Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Interesting that play with wording in such a way, since Hellenic Front was the party that actually invited Le Pen to Greece. Hellenic Front is very tame and certainly does not merit being labeled "extreme" in any regard. But such is the terminology in Greece for any one who does not goose-step to the European status quo emanating from Washington/Tel Aviv by way of Brussels.

Kathimerini english edition

Le Pen in town

French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen on Saturday warned against Turkey's potential membership in the European Union, saying such a move would threaten «the very existence» of Greece. «Turkey will increase its settlements in Cyprus and will begin to colonize Greek islands in the southeastern Aegean,» Le Pen warned during a news conference in Athens hosted by the extreme-right Hellenic Front. Protesters on Saturday morning staged a small anti-fascist rally in Korai Square. Also on Saturday, around 100 suspected anarchists vandalized the offices of the far-right-wing Chrysi Avgi organization in Thessaloniki.


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