Thursday, February 10, 2005

Neo-Paganism: another Western disease

The introduction of neo-paganism to Greece, in recent years, has not incoincidentally coincided with rise of overt homosexuality, gluttonous and meaningless materialism and loss of traditional faith due to the Nations submission to its Western masters.

This essay makes some interesting points on the growth of deviant sects and the pseudo intellectual deviants who follow them in the West. Sadly, the Greek nation has been subject to this latest Western import, and will have to struggle to thoroughly eradicate this disease, may we pray that this import does not grow and place roots in the Fatherland to the extent of that other import , called communism.

Tellingly ," neo-pagan mythology often either assumes or looks forward to the establishment of a communist-like society. One of three “declared objects” of the Theosophical Society is the formation of a “universal brotherhood of humanity.” Similarly, wicca claims to have originated in a matriarchal, nonviolent, egalitarian culture that practiced “sexual communism.”
Most neo-pagans thus approve of abortion, birth control and homosexuality.6For some neo-pagans, abortion is even considered a “sacrament”—made holy by offering the child to the goddess Artemis
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