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Thanks for your comments on the post directly below this one, and thank you to a very special comrade who contacted me personally on my request for comments and suggestions. I now present an albeit incomplete , but thought out, reply.

To answer some of your comments, well, as for translating Golden Dawn's prolific publications , I will take into account that many of the articles in both Golden Dawn's quarterly and in its weekly newspaper tend to be Greek translations from racialist and/or national socialist and/or historical revisionist articles, commentaries and opinion editorials already available on the web or in many widely available publications in English. While flipping through a typical Golden Dawn newspaper or quarterly I've noticed articles available English from such Western writers as Coon, Faurisson, Gliebe etc etc. On the other hand, there are also some timely articles on the late Metaxas which deserve translation into English, so I will take this suggestion into serious consideration. I must say however, that Golden Dawn's affiliated book publisher Logxi is one of the most important scholarly publishers in Greece today, its catalog includes timely reprints of General Grivas's writings during his reign as National resistance leader in the 1940s as well as his classic memoirs written during his time as leader of EOKA, the Hellenic Nationalist resistance to British rule over Cyprus, required reading in Western military academies for the study of guerilla warfare.

As for more studies for immigration, I agree that this recent phenomenon is a cancerous sore that, allowed to fester, will eventually consume the entire body. Many of these immigrants may be of Greek blood , or at least partial Greek blood, I have heard Greeks in Greece stupidly refer to Greeks from Northern Epiros or Pontic Greeks from the former Soviet Union as "not Greek" which is in and of itself a self-destructive misnomer since most , if not all, of these immigrants are fully assimilable and are of great benefit for Greece. Hisorically, free Greece since 1821 was the place for Greeks living under foreign rule to retunr home to, even if Greece as a Nation was under foreign rule for centuries.

In ant case, it is important for us define what immigration is detrimental and what is not. The way that Greek publications such as Athens News promotes immigration is to rehash some half-hearted pro-immigration articles from American sources that praise full immigration as a road to modernity, and juxtaposition a picture of The Statue of Liberty with a picture of an American classroom that has Negroes in the class. This example is absurd in itself, because America pactices an extreme form of "white supremacy" in regards to its immigration until the mid-1960s . Meaning the many, many millions of immigrants who went there were carefully screened solely on the basis of "their whiteness" In no way, am I suggesting that Greece should slavishly follow American models as many in Greek society are prone.

My new approach, hence, with this blog will involve personal notes on my observations as a habitant of the Western world, to help Greeks decide why the prostrate before this model.


Blogger Ionios Dorikos said...

America is the bastion of racism in the world, almost as bad as the British. One cannot argue that racism in America is a southern phenomena. The whole country is full of racists. Boston, the epicenter of liberalism in the country had huge racially motivated violent outbreak in the 1970's. Today it still has great racial tensions.

This is the problem with the Hellenic Right. It does not answer American claims of racism in Hellas with examples of racism in America. Never to late to start.

Anyway, nice site. But keep in mind that Logxi is run by branches within KYP (CIA) whose goal is to fragment the right. I have evidence for this that I will write up on my blog at some point in the future.

While it might have some good things here and there, it is not good overall. In the same way, if a river is muddy, but every now and then it carries a horse, it does not mean that the river is a life source good.

Also, think about Davlos. It has some good articles, but it is anti-Orthodox Christian.

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Blogger Deucalionite said...

Hi. I am Deucalionite. I have a blog that shares the same sentiments as you do.

Here is the URL:

Overall, I am an admirer of your contributions to the Hellenic ethnos and nation. I am very proud to find an athelfo on the web who shares the same beliefs as I do. Keep up the good work.

By all means, please contribute any comments to my blog and tell others to contribute too. I like to talk about current events such as the Iraq war. If you would be so kind as to place my blog on your list of links, then that would be great. I already have your blog on my list of links plus other fascinating websites that are both informative and amusing.

Again, keep up the good work and stop by.


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Blogger Hellenian said...

According to a pro-Golden Dawn website, "Logxi" was said to have been recently attacked by 40 Leftists (described as "punks") with "clubs, bombs, and rocks", none of which were arrested, of course. A group of nationalists are said to have chased them off in what was described as "disorderly retreat".

