Monday, October 04, 2004

Catholic Crusaders Assault Greek Priests At Holy Sepulchre

The Greek Orthodox Church, the one true church of Christ, has sole rights to the church of the Holy Sepulchre. The various false churches , with the Papal abomination in the lead, have caused immense damage to Orthodoxy and to the entire world with their long legacies of theft and violence to Greek and Arab Christians coupled with their support of humanism, leading inevitably to the rise of Marx and Freud.

As if this was not enough , they chose to insult us on a procession that marked the distant beginnings of Byzantium, when Helena, mother of Constantine, discovered the True Cross.

The Catholic Crusader invasion, looting and later occupation of Constantinople in the 1200s led to the rise of Turkdom. Many of the most sacred interiors of Orthodox Churches were stripped bare by these barbaric hordes that were known to spear babies and rape nuns.

To this day the bitter animosity that these heretics project toward us is evidenced by the support they lend to the occupation army in the Holy Land coupled with their extensive missionary work targeting the realm of Byzantium.

Once a barbarian, always a barbarian.


Punch-up at tomb of Jesus
Allyn Fisher-Ilan in JerusalemTuesday
September 28, 2004 The Guardian

Fistfights broke out yesterday between Christians gathered on the site of the crucifixion and burial of Jesus Christ.

"There was lots of hitting going on. Police were hit, monks were hit ... there were people with bloodied faces," said a witness in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, reputed to be Golgotha where Christ was crucified, and the site of the tomb where he was buried.

The punch-up erupted during a procession to mark the discovery in 327 by Helena, mother of Constantine, of the True Cross.

A Greek Orthodox cleric said Franciscans had left open their chapel door in what was taken as disrespect. Priests and worshippers hit one another at the doorway dividing Orthodox and Franciscans, said a police spokesman.,2763,1314466,00.html


Blogger Hellenian said...

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Blogger Hellenian said...

Very true: once a barbarian, always a barbarian. An additional display of Crusader ignorance and barbarism can be found here: ["Descendants of crusaders" ignore the Greeks]

Of course, it is also true that the various Christian heresies of the West, with their "innovations" and "reforms", ultimately (and ironically) built the groundwork for the advance (and eventual championship) of the current secular, anti-Christian ideologies that predominate in the West.

Finally, as for the 4th Crusade itself, the magnitude of the outrages committed by the Latins during the conquest of the Eastern Roman Empire of the Greeks is considered by historians to surpass the bloody rape of Constantinople that Mehmet the Conqueror was responsible for. A great read on this topic, which really puts things in perspective is W.B. Bartlett's "An Ungodly War: The Sack of Constantinople & the Fourth Crusade".

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Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

This "descendents of crusdaders" group is likely a group of liberal Frenchmen that follow the current Western Europeam historiographical interpretation that coincides with current EU policies of multiculturalism. After all, if anyone has caused harm to Arabs ,who were colonised by first and foremost the French,followed by the English, it would have to be the fabulously wealthy socieites that these "descendents of crusdaders" have the privelge to live in due to the profiteering of their ancestors.

What is left out of their multicultural historical framework is the fact that Western Europan powers colonised and invaded Greece BEGINNING in the 1200s,Frankish occupation lasted well into the 20th Century.

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