Monday, November 01, 2004

Papadopoulos and EPEN

The following correction was sent to me by a Hellenic Nationalist comrade ,regarding my recent "Phoenix With A Bayonet" blog entry:

You stated, "In 1984, an imprisoned and defeated Papadopoulos did have a nominal chance to be re-elected through democratic means of his short-lived political party that managed to get just under three percent of the vote...that percentage seems to have also become a syndrome of Nationalist parties in Greek general elections for the past twenty years or so."

While true that in 1984 EPEN got approximately 3% of the vote in elections, these were the European Parliament elections, in which they won one seat. Concerning national elections, they got much higher than that: 6.8% of the vote in 1977 with 5 seats in the Greek Parliament.
This, and more info, can be seen at :

This raises an interesting number of questions. Under current Greek constitutional law this would also mean that EPEN had a seat and a voice in parliament. Does anyone have copies of speeches made by EPEN spokespersons or parliamentary members at this time? What subjects were discussed by EPEN in the EU and in the Parliament during the height of PASOK popularity? Also, EPEN's voting results seem to reflect the same number of results for the prolific Communist Party of Greece and this suggests that the Nationalist vote of twenty years ago is equal to the Communist vote today. What became of this vote since that time? Was it swallowed by the "center-right" non-Nationalists , or , perhaps, by the Left?


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