Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Turkey, Europe and Bin Ladens by Muammar Kaddafi

Colonel Muammar Kaddafi, leader of the Libyan Green Revolution, and great Arab Nationalist was also one of the original founding members of the OPEC organization. Before his successful anti-Western Libyan coup Kadadafi had lived in Greece, and his own personal physician was trained in Greece. On several occasions Kaddafi has declared himself a friend of Greece and recently issued a statement to fellow Muslims pleading with them to not harm Greece during the Athens Olympics.

Greeks lived in Libya centuries before Christ and at least a millennium before the Ottomans came along. The ancient Greeks colonized the western portion, called Tripolitania.The name of modern Libya's capital, in fact, is Greek--Tripoli.

Those Greeks (and most especially those Greeks weaned on American mass "culture") who side with Zion ought to ask themselves this one simple question: has a major modern Jewish leader EVER made such honest statements on the nature of the Turk?


Turkey, Europe and Bin Ladens by Muammar Kaddafi, Sep. 15

"Seljuk and after them the Turks were a nation founded by conquests, they arrived at Anatolya by conquests and arrived at Constantinople by conquests and arrived even at Austria by conquests. "

"But the thing that Europe will never be lenient on or adventure is that Turkey be a Trojan horse. The problem does not lie with the Turkish veterans and subsequent generation of politicians, who still revere Ataturk, but the problem lies in the new and future generation. Youth who are mentored by satellite channels and the Internet and acquire one lesson after another from Muslim World scholars, even from Ben Laden on daily and even on every hour bases, a matter that could not be prevented."

"What if thousand of Turks study under Ben Laden, his group, Mullah Omar or his Loya Jirgah (Grand Assembly), a thing that is surely exists now. We say if only to alleviate the magnitude of the shock. For these consider Europe as an infidel and only merits conquering by the sword."

"Then plans of Islamist Turks in Europe and obviously behind them the Islamic grass roots is to revive Albania as an Islamic state, as well as Bosnia. Therefore, infidel Europe, as they believe will be for the first time, before the pressure of the new European Islamic front behind which is the entire Muslim world, one which will force Europe into embracing Islam or pay poll tax, this is provided for in the Quran as a duty. Such information could be surprising or amusing to sum, but for Muslims it is a message from God that has to be realized"



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