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Back From The Saint Markella Festival

July 22 , or August 4th by our time in the Old Calendar is the Name Day of Saint Markella, those who do not know the story of her martyrdom will find out about in this Chios or Xios site

Anyway, the Church I go to is named Saint Markella and I felt very good inside to be there to venerate Saint Markella's icon, and to also purchase a great icon of Saint Markella that is now part of my iconostasis , although I have to arrange to also get it blessed during liturgy by my priest.

The day of August 4th on through this Sunday has also been a festival and sort of fundraiser for Saint Markella Church in New York . The street outside the church was closed with several stands selling food ,trinkets as well as valuable religious items , such as the icon, I purchased, that is photographed here.

Those who actually went inside the church to venerate the icons or to pray or even crossed the threshold into the church got to have an older Greek woman pin a little paper icon to their lapel of the aforementioned icon. In this sense, one also got to see who in this festival actually entered our church, and who was just a curious bystander or was just there to sit out in the tables and eat some Greek food.

I noticed one thing immediately , the sluts-whores-ho's etc etc at the festival , did not have this paper icon pinned to their shirt.None of them did. We all know the type, the Greek woman who likes to flash her mammary glands and buttocks to passer-bys. None of them did. Two who I had the displeasure to be sitting one table away from while I was trying to eat my souvlaki this afternoon, were discussing how they use "pulling out" method and "rhythm" method while with their boyfriends(!) Another two , with Cypriot accents, sat in the table in front of me, and were with their two dates , two Greek American earnest types, you know the type, the office worker in his weekend gear. Boyfriend was discussing how immigration is good for Greece, because Greece is aging and this will make it like America. I wanted to stab him in the eye with my fork, but realized it was made of plastic anyway. Would that be right though, I mean to do that right outside the church? But getting back to the sluts, well, at least they didn't dishonor our church by walking in with their street-walker outfits, not that the sign out front asking for modesty in attire has ever made a difference. But why do these whores even show up to a Church festival, even if they are just hanging around the foodstands? Is it to shake their glands at men? Is this their desperate little power trip?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should have stabbed him in the eye,( Christ chastised and chased out the moneylenders from the temple) the disgusting swine, at least he deserved a dressing down to remind him that if he likes America so much he should have had his vacations in his cloacal den and his filthy ideas about what his good for Greece he should keep it to himself. These pathogenic critters are no longer Greeks, they are brainwashed macdonalized compost.
Race traitors.

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most politicians and religious leaders are members of secret societies. Masonry and the Vatican control the power of the world. These societies and the Vatican practice satanism. They have created international terrorism with the purpose of creating the third World War. They want to make it appear that all conflicts have been caused by conflicts and divisions between world countries and religions to establish a one world government and religion ruled by a leader who will claim to be the prophesied Messiah and to rule by divine authority. They will quote Bible verses to deceive people into thinking this is the Kingdom of God, and they will make all kind of signs and wonders. The UFO phenomenon and New Age Movement have been created for this purpose. This is the kingdom of the beast prophesied in the Bible in which all nations will gather. All people will worship the beast and all true followers of Yeshua will be persecuted. The aliens are fallen angels and hybrids, the gods worshipped by the ancient civilizations. Of course they will present great benefits to the population and they will relase new technologies and promises of peace and prosperity but do not believe them, they are only lying. This will be a fascist government, where all the people will be implanted with mind control chips and the useless eaters put to death. They have planted many lies to keep us away from the truth. God is not of any religion or denomination, because all are controlled and have substituted God because they claim to be the Truth, the Way and the Life. God is in our heart and teaches us individually, we must only understand and do what He commands. The Only Way is Yahshua the Messiah. What the majority believes is always the lie. Where the carcass is (false Christ), the vultures will gather (multitudes).

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Eurystheus said...

How can we find Yashua the Messiah ? Where can we find him ? He is the only way ? Sounds like another Jesus is the only way, or Muhamed is the only way, a replacement of these two eminent religious figures with another one; Yashua ?. The satanic world will be a Fascist world ? Why not a communistic world ? Mussolini's fascists and Franco's fascists were beleivers in the faith.
Communist are atheists. It is going to be a revived communistic satanic dictatorship then ? That sound more plausibe.
In any case the practical realities of a one world govt. are with us today, the only thing left is to give it its proper designation. In today's realities Sovereignty of nations is an illusion. The USA is a typical case where all the people and nations of the world have gathered
in a merryment of chaos and dystopia. How much worse it can become is a matter of gradation.

2:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back to the original post. You should have stabbed him in the eye with your fork and then broken off the tips. That would have have taught him a lesson. In fact, you should probably have killed him! Doing so, you would be a soldier of God, doing His bidding.

12:06 PM  
Blogger Perun said...

Pathetic...sadly I hear similar sentiments among the Ukrainian diaspora as well. Many of them literally want to Americanize the motherland which I find absolutely sickening.

As for the sluts...yes I see plenty of them as well. Womanhood has degraded terribly in North America. Hence why I have a strong preference for women from old country.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Perun said...

"These societies and the Vatican practice satanism."

Yeah sure, the Vatican practices Satanism. I dont even know where to begin refuting this garbage!

4:29 PM  
Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

anonymous, here is a link to a site which interprets the revelations the best in my opinion.

6:59 AM  
Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

anonymous, here is a link to a site which interprets the revelations the best in my opinion.

6:59 AM  
Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

Hellenic Nationalist said:
''I was trying to eat my souvlaki this afternoon, were discussing how they use "pulling out" method and "rhythm" method while with their boyfriends(!)''


those whores should be lined up and shot.

sad thought that girls in the West hav become lyk that. and u know why? coz pathetic democracy lets them be lyk that!

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allah Akbar!

All of you are patheteec peegs. Since you are filthy infidells, it is Allah's wiill that we kill all of you! YOU HEAR ME, WE WILL KILL ALL OF YOU! Your whorish woman will be our concubines.

Alla Akbar!


2:50 AM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

To Anonymous 2.0 (since about a thousand "anonymous" guys have posted comments here, my message is directed towards the second anonymous poster):

I find it ironic that you denounce the New Age movement and yet, in your very message, espouse New Age philosophies (e.g. when you state that all religions are false and one can only find salvation outside of organized religion -- a viewpoint is central to almost all New Age movements).

It's also quite obvious that you must be some sort of disillusioned Protestant. It's no wonder then that you have decided to reject organized religion for some sort of "personal spirituality". But just because your heretical version of Christianity was false and corrupt, does not mean that "all [religions and denominations] are controlled and have substituted God" as you put it.

Finally, aside from being confused about religion, you seem to also be confused about politics. A one-world government could NEVER be Fascist because Fascism is based on three things: nationalism, authoritarianism, and stringent socioeconomic controls that are anti-Capitalist in nature. And since a one-world government would be internationalistic in ideology and practice, how could it EVER be Fascist when Fascism is based on nationalism? It couldn't.

4:56 PM  

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