Saturday, October 09, 2004

Update On Getting A Greek "Educashun" (sic!)

Today's Macedonian Press Agency reported that a slew of Athens National University officials have been arrested for embezzling upwards of 7 million euros during the early to mid 1990s for their own personal luxuries. I wouldn't be surprised if more than a few of these officials used the funds to send their own kids to a University in England or the United States.

As expected, the officials are out on bail, as is the usual case with people of monetary means and heavy Greek political party connections.

Macedonian Press Agency reports:
"According to the case against them, university funds were used to purchase luxury sanitary ware and marbles that ended up in privately owned villas, while one of the defendants even bought a Ferrari with university money."

As I stated in my original blog entry on Getting A Greek "Educashun" (sic!), most Greek family patriarchs are concerned with their villa,with building a second or third home, or with getting an Anglo-Saxon college education for their whore daughters and homosexual sons.

What respect these esteemed officials have for the higher education of the Greek Nation! It doesn't surprise me. I've yet to met a Greek graduate who can hold a conversation on "intellectuals" that are not mentioned in the latest edition of Davlos or Rizospastis.

It also is highly unlikely that these arrests indicate a reform of Greek "Educashun"(sic!). The fact that these arrests are based on embezzlements that occurred during the PASOK regime lean heavily on the assumption that these officials were PASOK appointees. The arrests were merely a behind-the-scenes reshuffling to install New Democracy supporters/relatives/activists into the now vacated seats.

So maybe , just maybe when PASOK gets the throne back in a few years, they can in turn arrest the present officials and re-install their own PASOK supporters/relatives/activists.


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