Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Mysterious "Nikos"

Some of you may remember that there was a commentator around here who went by the handle "Nikos", well mysteriously he went back and deleted all his comments on this blog, and actually missed one, and changed his handle to "Johnny". I'm just wondering why he did that? The only reason I could think up was that he may have been offended at the Georgios Karaztaferis: The Greek "Gay Nationalist" blog entry, since he was such an avowed supporter of this political clown. I'm just a bit peeved that he did this with no explanation whatsoever, seems cowardly, doesn't it?


Blogger Peter said...

I feel sorry for you. When an individual has to put someone down to raise themselves up...well...the only result can be bitterness and hatred. Anger is healthy. However, Fascism, in any form, is dangerous.

3:54 AM  
Blogger Peter said...


Quote: "the epicenter of globalization and Western decadence..."

And your favorite movie is
Last Tango in Paris?


4:04 AM  

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