Thursday, June 23, 2005

Predator Democracy

An excellent little essay I stumbled on , introduces the term predator democracy, to describe the many examples we have of harmful democracy in the so-called developing world, with particularly specific examples of Nepal and Pakistan. Maybe developing world does not technically apply to Greece--although we cannot think of one industry in Greece, that can be called developed, except maybe some ship building, in most cases our industry is non-existent. Think hard about how much thirty years or so of democracy has accomplished for the Nation--crime, overt homosexuality, promiscuity, porn and abortion have skyrocketed to unprecedented levels. Meanwhile the educational system has reached abysmal new lows, I had met many older schoolteachers in Greece, who spoke with longing for the days of the Aprilist Revolution when rigid discipline and respect in a Greek classroom was standard and normal, quite the reverse today. Not to mention a myriad of foreign interests and cultures and even a currency imposed on our baited populace:

It is ironic that just as the West loses faith in its governmental systems, it struggles the hardest to impose them on others. So, much as modern pharmaceutical companies fight to keep selling drugs that apparently kill off a significant number of users, our masters tout democracy while ignoring the mysterious frequency with which democracies 'go bad' and become lethal predators.


Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

(Quote from the essay)
''George W Bush has stated that the exportation of democracy will be the goal of US foreign policy''

Fuck this cunt.
Any true Christian would realise that liberal democracy is a truely athiest whorish government system and the only TRUE Christian type of government is a ''theocratic Dictatorship.''

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