file on its web site. Judging from the wide coverage and severe blows dealt to the International Holocaust Industry by Zundel's trials in Toronto back in the 1980s, this could very well be one of the most interesting trials to follow these days.

Immigrants Trafficked To Greece And Who's Responsible

This report from Thailand confirms what I have long suspected--that the Greek shipowners are responsible for the many, many South Indians ,Sri Lankans and Pakis that are immigrants in Greece:

Bangkok: Over 100 South Asians, including 62 Indians, have been detained in Thailand while being trafficked to Greece, Thai police said. Four foreigners accused of organising the human trafficking have also been arrested.

The men were nabbed in a series of police raids in Bangkok and the southern coastal Thai province of Songkla. They had illegally entered Thailand where they were waiting to board a ship bound for Greece

The owner of the vessel, a Sri Lankan national, a Ukranian and a Greek captain have also been detained

Some sources I spoke to in Athens have told me that these types are used as cheap dock worker hands and as laborers to shipping related businesses , saving the greedy capitalist class in Greece from paying any taxes and in many cases the Greek ship owners most likely are using their vast political clout to secure legal status for these expendable louts.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Anarchists Attack Greek Police Over "Neo-Fascist" Gathering

Several foreign press agencies reported on the events in Athens on Saturday. Seems that about a hundred or so Golden Dawn followers had a brief get together in the Exarchia neighborhood surrounding the famous Polytechnic University to protest the outrageous Greek Government ban on their right to hold a festival, and the violence towards the police , as well , as towards Greek people and Greek shops came not from Golden Dawn but from the ubiquitous Anarchists in Athens. Their numbers are deceiving , this BBC report claims that only about 150 Golden Dawners were there, and this AP report claims that about 100 Anarchist militants caused all the havoc:

ATHENS, Greece (AP) - Greek police fired tear gas to disperse a group of some 100 anarchists who rampaged in central Athens on Saturday, throwing firebombs and rocks that damaged one shop and five parked cars, authorities said.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


London's leading leftist establishment newspaper, The Independent , reports today that Eurofest 2005, or as the traditional enemies of truth call it, "Hatewave 2005", or as The Simon Wiesenthal Center calls it, "The Nazi Olympics", will go on, despite the Greek political establishment's attempt at a ban:

Greece is braced for the arrival of thousands of right-wing extremists from all over Europe hoping to attend a banned "Hatewave" festival. Those heading for the three-day event, featuring music, sport and speeches at the seaside, include members of Germany's National Democratic Party, Italy's Forza Nuova and Spain's La Fallange. The local ultra-right organization Golden Dawn has kept the venue secret after the Greek government imposed a ban last month, saying it could incite racism.

But organisers have remained defiant: "The festival will go ahead. It will be held on private property and you will find out the location a day before it is due to start," said a Golden Dawn official.

The Greek political establishment first announced this attempt at a ban last week, as reported by the Greek press:

Government spokesman Theodoros Roussopoulos said state authorities have not been officially notified about the event scheduled to commence between September 16 and 18 but were aware of it.

"The government condemns these gatherings which harbor racist attitudes," Roussopoulos said. "All measures will be taken as outlined by the constitution and the law."

Just a few months ago, the London Guardian quoted another Greek Government spokesman saying explicitly that the Greek constitution cannot be justifiably used to support a ban:

"Like all EU member states, constitutionally we cannot stop a gathering taking place if it is peaceful and unarmed," Lefteris Economou, the public order ministry spokesman, said.

It should also be mentioned that in the months between the Greek Government's official position to constitutionally NOT allow such a ban and then in its reverse decision, just last week, to cite the constitution to impose a ban on the Orwellian and unconstitutional charge of "racist attitudes" (whatever that means) followed the world's major Jewish organizations and press agencies. The Simon Wiesenthal Center, The European Jewish Congress and The European Jewish Press and mass circulation newspapers such as the Jewish-Zionist dominated English newspaper The Guardian and Jewish-Zionist dominated American newspaper The New York Times published alarmist articles and press releases condemning EUROFEST 2005 in Greece. The Simon Wiesenthal Center even went so far as to distribute a world wide "travel advisory" against Greece, over what they ,hilariously, titled "The Nazi Olympics".

