Saturday, November 13, 2004

Chinese Holocaust Writer Found Dead

Anyone who spends any amount of time focusing on Hellenic National issues is bound to fall on periods of pessimism and ,at times, even serious levels of despondency. After all, the Fatherland is tied and bound by a political establishment hell-bent on diminishing any sense of unity amongst the people and does all it can to detriment Greece's national identity,sense of purpose and historical memory --drip by drip, through government decree and by extension of its strangle hold on mass media and public institutions.

Greece has chosen to become a Soviet-like satellite state beholden to the whims and fancies of the Western world, currently led by America. Thus American interpretations ,sooner or later, become the "official" interpretations of the Greek establishment and are eventually filtered down to the Greek masses by means of vigorous parliamentary procedures becoming laws and norms that translate a specific world-view for mass consumption in Greece. In recent years, the Greek government has chosen to build and commemorate monuments and has sought to introduce a "National" ( when in fact globalist) day of Memory for one, just one foreign ethnic group, that wants the entire world to "never forget" that some members of this one, just one, ethnic group, suffered during the Second World War. To be blunt, I will refer to a relatively well-known response to such repellent chauvinism, in the words of one patriot who confronted such impudence: " While a memorial exists in Thessaloniki for the "65,000" Helladic Jews that died during the war, where is the memorial for the 600,000 Christian Orthodox Hellenes who died at the hands of the Italians, Germans, and Bulgarians? Where is the memorial for the hundreds of thousands of Pontian Hellenes (in a city largely populated by their descendents) that died at the hands of the Turks?"

Sadly, we may be invisible in regards to suffering death and deprivation during the Second World war. Yet we are not alone in invisibility to the currently popular history of the Second World War. As American historian Mark Weber remarked in a scholarly debate on one ethnicity's legendary and privileged qualifications to memory:

While we are endlessly told that the Germans murdered six million European Jews during the Second World War, said Weber, the public is kept largely ignorant of the conflict's non-Jewish victims. Weber continued:

If you ask an average, reasonably educated American: "How many European Jews were killed by the Nazis during World War II?," the almost automatic answer is, of course, six million. But if you ask that same person: How many Americans lost their lives in the Second World War, or, for that matter, how many British, or Chinese, or Germans, died, the response is usually an admission of ignorance.

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Weber noted, some 20 million Chinese civilian perished in World War II, while according to the Chinese government, 35 million Chinese lost their lives as a result of Japanese aggression. "How many Americans know or care about these Asian victims of the Second World War?," Weber asked.

Or as a high profile member of the Chinese Holocaust Musuem somberly reminds the world: "Not only did the Sino-Chinese War constitute an integral part of World War II, the study of which has been included in the modern world history; the Chinese Holocaust created by the Japanese during the war is so unprecedented in history that it was more horrific and devastating than the Jewish Holocaust. Whereas the Jewish Holocaust has been integrated into history and social science courses taught in most high schools in the United States, the Chinese Holocaust is relatively unknown"

If this Chinese Holocaust writer did decide to end her life, I can only say that I feel very sorry for her and empathise with her personal plight as an underprivileged scholar. If she, on the other hand, has become a victim of terrorism, then I can only pray that this unjust world we are living in , in some way changes, and that somehow the terrorists who cause such grief and chose to be the sworn enemies of truth and memory are brought to justice.


'Rape of Nanking' Author Iris Chang Found Dead
'Acclaimed Chinese-American historical author Iris Chang has been found dead in her car, apparently after shooting herself, police sources said.


'The 36-year-old writer and journalist, who chronicled the rape and massacre of thousands of Chinese civilians at the hands of Japanese troops before World War II, was found in her car on Tuesday near the town of Los Gatos, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of San Francisco.' (China Daily News article).


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