Sunday, November 28, 2004

Nationalist or Globalist? Confusion Reigns Over The Ukraine

There have been many cliches by the Western press in recent years that Putin's regime in Russia is somehow swerving toward a Nationalist stance, even though Putin has done nothing to reverse the self-destructive neo-liberal global economic reforms of the Yeltsin cabal and has not even hinted that he would revert to Russia's old glory days as a quasi-theocratic Orthodox Christian world power.

The American-led international community seems concerned over the recent electoral victory of so-called anti-Western candidate and member of the old guard Victor Yanukovych over so-called pro-Western candidate, also named Victor and also having a last name beginning with Y, Viktor Yushchenko.

Meanwhile CNN and the rest of the globalist media cabal have run the so-called anti-Western electoral victor through the mud and have earned the derision of the Russian state and press

Paradoxically, the so-called pro-Western candidate who lost the recent election also seems to have the backing of the feverishly pro-Zionist George W. Bush administration, yet Western NGO's ( Non Governmental Organizations) such as British Human Rights Group shriek that this very so-called pro-Western candidate is an anti-Semite.

If you are not already thoroughly confused as to who is the real Nationalist or Globalist, or both somehow, I have also pasted commentary sent to me from Israel Shamir that includes an altogether befuddling analysis of the situation.


The developments in Ukraine are very troublesome -they remind us the scenes from Tbilisi and Belgrade. The statement of Powell is even more troublesome - just recently the US went through the elections which appeared extremely flawed, and already the US administration dares to find flaws in the elections in Ukraine. The Bankers Union of Ukraine also supports the opposition man who lost but won't admit it. Mercedeces and Cadillacs, status symbols for Ukraine, are serving the rebels; over a million of dead Ukrainians somehow managed to vote for the opposition. The president-elect is offering a reasonable solution to some of Ukraine problems, inclusing that of Russian language recognition - over a half of Ukrainians speak Russian, but the language is not recognised yet. Still, the situation is not too simple. Our friend Ihor Slissarenko wrote the following text stressing the complexity of the picture.

Due the often heavily used in the mainstream media primitive cliche, Viktor Yanukovych is the pro-Russian candidate, while Viktor Yushchenko is his pro-Western rival.

Indeed, Mr. Yanukovych found a powerful promoter in Russian president Vladimir Putin, who came to the capital, Kiev, for an open endorsement praising Yanukovych's governance and offering the dual citizenship. An ordinary Russian could be shocked with the only fact that his leader with KGB background openly associated with a person with a criminal record, who spent two terms in jail for robbery and hooliganism!

As to the US stance, it seems it had put eggs in different baskets a long before the elections. Until last days before the run-off on November 21, US ambassador to Ukraine often stated that the US 'would accept any choice made by the Ukrainian people'. Despite the recent vocal criticism from the US about the dirty campaign, many in Ukraine consider the US administration tolerates president Kuchma and his clan due the over 1,700 Ukrainian soldiers stationed in Iraq, although the overwhelming majority of the population is against that. And Mr. Yushenko already promised the withdrawal after his victory, as he signed an agreement with the leader of the popular Socialist party Mr. Oleksandr Moroz in exchange for the socialists' support.

On the other hand, Mr.Yanukovych's envoy currently orchestrating $1 mln PR-campaign in the US, came to Washington with the assurances that the Ukrainian soldiers would not leave Iraq if his boss wins.

Many in Ukraine were confused with ex-congressman Bob Carr recruited by the Mr.Yanukovych's staff as a head of ex-congressmen mission to Ukraine's election, who after the voting day delivered the statement that his mission had not seen anything wrong while 3 mln Ukrainians had not been able to have voted as their names had been absent or misspelled in the voters' list. Or should we forget the attacks of alleged recruited criminals, even security service agents in plain at some polling stations, burning of ballot-papers,and death threats to the heads of local electoral commissions if they failedto ensure the positive results for 'the candidate of power'?

President Kuchma's son-in-law billionaire Victor Pinchuk has enjoyed the company of George H.W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, Richard Holbrook, Wesley Clark, who visited Kiev in last three months as 'personal guests of Mr. Pinchuk'. Mr.Pinchuk's media (three nation-wide television channels, the published in large tabloid, number of FM radio stations) are the part of the current brutal smear campaign launched against Mr.Yushchenko, and naturally, the loyal partner to Mr.Yanukovych.

Another propagandist engine against Mr.Yushchenko "1+1" nation-wide television channel being often suited for libel, is owned by former US ambassador Ronald Lauder. Mr.Yushchenko knows for sure that being known either 'pro-Western' or 'pro-Russian' is not favored by the Ukrainian voters. Thus, he has often claimed being a 'pro-Ukrainian'. In his television ads, he appealed "not to rely on Europe, America, or Russia".


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