Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Jew Rabbi Blames Jesus For "the Holocaust"!

Now that Greece has jumped onto the American-led Western bandwagon of holier-than-thou heretical reverance for " the Holocaust" , and begins to heed Catholic and Protestant and Ecumenical Patriarchate -led calls for "Jewish-Christian dialogue" it will only be a moment of time before the average Greek in Greece begins to to blame our Church for "the Holocaust" ...Monkey see, Monkey do....

Interesting, that this Jew Rabbi propagates that "ISRAEL should be a moderate religious state based on authentic Jewish rather than borrowed western values"....and that "Separation of church and state is a Western concept based on the assumption that Judaism that Judaism is a religion," ..yet I'm sure would be quick to point out a percieved need for separation of Church and State in ,perhaps, Greece. Isn't it not too suprising that Greek mass media outlets mimic this Rabbi's commands?

From: Final Conflict <finalconflict@dial.pipex.com>

Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Hayman

"CHRISTIANS have to make a choice - "either retain their present belief system and be antisemitic or form a partnership with the Jewish people."

This is the view of Bar-Ilan University's Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Hayman, who is active in Jewish-Christian dialogue and in encouraging modern Christianity to return to its Jewish roots by observing the Seven Noahide Laws.

"As long as Christians keep Jesus as God, they will be antisemitic because that belief must lead them to believe that those who reject Jesus reject God," he told the Australian Jewish News.

"That's how the process of satanising the Jews began. That belief is the root cause of 1500 years of the Christian idolatrous antisemitism which led to the Holocaust."

Proficient in New Testament Studies and Classical Greek, Dr. Hayman noted that at least five American churches have given up belief in Jesus.

Friday, July 26, 1996
Melbourne Edition (Vol. 62, no. 43, p. 9)
Courtesy of the National Library of Austalia
Israel as a Jewish state


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