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Message From A Hellenic Nationalist Comrade On Golden Dawn and Neo-Paganism


I was reading Golden Dawn's website today and noticed an article entitled, "The ancient Hellenic religion and the neo-Hellenic state" (link:
As I expected, the article was in favor of Neo-Paganism. To summarize, it basically argues that Neo-Pagans don't have rights in Greece and minimizes Christianity. I had hoped that Golden Dawn had ended its flirtation with Neo-Paganism but it looks as though I was mistaken.

When Greece's nationalists (or rather "nationalists") have distanced themselves from the One True Faith of Orthodoxy, it really speaks volumes about the dire situation of the country. None of them realize that the only reason we are in this dark age is precisely because society has separated itself from Orthodoxy. On the one hand we have democratic "nationalists" who promote homosexuality and on the other hand we have authoritarian "nationalists" who promote Neo-Paganism; nowhere do we have a substantial Orthodox Christian nationalist force. If we were a religious and pious people as we once were, there can be no doubt that the nation would not only free itself from the foreign, anti-national forces that currently occupy us but that the nation would rise to heights unseen since the glory of the Eastern Roman Empire. I feel it is unlikely that our "nationalists" will come to their senses and realize this. More likely, their continued betrayal of the Faith will (ironically) keep us enslaved to the forces that they so despise. Despite the situation, I believe it's only temporary and that all hope is not lost. After all, whenever we've fallen, God, in His mercy, has always helped us rise up again. And so I believe it's only a matter of time before He inspires individuals with the necessary spirituality and piety to impose an Orthodox Christian way of life on our
beleaguered nation.

--A Hellenic Nationalist Comrade


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We must not rush to condemn our nationalist brother in arms for their tolerance of the ancient religion. One thing to remember is that ancient Greece's greatness as a becon of civilization was born within certain religious parameters; true or false.... well the ancient oaid homage to their Gods and that is all there is to it.

Also it may, I just say it may, not be a case of the Golden's distancing themselves from the Greek religion, could it be perhaps, perhaps, that today's religion of the Greeks is distancing itself from nationalist beliefs and allegiances ??

I know a highly educated academic who worships the ancient Gods, that is him and I have not seen a more patriotic Greek than this academic. On the other hand I also know others who profess to be religious, but are in ardent and wholesome support of issues that are anathema to healthy Greek religion, such as feminism, homosexuality, human ( not Greek) rights and other pernicious manifestations of decay and decrepitude.

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Blogger Hellenian said...

Anyone who supports -- or even tolerates -- Neo-Paganism is not a nationalist or could ever be as long as they hold such traitorous beliefs.

Neo-Paganism is a Western import. It's roots trace directly to the Worldwide Theosophical Society that was established by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in 1875 in the United States. All Neo-Pagan movements and factions, to one extent or another, are ideologically based on this organization's principles and, all of them, without exception, originate from the creation of this organization. Although there are a few highly confused individuals (mostly in the diaspora) who are Neo-Pagan and believe themselves to be "nationalists", the extreme majority of Neo-Pagans are New Age spiritualists who advance egalitarianism, promiscuity, secularism, democracy, and other anathemas. The commonality between Neo-Pagans of the first variety and the second is that they both lack all comprehension of ancient Hellenic civilization. Indeed, many times they have never read a single piece of ancient Greek literature (but still speak about ancient Greek philosophers as if they were experts on the matter) or, if in the diaspora, can not even speak demotic Greek (let alone any form of ancient Greek).

Regarding paganism in ancient Greece, it is not strange at all that every great Hellene from that period highly criticized and/or rejected that dark and barbaric religion in one form or another. Such individuals include (but are not limited to): Xenophon the Kolofonios, Heraclitus, Anaximandros, Ebedocles, Parmenides, Anaxagoras, Mitrodoros, Protagoras, Herodotus, Aristodimos, Dimosthenes, Pindar, Prodikos, Antisthenes, Theofrastos, Euripides, Socrates, Plato, the Stoics, Karniades, Theodoros the Kyrinaios, Leukippos, Dimocritus, Epicouros, the Sophists, the Cynics, St. Julian the Philospher and Martyr, and Klimis the Alexandrean. It's also worth mentioning that ancient paganism was exceedingly degenerate. Homoeroticism, sexual orgies, pedophilia, temple prostitution, and even bestiality were widespread in Greece precisely because these things were promoted as a result of the demented actions of the mythical gods. This is why the greatest Hellenes came into conflict with the religion (and, as a result, were often exiled, sentenced to death, or murdered by pagan fanatics).

