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"It was fully confirmed that the Center-left fellow-travelers together with the absurd or passive resistance of the political world, had all become invaluable allies of communism, for the overthrowing of the regime and the achievement of the communist objectives. Whether willingly blind, disinterested, naively thinking, or deliberately and selfishly acting, the fellow-traveler and every type of petty politician had collaborated in the creation of an odd "popular front" which existed, without appearing, and was active without being recognized." --December 1968, 'The Undermining Of The Greek Nation by Communism' by the Ministry to the Prime Minister George Papadopoulos.



Blogger Deucalionite said...

Hey adelphe. Sorry I have not been commenting on your blog. I have been real busy doing interviews and talking to an interesting Iranian fellow (named Darius) on my blog.

Anyway, what's new adelphe?

By the way, interesting posts thus far. Keep up the good work. I was wondering though if you could do something for me. If you cannot, then that is alright. Do not worry about it.

Is it alright with you if you could provide me with any comments or feedback to my research about Greek identity and history?

Here is the link:

I have placed my work on various forums and acquired some interesting feedback.

If you have the time, read the entire text and leave a comment in response to this one or leave a comment on my blog.

I would greatly appreciate your contributions adelphe.


2:49 PM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Hey deucalionite,

Thanks for your comment and your ref. to your recent writings,my apologies for my abscence I have also been busy in recent days, I will visit your blog and the forum you indicated to add my comments after I take the time to thoroughly read and digest.

Btw, you mentioned interviews, do you also work as an editor or reporter?

I greatly appreciate that you greatly appreciate my feedback, as do I yours as well.

10:15 PM  
Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

H.N. do u actaully like Papadopoulos?

2:32 AM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Hey eoka assassin,

I just noticed this comment , did you post it last night?

Anyway , to answer your question. Papadopoulos did a lot more for Greece and the ideals of the Greek nation than any parliamentary or democratic figure has ever done since. He would not be my top choice , since he did not have the time or the circumstances to fully agrandise his Aprilist revolution with the youth. If certain events had not happened Papadopoulos may have become our "Franco" he could have ruled Greece until his death in the late 1990s, but that was not to be and its all hypothetical and ends up heing speculative or "what if?" history.

My qualm with Papadopoulos is that while being throughly anti-Communist he was simply a authoritarian dictator and not a Fascist dictator , he never attempted to eliminate liberal capitalism from Greece, then again he was working in a vastly different era from the classic Fascists of the first half of the Twentieth Century.

8:59 AM  
Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

yeah i did just post it last night,lol.

Hellenic Nationalist:
''Fascist dictator, he never attempted to eliminate liberal capitalism from Greece, then again he was working in a vastly different era from the classic Fascists of the first half of the Twentieth Century.''

he didnt elimate liberal capitalists?...unless i've misunderstood u, i presume ur a Nationalist Socialist? lyk Hitler etc were?
Also can u tell me the exact difference between a Dictator and a Fascist Dictator? lyk where is the line drawn between the two?

although i don't lyk him, dont get me wrong he was was better than pathetic democracy, and although
every dictator has done sum torture, sum of the torture done by the Papadopoulos regime is pretty off putting and just plain wrong... these are things such as.

''The Amnesty delegation desribed a number of the other torture methods commonly employed. Among these were:

a) Beating the soles of the feet with a stick or pipe. After four months of this, the soles of one prisoner were covered with thick scar tissue. Another was crippled by broken bones.

b) Numerous incidents of sexually-oriented torture: shoving fingers or an object into the vagina and twisting and tearing and brutally; also done with the anus; or a tube is inserted into the anus and water driven in under very high pressure.

c) Techniques of gagging: the throat is grasped in such a way that the windpipe is cut off, or a filthy rag, often soaked in urine, and sometimes excrement, is shoved down the throat.

d) Tearing out the hair from the head and the PUBIC region.

e) Jumping on the stomach.

f) Pulling out toe nails and finger nails. [30]''

now he tried to make Greece more theocratic yet his regime sexually assaulted ppl by sticking things up their ass hole and virgina? a bit hypocrtical to me.
he is better than democracy but i still dont lyk him...
oh and let's remember he was a CIA puppet.