The patriotic Greek organization Golden Dawn or ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ has truly stuck a needle into the eye of the ruling order. Like it or not, they now stand alone in challenging the ruling order.

The antics of the Greek government and its deep bow and bending of the knee to organized world Jewry is obvious to all and sundry.

Great Holocaust Revisionist and literary scholar Robert Faurisson once told me his own world weary experience of constitutions and the law in democracies: "the law is full, full of holes , they will open any hole they want when they want to..."

With right forearm stiff and upright and palm facing the heavens I salute the fighters of ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Jews In Power Push For Turkey Pushing Into Europe

The Southeast European Times reports on a diplomatic somersault by the European Union lackey diplomats. While Greece's stated foreign policy has been to stalwartly support Turkey's entry into the European Union it must also balance a concern for Turkey's blatant non-recognition of Cyprus, while France and Germany pick up the fight for Cyprus and become the major opponents, ironically, to Turkey's membership in the EU. France,believe it or not, is now Cyprus' greatest defender.

The Greek political establishment and Great Britian under the leadership of Jack Straw are Turkey's only friends in Europe. Polls by left wing news agencies in Greece reveal that over 70percent of Greeks are against Turkey's entrance in the European Union, and the two powers of the European Union, France and Germany, are also furiously against a Turkified EU.

Should this surprise us? Of course not. The very absurd and self-destructive Greek-Turkish friendship Foreign Policy was implemented under the political leadership of former "Greek" Prime Minister Kostas Simitis, whose very name reveals his true roots--a Jewish-Bolshevik to the bone. And Jack Straw going back to his capacity as British home secretary, a distinguished seat that empowers one with authority over immigration and police , is a well known Jew. As the informative and useful site Radio Islam informs us:

The Jewish influence in the media, in law and in government far exceeds their numbers in the population. There have been several Jewish Home Secretaries who in this position are able to control immigration and the police. Examples of Jewish Home Secretaries are Jack Straw, Michael Howard (real name Michael Hecht) and Leon Brittan (real name Leon Brittanisky).

David Irving lets us in on some more useful information on Britain's leadership:

It is true that Howard and Straw were both born Jews, though Jack Straw (who went to the same school as I) claims to have disavowed the religion. For that matter Disraeli also somewhat improbably claimed not to be a practising Jew.

Isn't that interesting friends? Straw like Disraeli disavows his religion, and like Disraeli is Turkey's great "English" friend.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Putin Visits The Holy Mountain In Greece

The news report is an eye-full. This may make Putin the first Russian head of state to visit Mount Athos, for more information on Mount Athos visit the button on the bottom right of this blog.

Is there anything more beautiful than a devout Orthodox Christian armed with thousands of nuclear warheads? It brings tears to my eyes.

Greek(Danish) Royal Comeback?

Interesting , the Danish royal family is becoming friendly again with Greece:

The Copenhagen Post Online
Queen is reconciled with Greece

Queen Margrethe's planned official visit to Greece in May next year puts an end to a 38-year-long animosity between the Danish royal family and the Greek government
(Full Story)

What can this possibly mean? Is there a remote possibility that the Greek(Danish) royal family will be coming back?

Message From +Bishop Christodoulos; Pool of Siloam in Gospel of St. John Found

I received this from an old friend named Spyro. Thanks, Spyro!

Not that we need such "proofs," but it is interesting never-the-less.



