Thursday, December 09, 2004

Greek Woman Raped In Central Athens By Algerian And Moroccan Immigrants

The following news story is a rough translation of a report from the pages of Eleftherotypia newspaper
The Rape Of A 25 year old Woman In Paleo Demarcheo Square

Foreigners raped a 25 year old Greek woman, last night at 1:20 AM, just a few meters away from Omonia Square. The crime occurred in Paleo Demarcheo Square. The young woman later told police that the two men had approached her. By force of knives , they dragged her onto the roof of a multistory building, where they both raped her. The luckless woman managed to shortly later go to the Akropoleos Police Station, where she reported her rape. Police searches were immediately launched, and shortly thereafter the criminals were apprehended. The woman identified them without reservation. According to police, they are foreigners, aged 21 and 20, from Algeria and Morocco, without papers, and they were driven into police custody.

ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΟΤΥΠΙΑ - 07/12/2004


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not surprised. Immigrants with no papers? I guess they feel can get away with anything. But i blame the country's policies primarily.
And, by the way, what the hell is a 25 years old girl thinking, walking alone after midnight in that damned place? I wouln't walk alone around that area on my own after midnight and i am a guy. 28 years old. And Greek. Some things are just self-explanatory...

6:59 AM  

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