Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Greatest European

I have come across such revelations many times in the non-Western world. Without a doubt, the man is the single greatest (in as many ways and in so many definitions as you can think of) European of all time, and indubitaby the most well-known European who ever lived. What are the greatest assortment of pussies in all of human history,exemplified by the Europeans in the EU, so afraid of? If the Chinese can admire him, why can't they?

Source: AFP
From correspondents in Singapore
July 01, 2005

GERMAN and Israeli diplomats say they are shocked that a group of Singapore high school students have chosen Adolf Hitler for the their team name and idol at a leadership camp.

The afternoon tabloid, The New Paper, last week reported the students regarded the man who started World War II and masterminded the Holocaust as their hero because of his leadership qualities, and even described him as handsome.

"We like him. He led Germany and was very good although he was evil," the newspaper quoted the group's leader, an un-named 15-year-old female student, as saying in Saturday's edition.


Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

who's business is it for the Jews to stick their noses in, as usual and condemn it. they should learn to piss of, lol.

as for ur comment on him being the greatest European eva...hmmm im not so sure... yes it was good wat he did to the Jews...but he invade Greece, and persecuted Christians in Germany. If he didnt persecute Christians, and invade Greece then maybe, coz of wat he did to the malaka Jews. but since he did those 2 things things, there's no way IMO he is the greatest European.

8:19 AM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Well, greatest could have many leveled meanings. Could mean he has the biggest name and had done the biggest deeds. And his deeds did ,for better or worse, reshape the world in many different ways. No single European has ever accomplished so much in one short lifetime.

As to the persecution of Christians in Germany , I am not so sure of this, I would have to re-examine the source. As far as I know he rode to power on a specific point of "positive Christianity" and did defer to his church, and in the final analysis he did save Germany at a pivotal time from a Communist revolution that would have been an all out disaster for Christians. As for the invasion of Greece, the man did deeply regret this invasion in both his private talks and written testimony and attributed this grat mistake to Mussolini. We must also not forget that , statistically, the greatest numbers of Greek deaths during the Second World War are due to the Communists who not only enslaved Greek provinces and massacred civilians they also sparked a terrorist war against the government in Greece that they knew whould involve civilians being retaliated against, overall the many Greek deaths by starvation can be squarely placed on the heads of the English, who brutally blocaded Greece and also spurred on the German invasion by landing their English troops in Greece against the wishes of Greece's leader Metaxas.

9:26 AM  
Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

speaking of Metaxas as u brought him up, was it the Poms that killed him? does anyone know for sure?

10:57 AM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

P.J. Vatikiotis wrote a fine academic study on the political life of Metaxas, and the part dealing with his death is provided on this Metaxas site which is also linked to this blog, here is the pertinent link: http://www.metaxas-project.com/article25.html

Death of Metaxas

By P.J. Vatikiotis

Mrs. Nana Foka told me in November 1996 that a soldier of the British Armed Forces from a nearby British Army depot arrived with an oxygen cylinder on Tuesday, 29 January. Metaxas was already dying when he was connected to the oxygen cylinder, and the British mechanic went to sleep on the adjoining bed. After Metaxas was pronounced dead, the British soldier took the oxygen cylinder and left. One suspects that it is this particular action of the British which gave rise to the rumours about the killing of Metaxas by poisoning or other means. But it is all speculation.

The Greek historian and nationalist intellectual leader Plevris also wrote about the possibility of English assassins getting to Metaxas in his biography of the nationalist leader, I have not yet read his book.

I've also come across a reference to the English assassination of Metaxas by world renowned British historian David Irving in his landmark study "Hitler's War" , Irving writes that the lower half of Metaxas was blackened upon death just like that of the Bulgarian King who was poisoned by the English.

12:41 PM  

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