6:43 AM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

hey eoka assassin,

i'm surprised that you would cite "evidence" coming from a ultra-liberal judeophile and internationalist group like Amnesty International. You should go back and research all the false and sensational reports Amnesty was publishing in the 1960s and early 1970s on alleged "human rights" violations by EOKA and EOKA B, they are in a simliar fashion of cheap paperback fiction. First of all the notion of "human rights" is very ambigious, its based on the "Declaration of Human Rights" drawn up by the victorious Allied poers in the UN, amongst some of these rights is "the right to form unions" and "the right to a nationality" and to "religion" amongst other globalizing themes that are merely a device to impose "minority rights" for many harmful ,for Greece, divisions and sects, such as "the Jehovahs Witnesses" and "the Mormons" whom this group and other international groups have supported under the guise of "human rights" Since you proclaim to believe in theocracy what do you make of Amensty International's tabloid-like reports on Iran? Don't believe everything you read. And the fact that such faulty reports, based on shoddy research gathering methods , are still floating around on Papadopoulos is more evidence that the West despised the National-building goals of Papadopoulos's Aprilist Revolution. Think of it, how did Amenesty International get these reports: answer: by listening to biased and anti-Greek testimonies by fanatical leftists with an axe to grind. In recent years, Amnesty International and other such groups come up with a lot of phoney reports, loads of them actually, on the so-called "genocide" of Muslims by Serbs, do you believe that too?

If Papadopoulos was so oppressive, how is it that we have so many leftists from that era alive today in Greece? Under a leftist or communist dicatorship such vociferous political opposition would have been liquidated. Papadopoulos was , in comparison, quite "soft" on the anti-Greeks.

Furthermore, where is the evidence that Papadopoulos was "a CIA puppet" ? Since his political adversaries have been in power in Greece for the past 30 years , it would be high time to publish some documentary evidence on these wild claims, thus far none has been forthcoming.

A Fascist dicator tries to radically change his society by cleansing it of foreign intereference and that entails eliminating the international banking scheme, international freemasonary and international jewry. That means an end to liberal capitalism. A dictator simply dissolves parliament.

11:14 AM  
Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

yeah fair enough, u may actually be right, those torture claims are probably over eggagerated and not tru, and to be honest i havent even heard of Amnasty interantional and didnt know it was sum liberal organisation therefore didnt know exactly wat i was reading or wat they;ve done in the past, (u claim they critizesed EOKA, and Serbia) therefore i didnt know wat Amnesty internation are lyk, as i said i neva heard of em, thats why i didnt think 2wice about copying and pasting their claims.

but as for Papadopoulos being a CIA installed dictator, not only that is simply a well known fact by everyone, but if im correct even in 1999 Washington eventually admitted that they were involved in the 1967 coup.

''Since you proclaim to believe in theocracy what do you make of Amensty International's tabloid-like reports on Iran?''

2 be honest i haven't heard of there claims against Iran and i dont know wat there for, but most lykely they are sum vlakia claims as i now know how Amensty are like.

12:23 AM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

If you want to find out what Amnesty International is , just visit their official website, they even have an active section for "human rights" of homosexuals add in recent years they had a major campaign against Romania for still having laws criminalising homosexuality, which ended up being successfully overturned thanks to Amnesty and other foreign pressure groups. For even more research go sit in on a local Amnesty International meeting, I'm sure there are plenty such meetings in a liberal country like Australia where you live, , and I'm also sure you well see a gathering of liberal hippy pot-heads, homoseuxals and Jews.

As for the moronic brainwashed Greek pseudo-intellectuals who repeat "facts" they heard from the degenerate-Greek establishment, these are also the same types who believe that Samson and Grivas were "Nazis" and also "CIA agents" or "CIA puppets". Again show us some hard documentary evidence please, not just rumouors or cheap leftist propaganda. In stark contrast real CIA organised coups such as the coup in Chile that imposed military dictator Pinochet into power in 1973 has been exposed as such , thanks to documentary evidence. If you search for "Operation Condor" you will see loads of US Government documents brought to light by freedom Of Information Acts that prove that the CIA was involved in installing the Pinochet military dicatorship in Chile.

In the case of Papadopoulos there is no documentary evidence whatsoever of it being a CIA installed coup. Odd isn't it? Just a bunch of bullshit by the anti-Greek criminals who rule Greece and Cyprus and excuses to justify their tyrannical rule. These are not 'facts' they are typical Greek leftist pseduointellectual non-facts. As for this statement from Washington you mention, well when Clinton visited Greece in 1999 he said he was sorry America didn't do anything to stop the coup. So what? That still doesn't mean America installed the coup.Which according to many eywitnesses caught the Americans completely off-guard in 1967. On top of it all, America and Western Europe imposed sanctions against Papadopoulos's regime for being un-democratic. Does this sound like something America would do to its "CIA puppet"?

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