Orthodoxy, on the other hand, is an ethical, civilized religion (and which ironically has more in common with Socratic/Platonic philosophy than paganism ever did). It is an integral part of Hellenism, rooted in our culture, and is inseparatable from Hellenic Civilization. Thus, it's rejection constitutes both a cultural and historical rejection of Hellenism. And that is essentially what treason is. Furthermore, Orthodoxy -- as proven by countless miracles (including the Holy Fire miracle that occurs every single year) is the One True Faith. Anyone who would reject the Truth of Orthodoxy for any other religious, political, or philosophical belief is, along with being a traitor to Hellenism, a fool.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Hellenic Nationalist, as a fellow Greek american, who has met in person with the Golden Dawn, and seen what is going on in Greece right now, I too think you jump to conclusions too quickly about calling Hrisi Avgi a fake nationalist organization. Golden Dawn is a racial nationalist organization, it judges and see's everything based on its effect on the Hellenic race, the members are of different ages, different spiritual beliefs and different economic backgrounds, what they all can agree on is that the Hellenic RACE must be preserved, the things which threaten it must be destroyed.

There are orthodox members, as well as agnostic, and some neo-pagan members. I myself am not a pagan, however I see the ancient relegion of our ancestors as having certain strengths which the current state of orthodoxy lacks, I saw first hand in athens how the church now feeds and protects the very same filth which is destroying Hellas, THE VERY SAME IMMIGRANTS WHICH YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT HERE, at one time the church was a protector of the Hellenic people, now it is becoming more and more corrupt, more and more compromising, and more and more dangerous to the survival of the Hellenic Race. Even though I believe that the Ancient Hellenic relegion had many aspects which were good for the race, I believe that orthodoxy is still the way to create a nationalistic government in Hellas, but only if we ourselves can
cleanse it of the corruption and weakness which is destroying us all.

Hellenic Neo-Paganism is not a western influenced idea, because the relegion itself dates back before there was ever knowledge of those foriegn pagan ideas, I dont believe it is the answer, and I believe that
Neo-Paganism in Greece wouldnt be gaining a following if Orthodoxy remained concerned with the intrests of the Hellenic RACE.

P.S. I am a big fan of your blog, please keep up the good work, but think about what I said with an open mind.

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Anonymous anonymous V said...

We are all in the same boat and rowing against the current. We must remain united and steadfast, acknowledging that there will be differences of nunaces and personal beliefs within members of the nationalist movement. This in itself should not be the cause of rifts and wrangles that may render the movement asunder. We have a mighty enemy confronting us, and we can ill afford the luxuries of internal squabbling.

Above all else stands the survival of the Hellenic nation and that is paramount; Orthodoxy is our flag, and Orthodoxy must remain true to itself and its beliefs to be in the heartbeat of every Greek, something which calls for stern discipline, moral rectitude , unyielding to forces of negative change, and an undying love for the land and its peoples (a love confined to the Orthodox people and not conferred to the filthy sludge of Pakis, Bengalis, Africans and Asians lapping up on our shores ; we have sufficient number of traitors in the establishment who are Xeni worshippers and pander to the immigrant rabble which is emblematic of one worldism, globalism and the egalitarian cancer)

Nationalistic principles should not and can not be compromised.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


some good posts above.
a big problem with the Orthodox church at the moment is that traitor Catholic/Western puppet Bartholemew, a man who Strongely moves himself closer to the West..

You see its slighetely possible that Orthodoxy can make a big comeback in Greece.
Its possible that Romaioi (Greeks) can once again embrace the Christian religion more than Western whoredom values and Pagan Gods religion.

but the problem is the Greek Orthodox church has a very poor leadership and partly because of this people are moving away from the Greek Orthodox church embracing this pagan Gods thingy and have embraced the Western whoredom values.

You see many Romaioi in Greece FANATICALLY HATE America and the other countries that lead the West, Israel and Britian. Yet they embrace Westen values.
But the leader of this fanatical hatred of America and the Western pro-Yank countries happen to be the communists/ anarchists and left-wingers.

and because of this the far left-wingers get a minority but Large minority and STRONG FANATICAL support for this.
People convert to anarchism or communism/socialism as a result of their lyk for communist or anarchist HATE of America and the pro-Yank Western Nations.

Yet if the Orthodox church starts to HEAVILY critise the West lyk it should and distance itself from the West and make itself the new leader of STRONG Anti-Westism and Anti-Americanism than it can gather itself BIG support from the Romaioi people and people in Greece will once again start to embrace Christian values over Western values and become Fanatical about Christianity...and then and the growing minority that shifted to neo-Pagan 12 Gods religion will start to convert back to Orthodoxy.
And Western Values may slowly erode.

But instead that Catholic Western puppet traitor Bartholemew not only strongely ebraces the West, which its values are the EXACT thing which are if not already completely destroyed Christian morals in Greece but Batholemew or should i say BartholeJEW!! has Strongely embraced the evil Roman Catholic church and moved closer to it, which is theexact prostitute thats described in the Revelations in the bible.

And Bartholmew knows this. Yet Bartholemew is evil, corrupt and a traitor and is helping to destroy Christianity in Greece.

All the Orthodox church in Greece needs is a strong leader that will do what is right for the Orthodox church and people will quit moving towards Western Values and evil pagan 12 Gods religion crap..

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