Sunday, November 07, 2004

Internationalist Alliance Backs Titoist-conceived-"nation"

A Bolshevik revolutionary , who with the backing of the Soviet Union, "liberated" swathes of what post-Great War cartographers and democratic diplomats named Yugoslavia , once came up with the idea of re-naming some land "liberated" from Serbia.

Greek researcher Elias Philippides places the origin of this re-naming in a Second World War context, he exposes the fact that "...The Yugoslav "Republic of Macedonia" was created by Tito in 1943; by taking some Serbian territory he strengthened Croatia, to which he also gave Dalmatia."

The news leaked out on Thursday that the US State Department has followed trends set by Turkey, the Turkish puppet state in occupied Cyprus and Communist China ( all three aforementioned states were the first to recognize the Titoist-conceived-"nation" following its independence from Belgrade in the early 1990s) and is set to make Titoist historical realities American historical realities.

The Greek media,church and government have been the only entities in the world to condemn this new American vision, thus far no other foreign actors outside the Greek world have said a word against the latest American "nation" building.

We must not , however, delude ourselves into the false belief that a tiny ethnic group composed of confused ,bumbling Slavophone peasants have somehow made the giant leap from professional pig shit shovelers to becoming well spoken,influential,savvy lobbyists able to convince major international decision makers. The Slavophones have very powerful actors doing all their lobbying for them, and picking up the bill.

World famous capitalist George Soros has dipped his hands into his deep pockets and used his influence ( that once shook world currency markets and determined several Eastern European elections) to back the Titoist-conceived-"nation" His hand picked associates at Human Right Watch also are responsible for not only publishing a number of hysterical faulty reports on "anti-Semitism" in Greece, their subsidiary --the prolific Greek Helsinki Monitor has been instrumental in attacking critics of the Titoist concept in Greece and beyond.

Thus far there has been a trickle of letters from diaspora Greeks to the White House. We can expect our government , left in the hands of democratic clowns like Karamanlis and Molyviatis to do nothing more than whimper to Master Miller in the U.S. embassy and to ,perhaps, grovel at the feet of their frankish masters in Brussels in the next EU meeting, nothing more.


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