Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Getting A Greek "Educashun" (sic!)

While an American higher education, rife as it is with Freudo-Marxian multicultural drivel, is a farce. It seems from my prior experiences and intereractions with students of Greece's "esteemed" Athens National University ,and as this recent expose in Kathimerini reiterates , that a modern Greek education will soon have as much value as the degrees from correspondence courses ,advertised in the New York City subway system, that promise to make some poor loser "a college graduate."

I recall meeting graduates of Athens National University's English department who had about as fine a grasp of the English language as your typical Albanian illegal immigrant shoveling rubble on a construction site in Athens. Students never attend class, faculty admit students to some more limited seats at the medical departments based on their relationships with related PASOK and New Democracy activist structures, and practically all science courses are photocopies of mistranslated American textbooks. If this weren't enough you would be hard-pressed to find a humanities professor who could offer an original opinion ,while jiggling his worry-beads, that deviates from what about every Greek academic is sure to fall back on, their precious foreign pseudo-intellectual, Marx.

To anyone that knows the ambitions of today's Greek, this should come as no surprise. The size of a family patriarch's prestige is based on how much he can shell out for a villa, a second or third home, or a foreign education for his offspring--Romanian and Bulgarian degrees are low end, while high end are England and most especially a degree from the United States.

Thus we have a non-existent native literary culture--most Greek writers are rich kids who study what passes as literature in Western Europe these days, themes focusing on various sexual deviances are especially esteemed. It also is formula to laud specific American and English racial minorities , that are simply non-existent in Greece, not that this makes a difference to the plagiarist,ahem, Greek writer.

High end media positions in private television media are also staffed by graduates of American and English communications departments, this explains the highly unoriginal programming--talk shows,cooking shows, again more sexual deviances--on Greek television.

Finally one need only take a look at any of Greece's political leaders (ranging the entire political spectrum) and/or Government Ministers . I challenge one to find a handful who graduated from the Greek higher educational system.

Every Greek I met translated a degree into money, which also explained the utter lack of any real intellect ,whatsoever, in your typical Greek ,regardless of social caste.

If Greeks want some real reforms, they should try to free the draconian penal statutes in regards to narcotics, and consider making a future for themselves as drug dealers, at least they would have the self-respect that comes with not being a hypocrite with an "educashun."(sic!)


KATHIMERINI english edition Tuesday October 5, 2004

Minister: Universities in a mess

Greek universities are in such a sorry state that their graduates may eventually find that their degrees are worthless, Education Minister Marietta Giannakou admitted in an interview yesterday,

"It appears that the only thing that concerns Greeks is to get a [degree], and not to obtain an education,"Giannakou added. She also criticized the system whereby student attendance is not obligatory for the majority of courses in many departments. "I cannot understand why... in some departments five people should be observing an experiment while another 200 are drinking coffee and thinking that they can get their degree."



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