Saturday, October 02, 2004

Israel Shamir

Israel Shamir is a controversial Israeli writer who has created quite a storm on the internet. His bio accredits him with translating the Homeric classics into Russian at one point (he's actually a former Soviet Jew) and being a columnist for Pravda when it was a communist organ.

I like his writing style , if indeed it is his, (one theory on the internet claims that he does not even exist), and his revisionist methods.

An Armenian colleague has recently snail mailed me a photocopy of one of his more obscure articles titled "The Christian Holocaust In Palestine, A.D. 614" , and I've had great difficulty in locating a copy online. Maybe some day I will transcribe it here, if I can't copy and paste it from somewhere else on the web. Some highlighted portions of this obscure article include the following:

" The Biblical archaeology Review,published by the Jewish American Herschel Shamks, printed a long feature..."


" In 614, local Palesinian Jews allied with their Babylonian coreligionists and assisted the Persians in their conquest of the Holy Land"


"Jews massacred 60,ooo Palestinian Christians in Jerusalem alone. The Earth's population was probably about 50 million then, 100 times smaller than today."


" Their descendants, the comrades of Ataturk, saved Turkey, from the onslaught of European troops during World War I "

The article goes on to call for a recognition of all mass massacres , including an allegation that Armenians massacred "peaceful" Azeris during the Nagorno-Krabakh war of the early 1990s!

Now this is nothing less than a case of selective historical memory, something which Shamir accuses the Jews of in this very article. In fact, the Armenians themselves were subject to savage mass killings by "peaceful" Azeris as early as 1988 under the auspices of the late Soviet empire. A good primary source on these events is "Azerbaijan Diary: A Rogue Reporter's Adventures in an Oil-Rich, War-Torn, Post-Soviet Republic" by pro-Turkish former Los Angeles Times columnist ,Thomas Goltz. Goltz does not hide his pro-Turkish and pro-Azeri sympathies but is also brutally honest in describing Azeri brutality and cowardliness , not to mention his exposure of covert U.S. government support of the Azeris. Although he goes a bit over the top in his descriptions of "the powerful Armenian diaspora and lobby." One need only look at Turkey's favored position in American affairs and the perpetual U.S. rejection of historical Armenian Genocide positions to discard this canard.

In any case, this is not some sort of Armenian forum, we the Hellenes, have our share of weaknesses and the Armenian diaspora and lobby ,as it stands, leaves much to be desired. The Armenian lobby, while consistently relying on Greek support for their Genocide resolutions becomes strangely silent whenever our genocide is mentioned, and their overt ties to leftist and even far-left left factions leaves a bitter taste in this Hellenic Nationalist's mouth.

Getting back to Shamir. In all fairness, I have noticed that Shamir has at times brought up not only the Armenian Genocide as a historical reality, he has also noted the Catholic Crusader onslaught that bloodied and occupied Constantinople in the 1200s in his writings.

So this leaves us with an open question, is Israel Shamir a "Fifth Columnist working for the Illuminati" as my Armenian colleague claims? On that note , who exactly are the "Illuminaiti" ?

While google searching for "The Christian Holocaust In Palestine, A.D. 614 " , I stumbled into "Shamir readers" on yahoogroups:


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