Evloyite Despota,

I came across this on CompuServe and thought it might be of interest

A Gospel of John Passage Is Proven True
It turns out that a specific passage from the Gospel of John wasn't a religious conceit, that is a kind of poetic license John took to prove a point. It's true. Now there is proof. When the sewer line in the Old City of Jerusalem needed repairs in the fall of 2004, the workmen made a historic discovery: the biblical Pool of Siloam. The Gospel of John cites this as the place where Jesus cured the blind man. Theologians have long thought the setting of the pool was a "religious conceit" used by John to illustrate a point. Turns out, the place is real. And it's exactly where John said it is, reports The Los Angeles Times of a new study published in the Biblical Archaeology Review.

What's more, it is much grander than anyone ever realized with three tiers of stone stairs on three sides that allow easy access to the water. Each group of steps is separated by narrow landings. The pool is about 225 feet long. The Pool of Siloam is not only a holy site for Christians, but also Jews. In ancient times, Jews who made their annual pilgrimages to Jerusalem gathered at this very reservoir. Since Jesus was a Jew it would have been natural for him to have gone here, too. Scholars have long said that the place didn't exist and was just created by John as the setting for Jesus' miracle when he cured the blind man. A gospel that was thought to be "pure theology is now shown to be grounded in history," New Testament scholar James H. Charlesworth of the Princeton Theological Seminary told the L.A. Times.

Hezekiah built the pool to provide a safe water supply to the people of Jerusalem in case they were attacked by the Assyrians. The workers also built a tunnel measuring 1,750 feet under the City of David that connected to the Gihon Spring in the adjacent and less vulnerable Kidron Valley. This pool was destroyed in 586 BC by Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, but rebuilt in the 1st century BC before being destroyed again in 70 AD by Titus, the man who would become the Roman emperor.

Fast forward to the fall of 2004: When the men repairing the sewer line uncovered two steps, the work stopped so the antiquities' experts could have a look. They didn't have to look long before they were "100 percent sure it was the Siloam Pool," Eli Shukron of the Israel Antiquities Authority told the L.A. Times. How could they be so sure? When the workmen crafted the steps centuries ago, they buried four coins in the plaster, all of which date from 103 to 76 BC. In addition, in the soil in one corner of the pool, the archaeologists found a dozen coins that date from 66 to 70 AD, indicating that the pool was being filled in at that time.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Papoulias claims Nazis committed "Greek Holocausts"

An excellent analysis of some timely developments from a Hellenic Nationalist Comrade:

Earlier this month, Karolos Papoulias -- a founding member of PASOK -- demanded that Germany recognize and pay reparations for "Greek Holocausts" that allegedly were committed by the Nazis during the German Occupation. Papoulias claims that German reprisals against Greek civilians were systematic and, thus, constituted genocides.

However, these claims of genocide are completely baseless. There is no doubt that the Germans were responsible for inflicting many unjustifiable horrors against innocent Greek civilians (e.g. the massacre of Kalavryta which included the torching of an Orthodox church) but there was never a Nazi-orchestrated policy to exterminate Greeks. Although as deplorable as the massacre of innocent civilians is, such acts do not constitute genocide unless they are part of a wider campaign to systematically exterminate an ENTIRE population. And there is absolutely no such evidence to even SUGGEST that the Germans ever drew up such a plan.

In fact, all historical evidence refutes such a myth. If the Nazis wanted to exterminate the Greek people then why did Hitler greatly admire Greece? Why was Nazi Germany Greece's largest trading partner before the war? Why was the swastika flown at half-mast in Berlin as a symbol of mourning for Ioannis Metaxas? Why did Hitler, as he made clear to his staff, greatly dislike having to make war against Greece? Why did Hitler instruct his soldiers that he wanted to treat the defeated Greek nation honourably? Why did Goebbels read to the German Army of the East, in the name of the Fuehrer, that the fight on Greek soil was not a battle against the Greek people, but against England, and that only those Greeks supporting the British would fall with them? Why was the Greek Army the only allied army to be saluted by Hitler who acclaimed, "Only the Greeks have shown themselves to be equal in courage to the German soldier"? Why were all Greek prisoners of war released before the war's end, making them the only Allied soldiers to receive this grant? Why was the Poulos-Verband unit of collaborators outfitted in German Army uniforms and German weapons? Why were various Greek collaborationist units allowed to withdraw from Greece with the Germans? Why were Greek collaborators trusted to serve within SS Divisions outside of Greece? Why did the Axis import some food into Greece while the Germans assisted the Greek collaborationist authorities in distributing it to Greeks? Why did the Germans halt the export of food from Greece in 1942, thus alleviating some of the suffering from the famine that was ravaging the country? And why did Greeks in the Bulgarian-occupied zone flee to the German or Italian districts for safety?

