Friday, October 22, 2004

India, where Hitler is a textbook hero

Articles like these bring some hope to the muddled fields of "multiculturalism". The irony of cultural relativism,the reality of the non-Western World is that it has been so victimized by the democratic West,as is reflected in their historical views.

To the Indian,African,Asian or Arab--there is no more cruel a historical tyrant than the parliamentary democracies of France and England, the fat sows who always preached "human rights" for themselves, but not for "them". What Easterner would not love to see a day and night blitzkrieg of London day-in-day-out , until eventually this Imperial capital gets degraded into becoming a third-rate power? Concurrently, what a joy it must be for an Arab to see France crushed under an enemy's boot for a change?

Paradoxically, the interpretations of historical chapters and players that in the West have become anathema, are re-interpreted in the East ,those very villains to the West are remembered as heroes to the East.
AHMEDABAD: Gandhi is not so great, but Hitler is. Welcome to high school education in Narendra Modi's Gujarat, where authors of social studies textbooks published by the Gujarat State Board of School Textbooks have found faults with the freedom movement and glorified Fascism and Nazism.

While a Class VIII student is taught 'negative aspects' of Gandhi's non-cooperation movement, the Class X social studies textbook has chapters on 'Hitler, the Supremo' and 'Internal Achievements of Nazism'.

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