Friday, July 08, 2005

Rainy Friday Night

I went downtown tonight to meet up with some buddies who attend an OCA (Orthodox Church in America) Cathedral in Manhattan's Lower East Side. The usual Friday night banter in the coffee shop with this troupe. What frustrated me is hearing about the mass man mentality of this church, their Metropolitan made a request through their parish priest that a prayer be said for London's victims, and they even extended prayers and condolences to the Anglican Bishop in London, who I believe is the Bishop of Canterbury, who I only know through his hilarious depiction in Rowan Atkinson's ( of whom I am a big fan) comical movie spoof Johnny English. The real Anglican Church is one of the world's great heresies, it masquerades as the Church of Jesus Christ, while admitting openly homosexual degenerates and women as their "priests". And its a major reason why I am wary of New Calendar ecumenicalists who have been known to have joint prayers with this major heresy, that can even claim a transexual as a priest.

One wonders if the Anglicans or the English ever said a prayer when the Turkish military killed thousands of Greeks in Cyprus with American and British weapons in a matter of days, or when Orthodox Christians get killed by Albanians or Slavic Muslims every week? And what about the many Christians killed by Israeli firepower this year , and what of Iraqi Christians bombed, napalmed and immolated by Americans and their English partners? The list could go on into eternity it seems. But mass man will always shed tears and recite prayers for what those who determine what mass man should hear, see and buy.

David Irving, another Englishman I can appreciate along with comic genius Rowan Atkinson, had some acerbic wit to add to this spectacle in his newsletter: "The Americans have a saying - what goes around comes around, and it now seems they aren't always referring to the merry-go-round on the pier at Santa Monica or the baggage carousel at LAX."

Tonight it rained , I liked the rain. If only it could wash away all the sluts congregating on the street , smoking their cigarettes , flashing their buttocks and mammary glands in front of all those dreary bars on First Avenue and take all those crappy newspapers with headlines of "Hell" and "Blitz" down into the sewers where they belong, its not to be. The rain did not come down that hard tonight.


Blogger Ionios Dorikos said...

The Brits sure did have a field day with their war against Athens' image in the prelude to the 2004 Olympics. Well, truth be told, Athens hosted the Olympics safely.

In contrast, barely a day into the Brits celebration of being granted the chance to host the Olympics in 7 years, bombs burst under and over London!

To the Brits reading this. There's a good old Hellenic saying: Whatever you make fun of will happen to you.

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