As for the German executions and massacres, while there can never be any argument to exonerate German brutality against innocent civilians, these events should be placed in their proper context. The fact of the matter is that German massacres were in response to the
Marxist guerrilla activities of EAM-ELAS; the Nazis didn't just get bored and decided on whim to massacre entire villages. The Germans had made it perfectly clear that any resistance against the occupation that resulted in the deaths of German soldiers and especially of higher-ranking officers would have extremely serious consequences for civilians of that area. As such, it is no leap of the imagination to deduce that EAM-ELAS intentionally targeted higher-
ranking officers to trigger massive and bloodly reprisals against innocent Greek civilians. Such brutal reprisals would act as excellent propaganda to cultivate undying hatred towards the Germans and also aid the effort to recruit civilians seeking revenge into EAM-
ELAS units. With this in mind, the Communists were just as responsible for the Nazi massacres of Greeks as the German executioners themselves were. Of course, these are points that are
totally ignored by Greek history books (and PASOK politicians like Papoulias) as they discredit EAM-ELAS' heroic image.

Finally, it's worth noting how quickly PASOK -- and other Leftists -- will denounce non-existent genocides with shrill cries and righteous fury but will deny the irrefutable genocide of their own people at the hands of the Turks. Thus, PASOK, with its self-destructive attempts at Greek-Turkish rapprochement, attempted to overturn a law recognizing the Genocide of Asia Minor Greeks. After all, if the anniversary of the Hellenic Genocide was to be a well-known, recognized, and commemorated event, it might make Greeks dislike Turks. But for fictitious Nazi-orchestrated "Greek Holocausts" to be recognized and observed is ideal because then Greeks might hate nationalism. And, I guess, this is very reason Papoulias (as far as I know) has not spoken about the 1955 anti-Greek pogrom in Constantinople even though this month is its 50th anniversary.

-A Hellenic Nationalist Comrade

(Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)

Macedonian Press Agency

Hortiatis, 2 September 2005 (13:39 UTC+2)

The German state must satisfy the Greek demand for the recognition of the Greek holocausts committed by the Nazi occupation forces, stressed Hellenic Republic President Karolos Papoulias in his speech during a ceremony held today in memory of the 149 victims of the Holocaust in the town of Hortiatis, near Thessaloniki. The ceremony was held in the presence of local authorities and the German consul general.

The reprisals targeting the Greek population during the Nazi occupation were not the result of an initiative by certain isolated fanatic officers or an expression of the wrath of the occupation
forces, said the President, adding that they were systematic and followed strict rules of reasoning serving specific goals. The occupation forces through the reprisals sought to terrorize the Greek people and force them to stop supporting the resistance fighters or even turn the people against them. For this particular reason, the German state must show in a tangible way its abhorrence for the Nazi atrocities. The issue of reparations has grounds and it is the
obligation of the Greek state to assist the efforts made by the families of the victims aimed at winning the recognition of the Greek holocausts by the German state.

Earlier, Hortiatis mayor Michalis Geranis referred to the historical facts of the Holocaust and stressed that the German occupation forces massacred 149 people in Hortiatis, among them small children, by way of reprisal because the resistance fighters had killed a German soldier.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Turks Hurl Eggs At Pogrom Exhibit

ASBAREZ Armenian Daily Newspaper
September 7, 2005
ISTANBUL (Combined Sources)--A photography exhibit marking the 50th anniversary of anti-Greek riots in Istanbul was taken down on Tuesday, after being vandalized. A group of men calling themselves the 'Alliance for Turkish Struggle' threw eggs and shouted insults the night before, protesting the 50th anniversary commemoration of the pogroms against Turkey's Greek community. (Link)

This Turkish blogger also covers the story and links to photos from the exhibit.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"There's a war on today, a holy war..."

