Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Pushing Us Off The Deep End

Once again we see that the Israeli-dominated government of the USA is working up its war options. One suspects, given the manifest uselessness of the American armed forces in Iraq, that any attack on Iran is likely to be through air power since it is the coward's method of attacking those on the block who are weaker. Nevertheless, it is becoming plainly evident that America is going to have a tougher and rougher time if they go ahead with their lunacy. This is a time for speaking out and reaching out to those who share this one belief: that the world will only be a safer place when America and Israel have been broken on the refusal of the world to accept their dictatorship. Just how many Serbs, Greeks, Arabs, Latin Americans and Japanese have to die to keep the world safe for this dictatorship? Much of that answer lies in our collective hands!

Is an Attack on Iran 'Inconceivable'?

A senior U.S. diplomat – who spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity – said that even if the IAEA Board balks, the United States will still seek a referral to the Security Council based on Iran's "past record of deception on its nuclear activities," and the matter could be referred to the Council "in different ways." by Gordon Prather, antiwar.com


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