Friday, November 19, 2004

Flawed Hellenic Genocide Website

The Hellenic Genocide Information Centre,according to its mission statement,"...was founded on the 15th June 2004 in memory of the victims and their families of the systematic torture, massacre and ethnic cleansing of millions of Hellenes. The purpose of this website is to inform and educate others about the Hellenic Genocide perpetrated by Turkey. " This ambitious site has numerous photo galleries and reprints of various documents exposing the victimisation of Greeks throughout their seven century historical encounters with Turkey, including the Chios Massacres, and more recent Turkish-sponsored Holocausts in Smyrna and Cyprus.

The essay titled 1453, Barbaric Turkish Invasion of Constantinople has some noteworthy value , especially since it mentions the specific frankish betrayal by the heretical Catholic coward Giustiniani at a crucial moment of defense from the infidels, that led to our downfall...

"It was almost day now, the first light, before sunrise, when a shot fired from a calverin hit Giustiniani. The shot pierced his breastplate and he fell on the ground. Shaken by his wound and physically exhausted, his fighting spirit collapsed. Despite the pleas of the Emperor, who was fighting nearby, not to leave his post, the Genoese commander ordered his men to take him out of the battle-field. A Gate in the inner wall was opened for the group of Genoese soldiers, who were carrying their wounded commander, to come into the city. The soldiers who were fighting near the area saw the Gate open, their comrades carrying their leader crossing into the city, and they thought that the defense line had been broken. They all rushed through the Gate leaving the Emperor and the Greek fighters alone between the two walls. This sudden movement did not escape the attention of the Ottoman commanders. Frantic orders were issued to the troops to concentrate their attack on the weakened position. Thousands rushed to the area. The stockade was broken. The Greeks were now squeezed by crowds of Janissaries between the stockade and the wall. More Janissaries came in and many reached the inner wall.

Meanwhile more were pouring in through the Kerkoporta, where the defenders had not been able to eliminate the first intruders. Soon the first enemy flags were seen on the

A pertinent detail left out of this essay is the intervention by Jewish leadership that opened the Kerkoporta, the first actual penetration point of entry for the infidels.

Byzantine scholar Sir Steven Runciman has an even more explicit account of the pivotal role of heretical Catholic coward Giustiniani and his frankish ways:

"It was just before sunrise that a shot fired at close range from a culverin struck Giustiniani and pierced his breastplate. Bleeding copiously and obviously in great pain, he begged his men to take him off the battle-field. One of them went to the Emperor who was fighting near by to ask for the key of a little gate that led through the inner wall. Constantine hurried to his side to plead with him not to desert his post. But Giustiniani's nerve was broken; he insisted on flight. The gate was opened, and his bodyguard carried him into the city, through the streets down to the harbour where they placed him on a Genoese ship. His troops noticed his going. Some of them may have thought that he had retreated to defend the inner wall; but most of them concluded that the battle was lost. Someone shouted out in terror that the Turks had crossed the wall. Before the little gate could be shut again the Genoese streamed headlong through it. The Emperor and his Greeks were left on the field alone."

"The Genoese galley to which the wounded Giustiniani had been borne was one of those that managed to escape from the Golden Horn. He was landed at Chios, and there he died a day or two later. To his own followers he remained a hero; but the Greeks and Venetians, greatly though they had admired his energy, his gallantry and his leadership throughout the siege, considered that in the end he had proved himself a deserter. He should have had the courage to face pain and death rather than risk the whole collapse of the defense by his flight. Many even of the Genoese felt shame for him. Archbishop Leonard blamed him bitterly for his untimely terror."
(Excerpts from pages 138 and 150 of Sir Steven Runciman's "The Fall of Constantinople 1453".)

The lesson that can be learned from this, is that we cannot put our faith in the hands of the Papal abomination and weak-kneed Christian heretics hailing from the anti-Christian West. Our ancestors were taught this painful lesson the hard way, our present condition, and occupation by political puppets, tying us to the Frankishness of the European Union, will subdue us and hand us over, bound and gagged on a platter to the Turks, just as it had throughout too many numerous encounters. Once a barbarian, always a barbarian.

The site seems to be based in England and also has concerns for some foreign groups such as Armenians and Kurds who were massacred by Turks, and takes care to republish a paper complied by Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes documenting the Orthodox Christian Holocaust by not only Turkey but also by revolutionary Marxism.

Hopefully, more emphasis on the vast crimes against Greek humanity by Marxists and Westerners will be included in this site, although its mission statement intends on concentrating on Turkish crimes exclusively.

Sadly, this site does have a chronological index, I suspect originating from a leftist or Marxist site, of American crimes that claims that in " 1947 Greece: The USA intervenes in the civil war in Greece supporting the neo-fascist side against the Greek resistance to the Nazis." Although America proves itself as a great enemy of Greece through its multiculturalising, neo-liberal globalizing ways I strongly object to this site's use of specific party affiliations in a site on Hellenic Genocide. To classify the Greek communists as "resistance" is a historical canard in itself.Greek communists ,and communism overall , maimed and killed countless Greeks and set out on a mission to wipe the Greek Nation off the face of the earth by attacking its religion and National unity. The communist hatred of Greece is something which the current cast of political puppets ruling Greece have inherited from their Marxist forebearers. May I also remind the site owner that General Grivas, the true resistance fighter who dared to challenge the "mighty" British Empire as the EOKA National resistance leader,who has also been denounced as a "neo-Nazi" by the Greek left, in fact, also fought a National resistance on mainland Greece against the so-called leftist "resistance"

This transgression by the site,its promotion of Marxist cliches about Communist "resistance", has convinced me to not include the site amongst my links, I hope that the site does not further degrade its noble mission, by for instance also trying to promote absurd Judeocentric cliches about what constitutes a Holocaust on top of the cited leftist cliches which it recently published.


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