"The Zionists want to rule the world", warned holy monk of Mt. Athos Elder Paissios before his death in 1994 (Link)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

September 6, 1955: A Night That Will Live In Infamy

The Turkish Government-organized pogrom against Greeks in Constantinople was launched on this night of terror.

A great primary source on this tragedy is Leonidas Koumakis' survivor memoir called, The Miracle.

The Greek scholar Speros Vryonis had a great academic essay on these events, which actually documented the U.S. State Department's archives and official files on the Turkish Government's direct responsibility for the targeting of Constantinople's Greeks. The essay has recently been expanded into an extensive book called, The Mechanism Of Catastrophe .

The Greek Government then and till this day , has done nothing about this whatsoever...The Turks of Trace, also protected under the Lausanne Treaty, as the Greeks, hypothetically should have been, have only multiplied in number. Today, the Greek population of Constantinople is, for all extents and purposes, all dead. All dead.

Jew Spits On Greek Priest Again!

(Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)

The Jerusalem Post

Sep. 5, 2005 17:22 Updated Sep. 5, 2005 17:27
Jew spits at Greek priests in J'lem

A young religious Jew spat at a procession of Greek Orthodox priests in the Old City of Jerusalem on Monday, police said, in the third such incident in the mixed city in the last year.

The skullcap-wearing assailant, Amitai Shashar, 20, told police that he spat at the procession near the Church of the Holy Sepulcher because he saw the cross that participants in the ceremony were carrying, Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said.

The attacker, an Old City resident, was taken into custody by police officers who were escorting the religious procession.

A Greek Orthodox Church spokesman said that the Jewish extremist had spat in the face of the head of ceremonies, after getting into a heated verbal altercation with the priests at the procession.

Church officials declined to lodge a complaint with police, the church spokesman said.

The assailant was later released on NIS 2,500 bail by a Jerusalem court, and ordered to stay out of the Old City for the next thirty days, except to go to and from his Old City home. The incident was the third such assault in the Old
City in the last year.

Earlier this year, an Armenian priest was attacked by four yeshiva students in the Old City of Jerusalem, an altercation that began when one of the yeshiva students spat on the black-robed priest in front of the Armenian Monastery where he lives.

In a separate incident last year, a yeshiva student spat at a Sunday morning procession of Armenian clergymen in Jerusalem's Old City and then scuffled with a priest. He later apologized.

© 1995 - 2005 The Jerusalem Post. All rights reserved.

Read: (1) Professor Israel Shahak's Statement On the Jewish Hatred Towards Christianity

(2) Christians In Jerusalem Want Jews To Stop Spitting On Them ,published in Haaretz (Israel) October 12, 2004

Monday, September 05, 2005

Greek Orthodox Forum On Hurricane Victims

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOARCH) now has a message board for updates and news on the conditions of parishes and parishioners in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

A Radical's Dairy On The Dying Multicultural Empire

A Radical's Diary (David Irving's) comments:

"The Governor blurted out that those guardsman who had returned from Iraq 'have been killing people over there,' so they're not going to be messed with in New Orleans. Uh, quite. Welcome to the United States of America and have a nice day. "

..not quite as funny as last week's comments:

"If ever God sat at his laptop and his finger hovered over the key marked SMITE, it seems to have happened two days ago with Hurricane Katrina."

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Crap-istani Hijinks In Greece

This news story reveals how entrenched the Crapis are in our Greece. How is it possible that a Crapi would own a shop near historic Messolongi ?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Update On Upcoming Nationalist Rally In Meligala

The latest news in the international press on the upcoming Nationalist Rally in Meligala:

Greek organisers of "Hatewave 2005", a European far-right festival this month, are keeping the site secret as local authorities across the country demanded the event be banned.

