Thursday, December 23, 2004

Abortion: The "Silent Genocide" of Greeks

I fail to understand why the Church and Greek nationalists suddenly
go silent on this great issue. Every year 250,000-500,000 unborn
children are killed by abortion.

I therefore provide some information concerning this great crime
againat humanity:

[1] Highest Abortion Rate:
[2] A Vital Issue For Hellenism: The Demographic Problem of Greece:
[3] Greece Wins "Prestigious" Title of Highest Abortion Rate in the European Union:
[4] Greece "dying", demographic study shows:
[5] Infertility problems, high rate of abortions the focus of conference:
[6] More Abortions Than Births in Greece:
[7] Greece First In Abortions:
[8] Estimated 250,000 Abortions Annually in Greece:
[9] About 500 Thousand Abortions A Year in Greece:

-A Hellenic Nationalist Comrade


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