Tuesday, September 06, 2005

September 6, 1955: A Night That Will Live In Infamy

The Turkish Government-organized pogrom against Greeks in Constantinople was launched on this night of terror.

A great primary source on this tragedy is Leonidas Koumakis' survivor memoir called, The Miracle.

The Greek scholar Speros Vryonis had a great academic essay on these events, which actually documented the U.S. State Department's archives and official files on the Turkish Government's direct responsibility for the targeting of Constantinople's Greeks. The essay has recently been expanded into an extensive book called, The Mechanism Of Catastrophe .

The Greek Government then and till this day , has done nothing about this whatsoever...The Turks of Trace, also protected under the Lausanne Treaty, as the Greeks, hypothetically should have been, have only multiplied in number. Today, the Greek population of Constantinople is, for all extents and purposes, all dead. All dead.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A wake up call to bring the curtain down on muslim migration/ infiltration into Greece and urgently initiate a policy of repatriation/deportation of the mulsim communities which made Greece their habitat after 1955.
No effort should be spared in speeding up the process of sanitzing Greece.

5:16 AM  
Blogger fultonphishmonger said...

Ditto above comment.
and then throw the filth back to Mongolia.

10:33 AM  

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