Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Greek Establishment Does Not Want Popular Protests Against America

Despite the American insolence and intent to harm our entire National essence by its acceptance of the Titoist concept, the Greek establishment calls for the people to stay home, so that the charlatans with manicured hands can have time to respond by bureaucratic means to the world's sole superpower.

Macedonian Press Agency reports that "...The Greek government and PASOK are against protest mobilizations. Governing party of New Democracy central committee secretary Vangelis Meimarakis stressed that foreign policy is not exercised with emotion but with planning and program."

This is creating a vacuum on which the Nationalist movement can resource itself on and build on the people's general disillusionment with the Greek establishment and the general incompetence of the entire political system since the Aprilist Greek Revolution.

On Saturday November 6th, democratic Nationalist parties such as Hellenic Front and L.A.O.S., along with several Nationalist factions and their cadres did protest outside the U.S. consular post in Thessaloniki and rallied against the United States around the great statue of Alexander the Great. According to various reports, the protest numbered a few thousand people.

Hopefully, the Nationalist cause in Greece will begin to mobilize bigger and better protests against American insolence and hostility to Greece and feed off the ranks of the disillusioned masses who have either left politics or have joined tired unoriginal radical movements such as the Communists, without even understanding any of the basic anti-National tenets of Marxist-Leninism. Much like the more professional Nationalist movements of France and Belgium, and the historical precedents of Nationalist Revolution in the first half of the Twentieth Century,this could be a golden opportunity for the Nationalists to convert the Red belts in and around urban areas and to show themselves as the one time tested and original Greek force that could challenge Americanism and all its various machinations.


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