Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Olympic Diplomatic Protocol

New York City has lost its bid for the 2012 Olympics, which , would have only served to increase the profits of a minority of business men and 'chosen people' while hurling higher costs on the general populace along with a thousand other inconveniences. What I find amusing is that the Greek diplomatic Corp in New York offered condolences and advice to New York's Mayor Bloomberg. The 2004 Olympics , that further indebted the debtor Greek government , is the Greek political establishment's one claim at an ephemeral "accomplishment."

BTW, I have heard rumors for many years that the Greek diplomatic Corp in New York are a clique of closet homosexuals. Something for enquiring minds to further investigate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For much that I ,in my personal capacity, wished for the Olympics to be awarded to Athens, ( in 1997) for the sole purpose of imagery , standing and a sense of importance, I understood that the enterprise was far beyond Greece's financial clout. The Olympics should not have been held in Athens simply because the nation could not afforded it. Prestige and hubris do come at a price, and I believe that the cost of the games should be made payable by those gangsters who profited the most by its staging and not by the ordinary citizenry through massive and agressive taxation.
It is a case of enjoy yourself, have fun and debauchery now and pay later.

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