Saturday, July 23, 2005

A Study In Contrasts

For those of you not in the know, Aliya, means to ascend in Hebrew, and in Israeli and modern Judaic culture one of the most righteous things a diaspora Jew can do is to Aliya or to return home to Israel. Not only has the Israeli state rigorously encouraged this state policy ever since it s founding, it comes up with free housing for repatriating jews, generous living arrangements, job seeking and social counseling, and tuition-free admission to an Israeli University (comparable to the best that America or England can offer) Needless to say, military service for males is a given and eagerly sought after.

Also for any of you not in the know, Greece has nothing like this , despite its pathetic recent attempt to implement a diaspora organization, the inept SAE group does nothing, absolutely nothing insofar as getting diaspora Hellenes to come home, the large Greek educational diaspora is just further evidence that the Greek University system is one big turd, as is the entire Greek system.

The article pasted below with a link, is a fascinating glimpse into a country with half of Greece's population and with comparably meager natural resources. A study in competency.


Shhh! Don't Tell Them It's Aliyah
By Uriel Heilman

How do you get an American to leave the comforts of his US home for a life in faraway Israel? Tell him how much money he'll save – and don't tell him it's aliya. At least, that's the strategy the Jewish Agency for Israel is hoping will help make 2005 a banner year for North American aliya. "Being a Jew is very expensive," Landsberg says. "We have a solution: Study for free in Israel." The Aliyah Center's free university program, called Free Tuition Study, is actually aliya masquerading as free tuition. "Earn a free BA, MA or PhD from Israel's finest Universities and Colleges, internationally recognized for academic excellence," boasts the program's brochure. The only catch: participants must "hold an Israeli passport." Translation: aliya.


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