Monday, December 11, 2006

Original Turkics = cousins of Mongols !!!

( Reproduced for educational purposes from original post by Zetaman at Balkan Forum)

Original turks were related to Mongols (unlike 80% of populations of todays Anatolia which are turmenized) and came from the region of todays Chinese province called Xinjiang (those Turkds there today are called Uigurs) or as Turks call it eastern Turkestan (which borders Mongolia) and its vicinity.

From there they spread in the direction of central Asia where they intermixed with Persians to a minor degree and from there they further expanded in the Afghanistan, Ural mountains and Siberia, eastern Europe, Iran, Anatolia, etc. Today among the racially purest Turks (when compared to other Turkic groups) are Uzbeks and Uigurs in W.China.


Turkic Languages


Turkic history


Exchanges between East Asians and Central Asians in China (Writen by a Turk).


About how wisepread the Turkic languages are


The Uighur language is a Turkish (or Turkic) dialect spoken by over 10 million Uighur people in Central Asia including 9 million in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China (also known as Eastern Turkestan). The Uighur and Uzbek (another Turkish dialect spoken by the people of Uzbekstan) languages are extremely close. As matter of fact, a lot of linguists still argue about whether or not these two dialects are different at all. So, if you speak Uzbek, you don't have to learn Uighur, you are an Uighur speaker as well.

Picture's of (centralasian) Uzbeks (REAL Mongoloid Turks with Persian admixture.Note: The ones who appear more Mongoloid are more Turkic))


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Thanks for all the research. Were you insinuating that being equated with Mongols was not a good thing? And would you pretty soon find a way to get to the origin of man, (Turk or not,) to Noah (he must've remembered to include 2 Turks) or Adam if you're a monothesit, or to apes, if you're a Darwinian. So I guess you and I may be long lost cousins after all.

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