Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"Stupid Evil Females"

Come across this amusing site by some guy who can't stand women and their underhanded nasty ways, the site claims that Hell must be filled with women ( claiming this comes from the Quran ) This excerpt on their whorish ways,cataloged under HUGE EGO on the site, is worth sharing:

Females want all the glory, for doing none of the work, and none of the sacrifices! Then they claim they are tougher! It's so crazy.

On a ship (U.S.S. Acadia) in the Gulf War, 40% of the women got pregnant, and the ship had to be sent home. Why? A woman soldier would rather get pregnant than risk her own fat female ass. They weren't even supposed to be having sex in the first place. Many of these women went and had an abortion afterwards. While I don't want to get into the abortion debate, I think it's the most sick thing possible to plan to get pregnant, and then have an abortion, to avoid risking your own life. Especially when it was you that chose to be in that position in the first place!

It would be different if there was a draft, but these women chose to be there, then decided they couldn't take the heat. So they did what females do best. Deal with it the twisted sick disgusting and dishonourable way.

These women are all mad, and have a huge overblown ego. The huge ego thing, however, is a very female thing. A female will never be a nice person, while she has an overblown ego. And most women have overblown egos.

A woman will only be nice, when she is aware of her own limitations. It it only when she is aware of her limitations, and doesn't feel threatened by men who are better than her in some way, that she can be a lady. (And not some crazy female monster)


Blogger Perun said...

All I can is, you have a better chance of getting hit by lightening multiple times in a row than finding a decent woman in North America.

Correction: finding a decent woman in North America who is not originally from another continent!

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