Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Nikos Konstantopoulos (Attorney/Greek Leftist Leader/Brutal Wife Beater)

I actually once stumbled upon a live rally hosting the charlatan ,pictured below, whilst walking around Paleo Demarcheo Square (this later became the site of a brutal rape of a Greek woman by illegal North African immigrants) just prior to the March 2004 elections in Greece.

The ubiquitous Nikos Konstantopoulos (pictured below) , was keynote speaker for Synaspismos party, an acronym for the full name of his party, standing for Coalition of the Left, of Movements and Ecology (Greek: Συνασπισμός της Αριστεράς, των Κινημάτων, και της Οικολογίας). This political party , or gathering of assorted political opportunists, Western-oriented enivronmentalists, feminists, homosexuals and a myriad of Marxist factions was led by Nikos Konstantopoulos after its original inception by Greece's official Communist Party, it can safetly be assumed that Synaspismos is a subcontractor to the official Communist Party due to the fact that the vast majority of its officials and activists are either former officials and activists of the Communist Party or are still loosely associated with the Communist Party or with its youth organization. Synaspismos has managed to bring together the various groups of Self-Hating-Greek Western idolaters yearning to introduce feminism(lesbianism) and the homosxual movement ( which the official Communist Party still regards as a bourgeois decadence) as well as the Western environmentalist movement ( which in Greece is strikingly absurd since Greece never experienced an industrial revolution and has yet to become an industrialized country)

Nikos Konstantopoulos (Attorney/Greek Leftist Leader/Brutal Wife Beater)

Synaspismos (Coalition of Self-Hating Greek Homosexuals/Lesbians/Western Sycophants)

What struck me about Nikos Konstantopoulos , was his trademark look of talking out of the corner of his mouth and his tight upper lip --the mark of a poor liar. Not to mention the fact that I caught a panel discussion on Greek educational reform hosting Nikos Konstantopoulos where he was posed the pertinent question of why he shows concern for ordinary working class Greeks in Greece's degenerate and corrupt educational system when his own kids attend prestigious and expensive private educational institutions abroad, Konstanopoulos quickly changed the subject.

Like his one time mentor and later political nemesis --Andreas Papandreous-Nikos Konstantopoulos belonged to a anti-nationalist Marxist factions in his youth and like Papandreous ( who was arrested by the Metaxas regime in 1937 for belonging to a Trotskyist group) Nikos Konstantopoulos was arrested by the Hellenic Nationalist Papadopoulos regime for his anti-Nationalist subversion. According to the Athens News Agency (ANA) , "...During the dictatorship he became involved in the resistance movement with the Democratic Defence organization and was arrested and jailed from 1969 until 1973." He later went on to become founding member of PASOK, the PASOK party ,under Andreas Papandreous in the 1980s, was responsible for introducing and passing radically decadent legislation effectively legalizing adultery, abortion and homosexuality in Greece.

In recent days scandal has finally struck Nikos Konstantopoulos, this man who is a spokesperson for "women's rights" and founded a party advocating "feminism", has been exposed as a vicious wife abuser by his own spouse! Can we expect the spiral of media fanfare that surrounded the Leftist-dominated media's obsession with so-called scandals in the Church of Greece? Don't hold your breath...

In retrospect it is tragic that our great Nationalist leaders , Ioannis Metaxas and Georgios Papadopoulos, did not deal with political counter-revolutionaries in the same manner which Marxist leaders , such as Josef Stalin or Akis Velouchiotis, had dealt with their political antipodes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you seem to bitch a lot about this guy and generally about everything.If you dont like living in the states why dont you go to Greece?
and what are you thinking equating the "houndikous" like Papadopoulos with the Greek patriotic spirit,
these people where puppets of the CIA.
you got a lot of hating in you,I wonder why.
good luck

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are an absolute ass-whole I wonder how you think you can go and jugde a person and impose on them without knowing ...actually anything about a person?the beast you are talking about is my father- as you pronounce him...oh and I am sorry if you believe its a mistake to do the best for you're children and send them to 'prestigious' schools to actually learn something and not to become an arrogant and impolite man as you are,

I am very sorry Elena Konstantopoulou

7:45 AM  

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