Friday, November 05, 2004

Democratic Leftists and Centrists Denying History

The Guardian of London reports that leftists and centrists in the Spanish government will insight a parliamentary decision to remove all remaining symbols of General Francisco Franco's dictatorship. While the movement to remove physical remnants of Franco's memory is underway, it is doubtful that Spain could remove the Spanish people's memory of their leader's forty year rule and Spain's long interim of freedom from the prevailing post-Second World War status quo.

The two great Nationalist leaders of 20th Century Greece , Metaxas and Papadopoulos, have been subjected to far more humiliating treatment by the democratic establishment. While Papadopoulos is perpetually demonized, Metaxas has "officially" been forgotten. And as far as I know , there haven't been formal government decrees through parliamentary procedure, as in Spain's current case, to deny Greek history. Instead, the Greek establishment ,through its iron grip on mass media and institutionalized education, simply omits facts and forges history silently.

Call to cleanse Spain of Franco
Giles Tremlett in Madrid
Thursday November 4, 2004
The Guardian

Spain's parliament yesterday petitioned the Socialist government of Josι Luis Rodrνguez Zapatero to remove the remaining symbols of General Francisco Franco's dictatorship from public buildings.

A motion urged the government to "proceed with the removal, in the shortest possible time during this legislature, of the symbols of the Francoist dictatorship ... that still survive on publicly owned buildings."

It was unclear exactly how the removal of the hundreds, if not thousands, of symbols of Francoism that still dot Spanish cities, towns and villages might be carried out.

There are dozens of squares and streets dedicated to Franco, some of them using the names by which he was known to a generation of Spaniards: caudillo or generalisimo . [Full Story]


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