Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Annual Polytechnic Greek Leftist Festival Takes Off

The myth of alleged killings by Greek security forces upon liberating the Polytechnic University in downtown Athens, has been used by the prevailing Greek political establishment to provide a smokescreen to explain their post-Greek Aprilist Revolution rule and thereby attempt to justify their incompetent and corrupt subservience to America and Europe , as the proverbial "lesser of two evils" in comparison to the "evil" Leadership of the Greek Revolution of April 21, 1967.

Since that date, the Greek political establishment has made November 17 , an annual affair.

The Communists and Anarchists will be "burning down the house".

Rumble in the Bronx? No, its just Greek youth having a good time in Thessaloniki.

The proverbial "cherry on the sundae", wrapping things up by tossing a flaming bottle of gasoline at the street outside the U.S. Embassy.

Let's all meet here again next year.


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