Monday, March 27, 2006


The Holy Metropolis of the Genuine Greek Orthodox Church of North and South America

Cathedral of Saint Markella

22-68 26th Street

Astoria, NY. 11105

March 23, 2006


On February 28, 2006, Metropolitan Pavlos of America suffered an intracerebral brain hemorrhage, commonly called a stroke. He was taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital of Queens. That same evening he was transferred to Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan where he is currently in the neurological intensive care unit.

The attending physicians have not seen the progress and improvement that they had hoped to see by this time. His Eminence remains at a level of consciousness wherein he is not responsive to verbal or visual stimuli. Though he is stable he has received a serious injury and his attending physicians are unsure of his long-term prognosis.

The Holy Synod of the Genuine Orthodox Church in Greece, under the Presidency of His Beatitude Archbishop Chrysostomos II of Athens and All Greece, has decided to send His Eminence Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Attica to America to temporarily assist the Church here. Metropolitan Chrysostomos will arrive in America in time to celebrate the Holy Annunciation of the Theotokos and the Akathist Hymn. He will remain in America through Holy Pascha after which time he will return to Greece.

The Holy Metropolis thanks all those who have prayed for His Eminence, and all those who have sent messages expressing their love for him. His Grace Bishop Christodoulos asks of all those many people whose lives have been touched by Geronda to please continue praying for him.

Friday, March 24, 2006


I've been M-A-D busy hustling in Harlem , yo! Tommorow I'm off to a short vacation in Baltimore. Probably more boosing , M-A-D boosing will be on the program.

Party on...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Update On Iran's Conference On "the Holocaust"

Dr Fredrick Toben,the author of The Adelaide Institute website based in Australia, was one of the lecturers invited to Iran,last week, to lecture on "the Holocaust" in Iran's now world famous conference questioning the validity of pro-Jewish claims regarding Second World War history.

Dr Toben was actually imprisoneded while coming off a plane in Germany several years ago, merely for maintaining a site based in Australia that raised questions about "the Holocaust", he's actually a rather interesting fellow, I recall his recounting of how he didn't have to worry about his backside being raped like one would have to in an American prison. I guess there still aren't too many "BRUTHAS' in the German penal system.

Fascinating pics, in the links below,of a very progressive and normal society folks,

New photos of Toben and Krege lecturing:

Monday, March 13, 2006

More Discussion On The Dutch Animals Who Murdered Milosevic

The excellent new SERB HELLENIC FORUMS (linked to this blog) has an enlightening thread on the death of Milosevic.

I keep being reminded of a female Dutch diplomat who I ran into by chance one night in an elegant bar in the East 50s in Manhattan. She was so proud of being Dutch, she even showed me a ring that she claimed was her family crest. A circle of middle-aged fags with glasses and dopey clothes surrounded her, her colleagues in the local Dutch diplomatic post, I was told.

Within the hour she ended up talking to two Negroes at once.

I wish I had time to speak my mind about the "court" that they tried Milosevic in, but no luck. Who knows , maybe I will run into her again? All I have to do is follow the trail of Negroes.

I guess that's what the Dutch have to be proud of: their women f**k Negroes;their men are faggots.

The Death Of Milosevic

The former leader of Yugoslavia ,Slobodan Milosevic died this past Saturday.

Ever since the very beginning of his "trial" by the very people who bombed his own country, it seems that Milosevic was denied medical care , and access to his doctor. Moreover, he was tortured through various means such as the constant use of lights in his cell and forced separation from his family.

The West had everything to lose and a lot to gain by just having Milosevic die, and I agree with a growing censuses amongst many observers that Milosevic was assassinated by the Dutch "Tribunal" self-righteously putting him on "trial". The West wanted to destroy and did destroy a great part of Serbia's morale,military and economic infrastructure. America and The EU are guilty of a grand orchestrated Holocaust against Serbia , the Serbian people and Orthodox Christianity. Evidence that surfaced during Milosevic's testimony in this Dutch Kangaroo court implicated many of the perpetrators of this Holocaust , including former leader of America, Bill Clinton, --further exposing the use of political Islam (America's Frankenstein Monster) to attack Serbia and destroy Orthodox Christianity ., both before and after the grandiose American-led bombing campaign across the width and breadth of Serbia.

Ultimately, thanks to The West, Greece is now almost surrounded ....It's one true friend,Serbia, badly battered and weakened.

