Saturday, October 09, 2004

No Smoking Please

I got news early this morning that the New York City Department of Health showed up at my apartment door with a warning. Apparently they got news that someone (that's me!) was smoking cigarettes in the building hallway. The fine is $1,000 or up to sixty days in prison.

The New York City administration following the lead taken by California in relatively recent years has enacted draconian anti-smoking laws affecting all indoor areas.

As I walked down several flights of stairs I noticed new orange colored stickers in the building lobby designating the building a "smoke-free area."

Now this must be the greatest of hypocrisies about the United States. While the U.S. is the greatest mass producer of tobacco products,nuclear weapons and industrial pollution in the world it also acts as if it is concerned about some cigarette smoke to the point that it sends inspectors to knock on your door in the evening to issue warnings about cigarette smoking.

In most areas of Asia,Europe,Africa and Latin America one can have the freedom to smoke without looking over one's shoulder.

As if it were not enough that the new anti-smoking laws have decimated New York City's once thriving bar culture, the New York City administration also claims that the new anti-smoking ban will potentially save the government billions in future health care costs.

Most people in Greece have the false impression that America is an ultra-conservative society hell-bent on reviving the Mussolini state. All the while this is the one land in the world where Negro convicts are adored by men and women as if they were the greatest thing since the wheel ,while America supplies the vast majority of porn to the world.



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