I haven't found any other sources to corroborate any part of this story, even on Golden Dawn's own website but this must have been covered in Golden Dawn's newspaper. Anyway, here's the link to the story I read:

As for the magazine "Davlos", it is an understatement to say that it is simply "anti-Orthodox Christian". "Davlos" is so vehemently and fanatically anti-Christian that it makes "Rizospastis" -- the official party newspaper of the atheistic Communist Party of Greece -- seem like a newspaper that takes a balanced position towards the Church of Greece (!). "Davlos" is a magazine completely and absolutely barren of any intellectual worth. It is written by Neo-Pagan zealots that attempt the following:

1) To resurrect the primitive and largely barbaric religion that our ancestors rejected for the One True Faith of Orthodoxy.
2) To advance the absurd Neo-Pagan claim that Christianity was and remains a "Jewish religion" created to enslave Greeks.
3) To demote Medieval Hellenism (the greatest epoch of Hellenic greatness) by denying the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire as being Hellenic (something that, aside from Neo-Pagans, ONLY Turks and Vardarskians/Slav-Macedonians claim) and instead branding the Empire as the dark vehicle for the elaborate "Jewish conspiracy" designed to destroy Hellenism; effectively, rejecting over 1,000 years of Hellenic history and social evolution in the process of making these deranged Neo-Pagan claims.
4) To present as much calumny as possible against the Church of Greece and Orthodoxy in general in hopes of discrediting the very Faith that is solely responsible for preserving Hellenism and which has been a central and crucial part of the Greek identity for nearly two millenia.
5) To overemphasize Greek antiquity and, in many cases, even ascribe imaginary, implausible, and non-existent contributions to classical Greece that not only reach unparalleled heights of self-gratifying delusion but also negate the contributions of every other civilization as negligible or as having been stolen from the Greeks.

Furthermore, "Davlos" does not even bother abiding by the honored and respected principles and methodology of scholarly historical research. There is no room for any doubt that it is extremely biased (and by default of no historical merit) as it even declares itself that one of its prime objectives is to give "historical examples... of the historical conflict between Hellenism and Christianity". A genuinely scholarly journal devoted to classical Greece would, first and above all, be an objective publication in which many views and opinions would be expressed on many different topics and not one that has already set specific goals to accomplish and things to try and justify in a black-and-white fashion. Naturally, "Davlos" also suffers greatly from its interpretation of its source materials (many of which are questionable in the first place) which are not critically analyzed, evaluated, authenticated, or subjected to scholarly methods of criticism. Instead, "Davlos" engages in the selective use of facts, the denial or derision of known facts, the assumption of unproven acts, the fabrication of facts, the obfuscation of facts, the use of attractive or neutral euphemisms to disguise unpleasant facts that may hurt their own position, and bases much of their sources on bogus and unexamined source material from unreliable authors that would never hold up to scholarly scrutiny. If this wasn't the case, "Davlos" would be accepted as a scholarly journal. But, as it is, "Davlos" is an unreliable source of information on any topic whatsoever, churning out its articles, "studies", and "discoveries" primarily for sociopolitical purposes under the fraudulent guise of scholarship. Any objective and reasonable person familiar with the magazine and basic historiography would immediately see through it as a work of sheer charlatanism, a magazine of printed nonsense.

I highly suggest that anyone reading the tripe from "Davlos" discontinue immediately so as to prevent further, and possibly permanent, damage to themselves and their ability to retain logical, rational, and independent thought. I've seen many who were unfortunate enough to lose these abilities.

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Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

The attack on Logxi by Anarchists is what adds more weight to the thesis that the radical Left ,is what is more likely to be an arm of the state and the ruling class. After all, radical leftist parties, or at least parties rooted in revolutionrary Marxism and egalitarian precepts, are , combined, the ruling majority in parliament. The fact, that a brutal attack on a dissident publisher is not even mentioned in the mainstream press and , likely, not even investigated by police further adds to this thesis.

"Davlos" tends to attract a readership base of modernised and Western-enthralled Greeks who are trying their hardest to live up to centuries old Western fixations on Greece's discredited and , thank you Hellenian, barbaric "religion".

I would love to see some evidence to the claims that Golden Dawn is an agent of the Greek state. Over the years I have read statements from the denizens of the left, to the effect that New Democracy, has closet members of Golden Dawn in its party. This is nothing less than laughable. Golden Dawn does not even register on the political radar, its membership is miniscule and its rank and file would hardly be able to come close to reaching the levels of even a minor leftist rally. So why would the State bother running this group, and not the Anarchists or the many different Communist factions. It does not add up.

It would make perfect sense that America and England , as well as France and Belgium, would have similiarily juvenile attitudes towards race. The aforementioned countries were built , to a large degree, on the backs of African slaves and through the exploitation of Africa. Greece, totally devoid of an industrial base has no business caring about the racial tensions in those godforsaken lands, not should Greece identify in any way whatsoever with the cultural void prevailing in those sorry places.

Racism in Greece has been used a label to discourage everything from resistance to the homosexual movement to resisting Cauacasoid migrtions , which should be described, in all due respect, as cultural resistance not "racism".

Deucalionite, thanks for telling me about your blog and I encourage such efforts, your blog is bookmarked and I will be visiting regularly. I will be placing your blog in my list of links, in the sincere effort to better link ourselves together as Hellenic Nationalist bloggers.

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