Monday, July 25, 2005

Germany's Turkish Question

Even though today's Germany idealizes such Western pop stars as the black rappers "Snoop" and "Fifty-Cent", has the ignoble distinction of having a capital with what is said to be the largest per capita openly homosexual population in the world, and has more Holocaust education,monuments and museums than even the United States... some stats reveal that it's still wary of having Turks in its serpentine European Union:

The latest Eurobarometer study showed that 52 percent of EU citizens would like to keep Turkey out of the EU with just 35 percent in favour of full accession.

But in Germany, 74 percent would like to keep Turkey out,...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Germany ,like the rest of Europe, is gradually sinking into moral turpitude, degeneracy, racial etiolation, and all the evils that can befall an enslaved people and their occupied country.Racial dynamics will prevail in the long run. At the moment the long run does not augur well at all. The native german is slumbering in the omniotic fluid of decadence and moral deviancy. One can not revert a dismal situation overnight. The start of a renaissance has not even taken the first steps;
in the meanwhile the cancer in the body metastazises. Whether the people want the Mongols in or out does not matter until such time as the people's will can be translated into political will.
This does not seem to be happening at the moment, not in Germany or anywhere else in Europe. I can see a change in trend and a shift in the wind from an outright No to a "privileged relationship",touted by the politicos, which is in fact as saying : slowly slowly Turkey you may come in the end, that end will be when the demographic dynamic has tilted irreversible toward the ineluctable growth and ensconcement of migrant (invaders) communities in the native's living space.We all know how to solve the problems, but without will there is no way, and compromises are momentary palliatives not solutions.

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