While I cannot say that I am a supporter of Milosevic,after all the man was a hold over from Communist rule,supported the Titoist-era lie of a Slavic "Macedonia" and abandoned Serbian Nationalists during the heat of battle in the 1990s. In the end however, when forced to face the degenerates who attacked his people he proved himself a Serb and did not bow before the enemy.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Nemesis Program

A long time ago I chanced upon this fascinating true story of Armenian revenge by way of reading the once long out of print book A Crime of Vengeance

It's all about the true story of Armenian Genocide survivors,operating under the code name Nemesis, who hunted down Talat PASHA, the Turk official who issued the execution order to exterminate the Armenians. ArmeniaNow reporter,Aris Ghazinyan, re-visits the story on the eve of planned counter-demonstations by Turks who now intend to immortalise Talat PASHA as a Turkish national hero:

Eighty-five years ago, on March 15, 1921, Armenian avenger Soghomon Tehleryan shot dead in Berlin the former general chairman of the Young Turks party, interior minister, Grand Vizier of Turkey Mehmet Talaat Pasha.


Talaat-pasha (March 1921), Said Halimi, the chairman of the first cabinet of ministers of the Young Turks government (December 1921), Cemal Azmi – Governor of Trabzon (April 1922), Cemal-pasha – former minister of the navy (July 1922) and many others would fall victim to Nemesis.

Think of all the Greeks murdered in recent decades by the execution orders of the current ruling caste in Turkey and occupied-Cyprus, and how there is not one soul as brave as that Armenian named Soghoman Tehleryan, nor anything close to Nemesis.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Louis-Ferdinand Celine

One of the few contemporaries writers to entertain me, Jim Knipfel, writes of reading Celine

Those who don't know this, should know this...many of the great writers , the great modern writers who had something worth saying were condemned at least one time or another with wearing the moniker of anti-Semite.

This site, part of "Exquisite Corpses", contains among other things (like Celine poetry) one his four "controversial" pamphlets, for which Celine was jailed and once even was sentenced to death for by the victorious Allied powers, namely "Mea Culpa" (1937) which was the first one, relatively short and "only" anti-Communistic. And it was followed by longer and rabidly anti-Semitic "Bagatelles pour unMassacre" (1938), L'Ecole des Cadavres" and "Beaux Draps" (1941).
The French original is always better, after all, "Exquisite Corpses", seems to rely on a Jew translator.

Coats Of Arms

I just stumbled onto two sites covering and reproducing Byzantine and Greek family heraldic coats of arms:

The Hellenic Armigers Society

and in Serbian,


The "Power" of The EU

Isn't it pathetic that Germany, is so lacking in courage? Unlike Iran, they have the economic capability to build hundreds , if not thousands, of nuclear warheads almost overnight.

Another one of the assortment of pussies, called WESTERN Europeans.

Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Mar. 06 – Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl reportedly told Iranian businessmen in Germany that he agreed with statements by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that the Holocaust was a “myth”, the semi-official Jomhouri Islami reported on Monday.

The government-owned daily wrote that at a dinner gala with Iranian hoteliers and entrepreneurs, Kohl said that he “heartily agreed” with Ahmadinejad’s remarks about the Holocaust.

“What Ahmadinejad said about the Holocaust was in our bosoms”, the former German chancellor was quoted as saying. “For years we wanted to say this, but we did not have the courage to speak out”.

Iran Starts Conference And Cartoon Contest On "the Holocaust"

This should be very, very interesting...

Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Mar. 05 – Iran will host a conference on the Holocaust in Tehran on Tuesday, the state-run news agency Mehr reported on Sunday.

In addition to daily articles and commentaries in the government-owned press denying the Holocaust, the chairman of Iran’s cartoonists association, Masoud Shojai, set up a website,, to put on display drawings and cartoons ridiculing the Holocaust.

New Interesting Links

There have been a few new interesting links added to this blog--Phismongerin blog,, ΝΟΗΤΙΚΗ ΑΝΤΙΣΤΑΣΙΣ -, and ΚΥΝΑΙΓΕΙΡΟΣ Ελληνική Εθνικιστική διαδικτυακή κοινότητα

There's also the oldie ,but goodie The Greek Territorial Irredentists', and Revanchists' Front .....
careful though, its an old page with lots of pop-ups. Great substance, although not entirely agreeable or do-able, the spirit is definitely there comrades.

Some link to me, some don't. It's a grab bag of happy links for Hellenic Nationalists.

Back After A Week Hiatus...

I was busy working for 'the man' ,dear readers. I closed another deal last week , helping to re-populate Harlem with whites instead of blacks, then I partied and partied and partied...

So all those late nights had me just tumbling or stumbling back home to I am again. Oh! And I got the new Depeche Mode album. I'm checking all my mail, e-mail from various sources. Soon you will get some more acerbic comments and revealing tid bits.

Lent is on dear readers, say good bye to meat.