"The festival will go ahead. It will be held on private property and you will find out the location a day before it is due to start," a Golden Dawn official told Reuters.

The mayor of the central Greek town of Stylida joined the fray on Friday saying "Hatewave" organisers had booked a private camp site near her town some two hours north of Athens.
"We are furious here," mayor Aleka Schoretsaniti told Greek television. "Our whole (Greek) people fought against Nazism and they want to come here?"

Stylida is only a few kilometres (miles) away from the birthplace of World War II communist resistance fighter, Aris Velouchiotis, a much revered Greek hero for his battle against Nazi Germany's 1941-44 occupation of Greece.

"Of course it is symbolic that they want to hold their event here at the birthplace of Velouchiotis," the mayor said. (Full Story)

Friday, September 02, 2005

Arresting Oldies And Deporting The Poor Guys To Israel

One never hears of a Turk or an Israeli being arrested and deported to other countries for alleged crimes during a time of war, yet Israel with the help of Zionist-dominated America tracks down this old guy, and is set to deport him to Israel, and judging from past precedents the poor guy could be hanged:

(AP) - CHICAGO-A retired carpenter who has lived in the United States for more than 50 years was stripped of his U.S. citizenship Tuesday for taking part in a police organization that helped the Nazis round up Ukrainian Jews during World War II.

Osyp Firishchak, 86, could face deportation proceedings under an order issued by federal Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan.
(Full Story)

The Dying Multicultural Empire

I'm sure we've all heard the news of the floods that devastated the American city of New Orleans, we should feel some concern for the possibility of damage to any Orthodox Christians who may have died there and any possible destruction to Orthodox Christian holy places.

Worth reading is Iranian For Aryans' blog entries on the multicultural disintegration surrounding the disaster. A portent, indeed, for what awaits the denizens of multicultural societies.

My Visits To The Cathedral

Well, I said that I would be visiting the Archdiocese Greek Orthodox Cathedral, situated on Manhattan's Upper East Side, for the beginning of the Ecclesiastical New Year , September first.

The doors were locked shut on that morning but I saw a sign outside that advertised bible study on Thursdays at 6:30 PM, so after a day of walking around the city aimlessly, I walked back up to the neighborhood of the Cathedral at around 6 PM, while lounging in a cheesy pizza store I noticed that this was the seedy part of the Upper East Side, well, East 74th and Second Avenue. My eye caught a gaggle of blacks selling stolen goods to the Mexican and Asian help that staffs the fast food joints on the block. Not to mention the garbage.

I strolled over to the Cathedral , and immediately noticed that it's surrounded by tenements housing racial minorities, and a bum, reeking of urine was sleeping ,stretched out, right before the closed doors. The building itself was as un-Orthodox as one could imagine, dreary red bricks--it resembled a mediocre bank. So much for the highest hierarchal church for New Calendar Orthodoxy in America, the doors always closed, evening prayers seem to never happen here, the place just looks shut down, dismal and glum.

The presiding Priest is named Father "Robert" Stephanopoulos. What a frankish and un-Orthodox first name, eh? This Stephanopoulos family the presiding priest hails from is symbolic of fallen New Calendarist Greek Orthodoxy in America--materialistic , brown nosers to a tee. From the perverted George Stephanopoulos ( who refused to have a ethnic identity during his brief tour as Clinton's advisor onto his consistent use of prostitutes who anally penetrate him, according to a source) , not to mention Nikki Stephanopoulos who promotes multiculturalism in her capacity as a GOARCH ( Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America) administrator. All very much in the world, all enemies of our legendary Greek race, much like all of "Greek-America"

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

September First is the Ecclesiastical New Year:

It should be noted that to the present day, the Church has always celebrated the beginning of the New Year on September 1. This was the custom in Constantinople until its fall in 1453 and in Russia until the reign of Peter I. September 1 is still festively celebrated as the New Year at the Patriarchate of Constantinople; among the Jews also the New Year, although reckoned according to a moveable calendar, usually falls in September. The service of the Menaion for January 1 is for our Lord's Circumcision and for the memorial of Saint Basil the Great, without any mention of its being the beginning of a new year.

