Monday, November 05, 2007

New HN Blog

Yes, Hellenic Nationalists are on the march.,,,,World , welcome Enotitan Revolution blog.


Anonymous Ariadne said...

Greetings again! I have very serious news to give you, and PLEASE inform any Serb friend you have for the incident, so they don't think different and have any wrong ideas!

Last night in Thessaloniki Erythros Asteras had a football game whith Aris. A party of acroleftist hooligangs (PROBABLY controlled from the acroleftist party Syriza (Synaspismos)) almost killed two brothers from Serbia whith a knife and another one in a shopping mall. They also attacked them after the match hiding their faces and the Greek Media said that some of the hoologangs were also FOREIGNERS probbably Albanians Kossovarians and Skopjans!

This has NOTHING to do with the Greeks that consider Serbs as BROTHERS, and the Greek media also said that many times!

We have very serious problems whith the acroleftist terrorism of Syriza (Synaspismos)which supports gays, Kossovarians and Scopjans and this was o PROVOCATIVE incident to disturb SerboGreek friendship!

Please inform and keep that in mind!

12:05 AM  

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