Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Research Shows Romans Loved White Faces

Ancient Roman Skin Cream Gave Women Beautiful Complexion

Ancient Roman women had beautiful skin, apparently, they had a foundation skin cream which until recently, no one knew how to reproduce. Researchers at the University of Bristol, UK, have recreated the 2000 year old cosmetic skin cream.

They managed to do this because an original was discovered in perfect condition during an archaeological excavation in London. During the Roman Empire, Roman women in London used to use this foundation cream. The cream is made of refined animal fat, starch and tin.
When you apply it to your face you have a smooth, white powdery texture - probably due to the starch, say the researchers.

Romans loved white faces. Tin, say the researchers, was a better option than lead, because tin is not toxic. Lead had been a popular ingredient for cosmetics throughout history.

The original cream was found in its metal container in perfect condition.


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