Friday, October 08, 2004

The New Bi-Polar World:America-Israel versus The Rest of Humanity: Globalization versus Nationalism

I came across a greatly illuminating address to a gathering of the Institute of Historical Review, by historian Mark Weber.

Weber breaks down the current conflict raging in Iraq from his perspective as a trained historian of the Second World War and as one of world's leading revisionist historians. Some interesting points include his conclusions that we are offered an alternative, the alternative of Ayatollah. Iran is the one dynamic state that challenges Israel head-on and ,moreover, it offers this example as theocracy. Sooner or later, Nations tend to revert to form, Russia and Persia and Greece have long traditions of authoritarianism , for example.

In fact, the greatest epoch of Hellenic greatness occurred under the absolute rule of an emperor during the millennium-long age of Byzantium

More and more, with each passing day, the chiliastic death struggle between America-Israel versus the entire world becomes more and more apparent.

When will our Nation revert to form, and finally break the foreign shackles of parliamentary democracy that enslave the Fatherland?

To hear historian Mark Weber's Address to the Institute of Historical Review in MP3 go here:


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