Friday, November 12, 2004

Marc Grossman: The Man Who Made "Republic of Macedonia" Kosher For America

The American Hellenic Institute,a Washington DC-based lobby headed by a man who lost his ancestral estate in the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus, reveals the face behind the State Department's recent decision to accept Titoist historical realities.

Marc Grossman was appointed to his first State Department high post as U.S. Ambassador to Turkey by none other than Madeleine Albright, who chose what this one literati magazine named as her ethnic "dream team", after she suddenly "discovered" her own ever elusive roots late into her middle age.

The Israeli lobby hails the power wielded by Marc Grossman and fellow ardent Zionists that include Deputy Secretary of State Paul Wolfowitz, in its efforts to promote its only Muslim military ally, Turkey.

This is not the only time that Grossman has made up his mind on what your typical media brainwashed American regards as Kosher. Upping the ante, has even made Holocaust Denial on the floor of America's congress, a Kosher American activity if it involves people of little ethnic importance.

Moments later Grossman makes a speech at a museum built for a legendary historical chapter that is Kosher.

We may never get an altogether complete answer on why Grossman pushed for this monumental name change.

The force behind this decision, is one which few in power would ever dare to call by its real name. After all, it has destroyed much greater men than Karamanlis and Molyviotis, so we cannot expect them to ever actually name the culprit.


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