Your trusty correspondent is on his way to the Greek Orthodox Cathedral on Manhattan's Upper East Side to see if there is a divine liturgy officiated on this most auspicious ecclesiastical occasion, for New Calendarists. Maybe there is, maybe there isn't....

Stay tuned. And...

God Bless.

The Good Cause In Cyprus

The newspaper articles, cited below,use very familiar , to those of us living in multicultural democracies, newspeak in reporting this incident. Notice the "hate" refs and other such absurdities ,such as , the use of the "neo-nazi" moniker, and mis-identifying the Meandros, an age old Hellenic symbol,and Golden Dawn's symbol, as a swastika, both are symbols that are decorating,ironically, countless structures in Greece and, indeed, all over the Western world.

In any case, I wanted to make a note on how they zero in on this policeman's alleged membership in the political faction Golden Dawn. I would like to know if the leadership of this faction at the executive level was consulted during this bar brawl. Of course not. This was a spur of the moment incident.

If this guy was a member of a democratic party, or even politically un-affiliated, would it have made any news? Would the newspapers or parties care?

In my experiences with Cypriots (all leftists) in college they related to me many, many bloody brawls with drunken Englishmen. The government and media are never consulted over these commonplace incidents. Yet a fight with a precious Turk is "hate" and becomes a major political incident.

We must also wonder what precedent this sets for our future? If Cyprus accepts fully the bi-zonal plans,and Turks intermingle with us, this would also mean a Turk could insult you, if you are Greek Orthodox, with impunity. By law,you must meekly bow your head and take it. To do otherwise is "hate"

I only wish more and more, knowing the Cypriots, such incidents happen, with such consequences . It will inevitably only give us more martyrs and more converts to our good cause....a Free Cyprus For Greeks.

[1] Ultra-nationalist group in the dock after Turkish Cypriot beaten
[2] Man faces hate charge over assault on Turkish Cypriot
[3] Police need to crack down on neo-Nazis

(Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)


Ultra-nationalist group in the dock after Turkish Cypriot beaten
By George Psyllides

DISY and EDEK yesterday condemned an ultra-nationalist group believed to be behind the "barbaric" beating of a Turkish and a Greek Cypriot at a Nicosia caf? on Friday evening.

Police arrested a 28-year-old former police officer in connection with the incident. He was remanded in custody for four days on Saturday.

The man is thought to be a member of the Cyprus branch of Greek ultra- nationalist party Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn).

According to reports, the two men, who were with a group of other friends, were attacked and beaten after it transpired that one of them was Turkish Cypriot.

The suspect and those with him then left the caf?.

Police, who were notified immediately, managed to track down and arrest the suspect at his home in the early morning hours of Saturday.

However, the suspect is understood to be presenting the incident as a misunderstanding, which had nothing to do with the fact that one of the victims was a Turkish Cypriot.

According to one source, he claims the two groups were sitting next to each other at the caf?; the others were speaking in English and at one point the Greek and Turkish Cypriot pointed and laughed towards the suspect and his friends, sparking the altercation.

Reports said the suspect asked them why they were speaking in English and he was told it was because their friend – the Turkish Cypriot – was Lebanese.

It is understood that the suspect will claim he did not know the man was a Turkish Cypriot.

A police spokesman told the Cyprus Mail yesterday that no further arrests were expected.
An eyewitness to the incident yesterday refused to speak.

The suspect is expected to be charged with assault and inflicting actual bodily harm.
DISY yesterday urged the government to look into the incident without delay and take all necessary action to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

The opposition party said it was concerned by the "Nazi organisation's" recent activity and charged the government with showing unacceptable tolerance towards it.

EDEK described Chrysi Avgi as a racist and fascist organisation, which offended the democratic feelings of the people.

