Sunday, November 28, 2004

Hellenic Nationalist Perspective On Greek Historiography

Hellenic Nationalist Perspective has published two new articles that expose the Greek political establishment's efforts to falsify the Greek historical record.

President Stefanopoulos Wants to "Clean" Our History exposes the nefarious intentions of longtime PASOK Socialist operative, and Western political puppet, Kostis Stefanopoulos's stated intents to delete and omit a key part of the Greek Nation's most glorious chapter in history during the age of Byzantium, so as not to offend a neighboring nation that has repeatedly invaded , killed ,enslaved and maimed countless Greeks through the ages and under various political systems.

Greek Protests: Demonstrations In Apathy remarks on two major issues of historical interpretations and misinterpretations, one mythical the other artificial, by the political establishment and the masses who follow them.


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