Saturday, October 16, 2004

Nationalist Party On The Rise In Belgium

A very recent article in Hellenic Lines heralds the rise of Belgian Nationalist party VLAAMS BLOK. Hellenic Lines informs us that this is Belgium's largest political party according to polls and is poised to sweep the upcoming Belgian elections. Belgium is also a nation that built a huge chunk of its wealth from sub-saharan African colonial relationships, thus it is swarmed with different genotypes.

The rival to VLAAMS BLOK is the Socialist Party which has 26 local parliamentarians , 14 of which are immigrants, and their party secretary is a Turk.

This Turkish-Belgian Socialist Party has been campaigning to dismantle Brussels' Monument in Remembrance to the Armenian Genocide, yet, without shame, accuses the rival VLAAMS BLOK of racism!

VLAAMS BLOK is dead-set against the entry of Turkey into the EU and has dared to bring up recognition of Turkey's Genocides as a prerequisite, something which Greece with its far-left,socialist-left,center-left and current "center-right" ruling parties would tremble in fear of even contemplating.

It's shameful that countries with a weak tradition of Nationalism, such as Belgium and France have thriving and professional Nationalist parties that dare to challenge the American-Israeli status quo. Yet fewer than three-percent of the Greek electorate in Greece can palate even a soft nationalist such as Karatzaferis much less a democratic Nationalist party such as Hellenic Front with not even a percent.


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