"It cultivates a climate of chauvinism, blind fanaticism, xenophobia and racism," a party statement said.

The party condemned the "barbaric and racist" attack, adding that it had submitted the matter for discussion in parliament.

Chrysi Avgi claims to be a popular nationalist movement, which puts the national interest above all.

According to its website, it is against globalisation and the repression of society's weaker groups while it claims to protect the people's interests and social justice.

Its symbol is based on the Nazi swastika.

(Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)


Man faces hate charge over assault on Turkish Cypriot

A 28-year-old Nicosia man arrested in connection with the beating of a Greek and a Turkish Cypriot, was on Wednesday charged with inciting hostility between the two communities.

The man, a former police officer thought to be a member of the Cyprus branch of Greek ultra-nationalist party Chrysi Avghi (Golden Dawn), is facing four charges – three in relation to a July 29 incident in a cafe in Nicosia and one regarding a similar incident in Troodos on
March 13.

The man, who was released on Wednesday after remaining in custody for four days, was arrested hours after the two complainants reported last Friday's incident to police.

According to reports, the two men, who were in a group with other friends, were attacked and beaten after it became known that one of them was a Turkish Cypriot.

Police, who were notified immediately, managed to track down and arrest the suspect at his home in the early morning hours of Saturday.

The man was charged with assaulting and causing actual bodily harm to the Greek Cypriot and the Turkish Cypriot; engaging in an action with intention to incite hostility between the two communities and common assault and disturbance.

He was also charged with assaulting and causing actual bodily harm to a Turkish Cypriot on March 13 in Troodos.

The prosecution requested that the man remain in custody until the start of his trial on September 16.

His defence however objected, arguing that a simple incident had been politicized by the media and political party officials.

The court rejected the prosecution's request, stressing the absence of the necessary conditions to justify the man's detainment.

He was released on £2,000 bail.

(Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)


Police need to crack down on neo-Nazis

IT WAS ENCOURAGING to hear all the political parties taking an unequivocal stand against the attack on a Turkish Cypriot man by a group of Greek Cypriot thugs belonging to the tiny neo-Nazi group Chrysis Avgi (Golden Dawn). All the parties have a moral obligation to condemn such despicable, racist behaviour, which could easily veer out of control if it is not dealt with immediately. A clear message by all the political parties, the government and the media, spelling out that our society would not tolerate such behaviour is an important first step.

The attack was unprovoked and took place in a Nicosia cafe. One of the neo-Nazis asked why a group of four men were speaking in English and when he was told that one of them could not speak Greek, he demanded to be told his nationality. When he realised that one man
was a Turkish Cypriot he was joined by another five thugs who started beating up their victim. A Greek Cypriot friend of the Turkish Cypriot was also attacked and beaten up. A 28-year-old former policeman was arrested in connection with the assault and remanded in custody for four days.

In fairness, this was an isolated incident - the first violent attack against a Turkish Cypriot since the opening of the checkpoints more than two years ago – and it had a positive element in that a Greek Cypriot stood up and defended him when the neo-Nazis attacked him.

Yet the authorities cannot afford to be complacent because it was an isolated incident. They should remain vigilant and keep a close watch of these neo-Nazis because they are a threat to our security and the efforts to improve the climate between the two communities. Nobody
can rule out the possibility that next time one of these brainless fanatics would pull out a knife.

Some could argue that by making a big fuss about Chrysi Avgi, the media and the authorities were bringing attention to it, and that the best way to deal with neo-Nazis was to marginalise them. This may be a legitimate point, but the problem is that nobody knows how many
there are or how well-organised they are. That is something that the police or the secret services should investigate, in order to establish whether the group could pose a threat to our society. It may just be that there are a dozen bigots pretending to be active neo- Nazis.

This is why it is important to find out more about Chrysi Avgi. And we hope none of the self-appointed human rights champions start claiming that the police would be violating the rights of the neo- Nazis by investigating their activities. Now that the racists have shown their true intentions, the police have an obligation to carry out an investigation.