Friday, October 29, 2004

What the Crusades Were Really Like

The article below was published by an online Catholic source, as expected it fails to mention the enormous damage caused to Eastern Orthodox Christianity by Catholic Crusaders. In all fairness, the article does mention an alleged apology by the Papal abomination to Constantinople. Hopefully, further scholarship will reveal the true target of Catholic Crusader adventurism and its wicked intent to degrade and feed off of Eastern Orthodoxy. After all, Catholics and various other heretics , to this day, target Eastern Orthodoxy when looking for converts and new territory as evidenced by present well-financed missions to penetrate the historic realms of Byzantium, that is--the Balkans,the Levant and Eurasia.

Thomas Madden on the Crusades and Today

ST. LOUIS, Missouri, OCT. 12, 2004 (Zenit) - Present-day tension between the West and Muslim countries has very little to do with the Crusades, says a historian.

In fact, Thomas Madden, chair of the history department at St. Louis University and author of "A Concise History of the Crusades," contends that, from the Muslim perspective, the Crusades were not worth noticing. That changed when 19th-century revisionists started to recast the Crusades as imperialist wars, he says[Full Story]


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