Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Le Pen Speaks To Greece On Rejecting Turkey

A new Hellenic blog has translated a recent speech by the French Nationalist leader into english.

On Rejecting Turkey
On Saturday the 22 of January the president of the French political party Front National and Euro congressman Jean Lepen visited Athens and appeared on a panel discussion hosted by Michael Voridis’ Hellenic Front party. This was part of a campaign against Turkish membership in he E.U. organized by Hellenic Front. The French politician gave an interview at 11:15 a.m. with Christos Harito, the director of communications of Hellenic Front, to the press. Also present at the interview was Karl Lang, a Euro congressman and member of Front National.

Lepen was accepted by the crowd who honored him with an enduring ovation and acclaim. The enthusiastic support for the French politician, who has always supported Hellas in the Euro Parliament, was apparent. In the conference room where the interview was held, the wall was lined with the posters of Hellenic Front and Front National on which proclamations against Turkish entry into the E.U were written.
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