Friday, July 29, 2005

Great Historical Commentary On British Intervention In Greece In The Name Of The Jew

Something passed on to me from a Hellenic Nationalist comrade, enjoy:

19th Century British intervention in the name of the Jew

I recently stumbled upon some information concerning a British military intervention against Greece regarding an incident in which a single (!) Jew's business (or was it his home?) was vandalized by a Greek mob in 1847. This Jew's name was Don Pacifico. He had been
born in Gibraltar and apparently used the claim of British citizenship to appeal to the British government for help after the Greek government did not compensate him. As a result, the British foreign secretary Lord Palmerston peremptorily sent the Royal Navy to Piraeus in order to blockade Greek ports and threaten Greek shipping. This blockade lasted for two years (!) and only ended after Greek ships were actually seized (!!) by the Royal Navy, at which point the Jew Pacifico was compensated.

This incident is said to have been of international proportions as it caused great tensions between the British Empire and France, risking war between the two powers, due to the fact that the terms imposed on Greece by the British were different than those that French and
British representatives had both agreed upon in London, something which the French took as an implicit insult.

Although Lord Palmerston is said to have been criticized by both foreign powers and British politicians alike, he won over his British audience in a speech before the House of Commons in which he used the Civis Romanus doctrine (i.e. the doctrine of the Roman Empire whereby
a citizen could say "Civis Romanus Sum" or "am I not a citizen of Rome" and expect the full protection of the Roman Empire) in the context of the British Empire to justify his gunboat diplomacy. (On a side note, this British act of gunboat diplomacy has become a precedent for imperialistic interventions -- primarily by fellow Anglo-Saxons -- in places and times as distinct as feudal Japan to 21st century Iraq.)

I think it's important to be aware of this incident because it explicitly demonstrates the International Jew's great political influence as early as the 19th century in the West. Even if it is
true that Lord Palmerston punished Greece to humiliate the French, one must still ask himself: Why was this specific event chosen as the instrument to slight the French? (Were there truly no others?) Why were the French, in the first place, even interested in establishing Anglo-French terms to compensate a Jew of dubious British citizenship (after all, Gibraltar was seized from Spain by the British and even today is claimed by the Spanish) in a foreign land? And, furthermore, why did the Great Powers hold the Greek government responsible for the vandalism of perhaps a handful of Greeks? (Does that mean a Greek with British citizenship can today demand that the Royal Navy be sent to Occupied Cyprus in order to force the Turkish
occupationist authorities to compensate him for his loss of home?)

I think the answers to these questions all point to the fact that Don Pacifico's ethnic heritage played, at the very least, a moderate role in this illegal intervention against Greece but most likely was a central point. After all, what is the British government more interested in today: protecting ethnic Britons with UK citizenship or protecting Jews (with or without UK citizenship) from "anti- Semitism"? The absurd "hate laws" in the UK answer that question as does the fact that the United Kingdom has failed to protect its own citizens from execution in places like Iraq. I wonder, though, if a Jew was suddenly captured in Iraq by Iraqi resistance fighters whether the UK would agree to remove its troops upon his release?

Other than the Jew's control of the West, the other lesson (which I don't really even need to mention because of how obvious it already is) concerns the Great Powers' stranglehold on modern Greece -- a stranglehold that, as this incident shows, has existed since Greece's
liberation from the Turk. If the Great Powers were willing to militarily intervene in Greece only years after they'd been supporting the Greek effort to liberate themselves from the Turkish
yoke then just imagine how willing the Great Powers would be to intervene in Greece should the country ever show the slightest bit of sovereignty. Actually, there's no reason to imagine this since an example already exists: Yugoslavia. (And, like the military intervention in 19th century Greece, the Jew was central to this intervention as well.)


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